Hot Sales For Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief

Hi Guys,

It has been quite a week for millions of people, especially in the Florida panhandle. And so like we did last year for devastating hurricane Harvey in south Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, I would like to donate a percentage of this weekend’s earnings to help the victims in Florida.


help donate to hurricane michael disaster relief


And, I’ve decided that I would like to donate 30% of my affiliate earnings starting right now and ending at midnight this Sunday.


Last year, you guys did great and then I kicked in a few hundred more dollars to make it a nice round number each time.

Some really great sales are ending soon.

Serena and Lily – 20% off the entire site with code: HOME LOVE – Ending October 15th @ 11:59PM – PT

And, one of the promo codes at One King’s Lane is ending on the 15th. That is OKL20CARD which gives 20% off.

However, the original promo code: OKLPREFALL, (AKA: “Laurel’s Private Sale)  :] if you have not used it yet, gives 25% off and that one is good until the end of the month. These codes are for one order, I believe, but you can always try again or use your phone as long as it’s not on your WiFi. Or try from a different computer.*


You should be able to use those codes for everything on the site unless it’s already on sale.

But please remember, the codes are only good for one order* and at midnight your horses will turn back into mice and your carriage will turn back into a pumpkin.

Therefore, this might be a good time to get started on your Christmas shopping and in so doing, donate to the Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief effort.


One King’s Lane just opened up their Christmas Shop.


One Kings Lane Holiday Shop Hot Sales

And I know. I know! Who wants to think about that, before we’ve even had a frost?


One Kings Lane Holiday collection mantelBut, OKL has a wonderful holiday collection. And if you can save 25% or 20%, PLUS give to charity, plus alleviate some of your own stress, then why not? You can see everything they have by clicking here.


In addition, for any of my digital products purchased this weekend, ie:

Laurel’s Rolodex,

The Paint/Palette Collection

(and this link too for the paint palette collection part II)

and The Six Figure Income Blogger,


I will also be donating 30% of those earnings to the Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief.


If you are thinking of getting any or all of those guides, this would be a great time to do so because you’ll be donating to a worthy cause and will get your guides before the price goes up on November 20th for Laurel’s Rolodex.

Okay, this next bit of news is going to seem completely random because it is. haha

But, this morning while checking email, I happened to notice my legs. I mean, the skin on my legs. And, I realize that this is kind of personal, and probably TMI, but seriously, I wish you could see my skin! And, I’m not saying this to brag. Normally, it looks like crap. But not now. The skin on my legs looks (and feels) like silk.

What changed?

Kiehls ultimate man body scrubbing soap
Well, I’ve been using that Keihl’s Scrubbing Soap. I got it last summer during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s the scrubbing soap that’s supposed to be for “Men.”  Ha!

That’s ridiculous. It’s totally wasted on most men because they have too much hair. Well, fine. I’ll let you guys use it. But the point is, there is absolutely nothing masculine about it.  It’s not feminine either. It’s just wonderful, is all.

The fragrance of the soap is subtle and slightly minty and refreshing. I just take the bar and use it like a loofah.

And, I’ve been using it on my feet too, but be careful, because your feet will be slippery. I don’t know what’s in it. But, it not only cleans and exfoliates, but moisturizes my skin like nothing else I’ve ever used. Plus, it’s invigorating.

I’m completely hooked now.

Kiehls Creme de Corps Body Cream

Sure, I’ve also been using that wonderful Kiehl’s Creme de Corps (Body Lotion) too, but not as religiously as the soap.

And no, it’s not on sale now. But frankly, I wish I had gotten at least a half-dozen bars of the scrubbing soap during the sale. But even so, it’s only $15.00/bar. And I would pay $150.00 for it. That’s just how good it is.  Even my “alligator feet” are so much improved! I would get a bar of soap and the 8 oz bottle of lotion for everyone on my list.  There, Christmas shopping complete! hahahaha

Well, that’s all of the info for this week: The widgets with all of the new things can be found on the main hot sales page.

Blessings to all,



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