A Fave Affordable Lighting And Home Furnishings Source

I get a lot of requests for affordable lighting and home furnishings. And, you know, even if your budget is handsome, it can soon begin to add up and nowhere more than with lighting fixtures.


So, I’m always happy when I happen upon a terrific source for affordable lighting.


Three weeks ago at the kitchen and bath industry show, (KBIS 2019) I was thrilled to see a tiny fraction of the offerings of Lamps Plus a sponsor of the Designhounds Modenus tour, I was privileged to be a part of.

And, like another great vendor, Bed Bath and Beyond that has so much more than Bed and Bath, Lamps PLUS, has a full line of home furnishings.


But, of course, their main business is lighting. And most of it is affordable lighting. However, they carry numerous brands of lighting from very inexpensive to some beautiful high-end brands. And, they have their own brand of lighting fixtures and lamps that they sell through their own website and stores and through other brands. In fact, they probably sell to BBB.


Today, I want to focus on some of my favorites from the Lamps Plus line. And, although, they have furniture, I’m going to stick with the lighting. Affordable lighting!


And in most cases, I’ve found an image or two so that you can see what they look like in situ. I find it so helpful to see what things look like in relation to other furnishings in a room setting; particularly lighting. There, we can see the all important scale and proportion.


In addition, Lamps Plus did some of the lighting for the New American Home that I got to see while in Las Vegas last month. As you’ll see, the lamps below really come to life in their room setting.


KBIS 2019-New American Home -Body Illuminating Interstellar Table Lamp w/ LED Night Light - Lamps Plus - Caesarstone


And below, via the Lamps Plus website

Body Illuminating Interstellar Table Lamp w LED Night Light - lamps plus - kbis2019 - New American Home - affordable lighting
Okay. The post title is “affordable lighting” and this contemporary stunner from the John Richard brand is $986.00. However, there is no extra charge for shipping and they do offer a low price guarantee.

What does that mean?


Lamps Plus guarantees that If you find a lower advertised price within 60 days of the date of your order, they’ll match that price, plus refund you 20% of the price difference.


That sounds like a good deal to me! I’m all for saving money and getting the lowest price ethically possible. I mean, who isn’t?


Let’s move on…


@beesnburlap - stunning - Possini Euro Branches 31" Wide Silver Champagne Chandelier @lampslus@beesnburlap – on instagram stunning – Possini Euro Branches 31″ Wide Silver Champagne Chandelier


lamps plus - kitchen and bath show 2019 Affordable Lighting KBIS 2019 Modenus DesignhoundsKBIS

While we’re looking at sparkly. This is a photo I took at the show from the Lamps Plus Booth.

It’s the Possini Euro Design Possini Euro Felicity 25 1/2″ Wide Modern Chrome Pendant


The rest of images of affordable lighting from Lamps Plus are images that I found, mostly on instagram.


Linda Holt for @oneroomchallenge 2018 - @lindaholtcreative @bostondesigncenter @lampsplus #designhounds #kbis2019

Above is a gorgeous room my friend and colleague Linda Holt did for the One Room Challenge in 2018 – But… That fixture is nowhere to be found. (but, if anyone knows where it’s from, please let me know) I did create a widget below with some substitutes. Please follow Linda on instagram @lindaholtcreative.


In addition, to being a very talented decorator, Linda’s a fabulous photographer and if you check out her website, she has a free guide available to help you with your photography.


@jojotastic on instagram @lampsplus - affordable lighting - contemporary white lamp looks chic
@jojotastic on instagram I think that this contemporary white lamp looks chic against the dark blue walls and a lot more expensive than it is. Super affordable lighting that’s great looking can be had.

Remember this post from not too long ago? There’s a lot of affordable lighting to see there too. Some of it is probably manufactured by Lamps Plus.


@redeuxdecor on instagram Hinkley Restoration Two Light Pendant

Another classic contemporary space. This one by @redeuxdecor on instagram. Here we have the Hinkley Restoration Two Light Pendant. It also comes in brass as you’ll see below in the widget.


@renovate108 on instagram - affordable lighting #lampsplus #rejuvenation

@renovate108 on instagram I think this is an interesting non matchy-matchy new-trad kind of space. I couldn’t find those exact semi-flush pendants. They are attributed to Lamps Plus, however. The sconce over the blue drawers is from Rejuvenation. I love their lighting too!

@dreaminghomeblog - bedroom - @lampsplus - black plugin sconce - affordable lightingI could see this in a guest room or a young man’s room. Or really just about anywhere. @dreaminghomeblog – This is a plug-in sconce. Lamps Plus has a lot of them. They’re a much more casual look. But the clear advantage is that they don’t require being hardwired into the wall.


via @renovate108 on instagram @lampslus - fabulous pendant kitchen lighting #kbis2019

via @renovate108 on instagram. How fabulous is this kitchen! This is a very cool young, family home that they are renovating. They just did a number on this kitchen and I love what they’ve done. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these pendants either. But, they said to be from Lamps Plus. Again, there are some substitutes in the widget below.


@hawkes.landing on instagram @lampsplus West Highland White Natural Linen Drum Shade Wexler Table lamp - affordable lighting@hawkes.landing on instagram. They used the West Highland White Natural Linen Drum Shade Wexler Table lamp. I love this entry! Beautiful styling! And, another wonderful young-family home.


@housebeautiful @cococozy - design - photo - @melissagayphoto - @lampsplus - affordable lighting

Beautiful job by @cococozy on instagram – photo – @melissagayphoto – @lampsplus – affordable lighting.  Cococozy was one of the first blogs I ever followed. What’s extraordinary about Coco is that she’s not a trained designer. She’s a television producer. And, the last I heard, *this* amazing design business is her “side” gig. Except her “side” gig is a full-time job, Plus, Plus, Plus!


I met Coco at the gift show around 2012. She gave me some sage words of advice.


Stay focused.


At the time, I could not.

Not really.

But, in those days, I didn’t have a clear enough vision, either. However, Coco did. Except for one thing. She didn’t show her face until about 2016. And she became a huge success even without anyone knowing what she looked like. It was because her voice and her branding are so clear.

For me, it wasn’t until I had more clarity and the help of Eileen Lonergan, that I was able to move forward into finding my place in all of this.


My point is, if you aren’t quite there yet, do not despair.


But, DO NOT give up. Just keep muddling through until you figure it out. And, if you’d like to know more about how I got from nothing to where I am today, please check out my 150 page blogging guide. This is useful for anyone who wants to use their website to attract more business.

End of sermonette. :]


And, I love what Coco did here. There’s much more to see of her home on her instagram. Awesome chandelier.


@fwmadebycarli on instagram - lamps plus chandelier - affordable lighting kbis 2019

@fwmadebycarli on instagram – And, here we have the same chandelier in another instagrammer’s home.  This is wild; I was just gathering images I like, but this is yet another young-family home.

Of course, Young-family home, just like Granny Decor, is not necessarily about age. Granny, to me is dated and young-family home is fresh.


lamps plus black sconces-360 Lighting Wray Black And Antique Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp Set Of 2

This is an image via @Lampsplus showing two more plugin sconces in a retro-inspired living room. But these sconces could go in any casual space.


@marycasachic on instagram #lampsplus - brass plugin sconces

And another pair of articulated brass sconces. This image via @marycasachic on instagram. Another beautifully styled entry.


Serpa 20" High French Black Double Arm Wall Lamp - @LampsPlus.

Another awesome room with the coolest black sconces ever. via @lampsplus on instagram. Have to say that these are not affordable lighting. haha. That is, compared to the rest. But, the great thing about Lamps Plus is that they carry ALL price points from dirt cheap to you know… If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


And below is a widget with most of the above fixtures and a few more, mostly quite affordable lighting.   Please click on the individual images for more info.


Oh, if you click, don’t freak out. Lamps Plus sells to Walmart. Yes, they do. I have fond memories of going there for firewood after Hurricane Sandy left us without heat, hot water and electricity (our home was 100% electric) in frigid early November temps.

And so most of these link to that source. Why? Walmart is an affiliate and Lamps Plus isn’t, although they certainly should be. So, it’s all the same thing. But, if you should happen to make a purchase, I’ll get a little commish, this way. And if you don’t make a purchase, that’s absolutely fine! If you have NO idea what I’m talking about, you can read this, for a better explanation.

A few other fixtures are on some other websites, but most of these are direct though Lamps Plus. But, in order to make a widget, everything has to be part of the affiliate network.



And now, I’ll close this post with an image taken just outside the New American Home in Henderson, Nevada at Sunset overlooking Las Vegas.


Las Vegas - Sunset - shot from New American Home - KBIS2019 Designhounds
via TNAH magazine photos. Click here to see more professional shots of this extraordinary contemporary home with a killer view, day or night.


Alas, this is the last of the KBIS2019 blog posts.


Thank you again to Modenus/Designhounds and the NKBA and all of the wonderful sponsors for sending us designers to cover the show. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also great fun too.




PS: Please check out the newly updated hot sales!


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18 Responses

  1. Hi Laurel,
    I love your blog and have learned so much (being very dysfunctional with home decorating).
    In your March 13th blog “A fave affordable lighting…” there is a picture of lamps that I like very much and think would work for either my guest bed room. The lamps are the “360 Lighting Mid Century Modern Table Lamps Set of 2 Metal White Gourd Off White Drum Shade for Living Room Family Bedroom Bedside” by Lamps Plus through the Walmart.com website.
    The bed frame is a darkened bronze, the room is a shade of gray (balboa mist), and the trim is white.
    Important Question: how do I make sure you are credited for this purchase?
    Thank you – I always look forward to your blogs!

  2. Hi Laurel– This has nothing to do with lamps and lighting. But on another of your good subjects, how to arrange and hang art, I wanted to suggest that the next time you are in Philly, you go to the Barnes Foundation art collection, and see how its irascible and brilliant originator, Albert Barnes, mixed together great art of many centuries with occasional not-so-great art, and sculptural old-fashioned tools or pieces of metal, to make the most unexpected and enlightening rooms of art. The rest of us don’t own dozens of Cezannes, Renoirs, Modiglianis, Matisses, Picassos, medieval and 20th century abstract sculptures, but we can have our minds blown by the way he put together themes, shapes, formal structures, across historical periods or individual artists’ (cough) oeuvres. You’d love it. So would your readers. –Elizabeth

  3. Thanks for this resource. I’ve been slowly updating my lighting to more modern fixtures. I’m trying to keep the granny chic to a minimum. 😂

    1. Hi Mary,

      I love a mix of modern and more traditional light fixtures. But, of course, it’s okay if none of them are modern. Granny happens with really fake looking finishes and lots of curly cues.

  4. Just yesterday I happened to see a white and wood fixture very similar the 3 over the table by Linda Holt at AllModern.com, and then again on Amazon. The shapes available are slightly different but really, really similar in look and feel.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      The link did not take me to a specific product at All Modern, but thank you for looking. My guess is that, that exact fixture has been discontinued as Linda did say specifically that it’s from Lamps Plus, but after looking at every white pendant, couldn’t find it.

  5. What about finding all these beauties on Chinese OEMs, like with Restoration Hardware? I get that not everyone would be delighted to do so…and for them this is amazing source. Laurel, but do you have something for me, who likes to be creative and working with no- budget at highest level possible? (A.k.a energetic, a bitt silly and French). I love you too! I’m your reader and I want that content. Help!

    1. Hi Val,

      Although, it may not be obvious, I don’t actually recommend that anyone purchase anything directly from China. My point in that post is the price they are selling the same or similar merchandise for.

      If you’re looking for cheaper, well, then I guess it’s tag/estate sales and the like.

  6. Hi Laurel…a quick question – i love the look of pendants over an island. My favorites, simple, with a metal shade, always have a bare bulb. I’m just wondering if you have ever seen that style with a covered bulb? Thanks!

  7. Pardon me, but is my “granny” showing? To the point: why no metal cord covers on the plug-in wall sconces? Are these accessories too tailored, passe, or what? (feeling so much better after that first criticism of the day)
    Great fixtures, none-the-less. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gemma,

      Good question. It’s a look, for sure. I don’t think it’s granny to have a cord cover, but mostly I prefer a sconce to be hardwired to having a cord cover. This plugged in version is definitely of the bohemian persuasion and it’s fine if you hate it. lol

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