3 Awesome Home Furnishings Sources You’ve Never Heard Of

Hey Guys,

Before I get into this beautiful post about three (actually more than three) incredibly awesome home furnishings sources you’ve never heard of… (well, most of you)

I need to thank you so much for an awesome product launch last Wednesday. And also for all of the kind notes.


Today, I want to hi-light three exquisite home furnishings sources

They are part of the 39 new sources in Laurel’s Rolodex.


Three of them are both retail and to-the-trade and three of them are DESIGNER FRIENDLY, meaning you don’t need a showroom or retail store to purchase them if you are in the interior design trade.

There are over 168 awesome vendors in Laurel’s Rolodex that are designer friendly.

This does not include the dozens of designer fabric vendors because they are inherently designer friendly.

Here are the Awesome Home Furnishing Vendors (in alphabetical order)




Artemisia is a new collection specializing in fine designer textiles, pillows, and decor items for the home from the team of Rosemarie Padovano and Marcello Marvelli. Their offerings on the website are not immense, but I am expecting to see that grow.

Their designer pillows are beautifully detailed and actually quite reasonably priced for what they are.


image via: KD Hamptons

The silk velvet Tigre and Leopardo are the creations of the Bevilacqua Factory in Venice, Italy. You may recall that I had the pleasure to visit them last spring and see their centuries-old way of hand-looming has not changed.


More pillows and a gorgeous bench created by Artemisia.


Another wonderful bench (on top of a beautiful antique rug), this time out of Old World Weavers Tiger Silk Velvet. I don’t know if this one is made by Bevilacqua or not.





Blotch Damask

While this may appear to be some kind of psychedelic Rorschach test, lol it is one of the hundreds of fanciful, wildly creative creations of Timorous Beasties.

I don’t know what it says about the state of my mind, but have to say that I rather love these amazingly fanciful designs.

They are an English company but have “stockists” (as the Brits say), all over the world.


I discovered Timorous Beasties on Chairloom (another new Rolodex source) and was intrigued when I saw this wonderful vintage chairs reupholstered in this amazing fabric.




omni-splatt-cushionBut their offerings are not all like one never-ending kaleidoscope on acid.


There are also gardens of delights

Topical Tropical Timorous Beasties incredible fabric

Many with a tropical theme.


Incredible colors. Fabulous.

These patterns come in fabric and wall coverings, as well. And they are not as expensive as I would imagine for designs so beautifully rendered.



They do also have some patterns that are far more beastie, as in bug kind of beastie, but I thought I would leave those off. :]

This is only a very tiny sampling of their vast collection. They also sell pillows and lampshades.



Zoe Bios Creative is a company that creates exquisite limited edition beautifully rendered prints of contemporary artists’ work. They employ hand overlay techniques that include aging, leafing, gesso and India ink.



The cool factor is off the charts!


A beautiful art wall from Lonny using many of Zoe Bios’ pieces.



A small sampling of their work.



While Zoe Bios Creative is a trade source, I found many of their pieces for sale retail, at Candelabra.

One of the features of the new Laurel Home Ultimate Paint Palette and Home Furnishings Collection is that I link back to sources, both trade and retail– especially retail.

For designers, Zoe Bios Creative can be found at the High Point Market.


Hot off the press this market at Zoe Bios Creative is the fabulous work of Allison Cosmos whose work was recently featured in this popular post.

There are only these two Chinoiserie Triptychs available. I’m sure that there’s more to come.

This link will take you to a post Allison wrote which explains how she creates her fabulous Chinoiserie panels.


I adore the colors and especially love this one with the enigmatic dark blue-gray background.


These are only three sources out of hundreds of home furnishings sources both to the trade and retail available on Laurel’s Rolodex.


***A Reminder***

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The new product is the Ultimate Paint Palette and Home Furnishings Collection. Part I – The Paint Color Collection has information here.

Paint color collection, paint colors and home furnishings sources
  Here are some lovely comments I’ve received since the paint palettes came out.


Sandy said: November, 2016

Hi Laurel!  You spent 600 hours creating your Palette Collection?  Good grief!  That is 75 days working 8 hours a day!  IMPRESSIVE!!!  I already have The  Essential Paint Collection and love using it. 


Gail said: November, 2016

I’m sure you are receiving dozens, if not hundreds of emails, but I am compelled to add my voice to the chorus. You are a superb interior decorator! The color palettes and design boards have inspired me such that for the first time since I last decorated (16 yrs ago) that I can once again make choices without fear that I will make terrible and costly mistakes. Mind you, my first choice would be for you to do it, but since that is impossible (due to the fact I live in VA) I at least feel I can embark on the redecorating process with your info at my fingertips.

Thank you thank you thank you !!


Karen said: November, 2016

The new paint product is fab– The boards and links make it so easy to just buy what you show and move on! This way I do not have to dicker around with choices. I trust your taste implicitly.


Thank you again for all!



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