Columbus Day Weekend 2018 – Hot Sales + News!

Hey Everyone,


It’s a blog post this week, because there is much to share and it’s difficult to write on a page that isn’t a blog post.


But before we get to the Big Columbus Day sales, while I have you here, I want to update you on some other things going on that you might want to know about.


William Sonoma Home Chinoiserie Panels- Columbus day weekend 2018

(pretty pic here because my first image isn’t so pretty and sometimes it shows up in searches)


I’m doing it like this because I am trying to keep the emails down to a minimum. If you’re not interested in some or all of this for whatever the reason. It’s fine. Just skim or scroll ahead.


This first one, however, is pretty important for many of you, even if you’re not interested. haha


Very Soon, I’m going to be changing e-mail providers. Yes, after six years, I am leaving the chimp. Cute as he is, their system is not optimal for me. I know that some might be curious where I’m going. I’m moving to Drip. That’s for my blog email to you, not the email you contact me on. That’s still a Gmail business account.


So, here’s what I need from some of you, but only if you’re a subscriber.


If you need to change your email address any time, for any reason, please go to the email that was sent to you, or dig it up out of your spam folder and at the bottom of the email you will see a link that says “update subscription preferences.”  (see the screen shot below) All you need to do is click on it and you’ll see where to change your email address and anything else you’d like to change.

Please do not ask me to change it for you. I get these auto-responders from some of you quite frequently and unfortunately, it’s not possible. Ideally, everyone who changes email should have the old emails forwarded to the new email. A lot of people don’t realize that they can do that.


This next part is for those who have already purchased a product(s) from me.


If this message is triggering a memory that you never received a product or an update, please first do a search in the email address associated with the paypal account used to purchase the product.

I’m hoping that the move will help make it so that the products and subscription for the products that you order go to the email address of the recipient of that product. You’d think it would be automatic, but it’s not even an option at this time.

To search for a product that you can’t find, all email programs have a search feature. If you put in “Sendowl” that should work for all products. Sendowl is my off-site secure shopping cart.

If, if, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, I am always here to help you. ALWAYS. And I don’t sleep, so expect emails back at strange hours. You can email me here: admin at laurel bern interiors dot com. It is written out to hopefully ward off the spammers. So far, it seems to have helped a lot.


Next on the docket is a reminder that Laurel’s Rolodex is coming out in its FIFTH edition on November 7th.


Laurels Rolodex Cover


Every year, it goes through a heavy edit to weed out any businesses that need their info changed. And, I usually add some new sources. This year, the emphasis is going to be on the 100 best online vendors from Chairish, Etsy and One Kings Lane – in the vintage, antiques and hand-crafted departments.

Furniture, rugs, collectibles, gifts, lighting, pillows, custom window-treatments, slip-covers and custom furniture. It’s going to be a terrific resource and largely retail. Although Chairish and OKL offer trade accounts.


If you already own a rolodex, or purchase it before November 20th, you are going to get this for FREE with your updated Rolodex.


***If you wait until the promo period is over, you will still get it with your rolodex, but you’ll have to pay considerably more for your rolodex with bonus vintage/antique/hand-made guide. Quite frankly, if you are in the design trade, particularly if only in the business for a short time, this is the best investment you can make for yourself– providing you have clients. :]


If you don’t have clients and would like some, then you’ll definitely want to get my blogging/website guide. (this applies for any business actually)


six figure income blogger cover


In the guide, I tell you everything I’ve done to create a website that will make you money in one way or another. If you do the work.

In early January, there will be an update of The Six Figure Income Blogger. It’s definitely not the entire guide. In fact, 95% +/- of it will be exactly the same. But since things change so quickly in the realm of the internet, this guide needs to as well. IF you already own a blogging guide, you will automatically get the updated version. I will hi-light the areas that are new.


But here’s what I’m most excited about.


Are you ready?

I am working on (in my spare time- haha), a totally kick-ass PINTEREST guide!


While there is a lot of great information in the Six Figure Income Blogging Guide about Pinterest, many people have asked me to go more in-depth.  This is going to spell it out in clear, easy-to-follow steps. And I’m going to tell you what you must do and what you don’t have to do.

Not to toot my own horn. Oh, what the hell. But I have seven million views on my pinterest account every month. And well over 110,000– every month click-through and come over to the blog. That’s about 1/6th of my traffic– just from Pinterest. And believe me, it started out being one or two people a day– for months. But I have kept at it– consistently. And it does not take a lot of my time.

Please remember that I am inherently lazy.

In fact, most of the pins on my website come from you guys!


So, stay tuned for more info about that. It will be coming out in early January. Pinterest is an exceptionally effective tool for creating a profitable company through one’s own website.




Okay, that is the end of all of that. Let’s get to the hot sales.


The widgets are still on their respective Hot sales pages, but first a little explanation about One King’s Lane.

They are having a sitewide sale which is great. But, there are many exclusions.

HOWEVER, if you have not used your promo codes, they still work on all of the “exclusions.”

This is what I’ve been calling “Laurel’s Private Sale.” haha


Promo code number one to try is: OKLPREFALL for 25% off

If that does not work, then you can use: OKL20CARD for 20% off

These codes are only for items NOT on sale. The promo codes do not work if the items are already marked down.

shhhhhh… don’t tell them! Really. This is when I’m very glad to be ignored and not taken seriously, per usual. Veronika Eagleson of Modenus who organized the Copenhagen trip (new pic here if you want a laugh) asked me. “Well, Laurel, don’t people suck up to you?”

And I said, “No. Nobody sucks up to me. Nobody believes that an aging former housewife could possible have over three million people a year visiting her website…”

And not just any old people, but savvy, sophisticated design lovers who are yearning to make their homes more beautiful without breaking the bank.

Well, I’m immensely grateful to all of you for being here with me every week.

And now, onto the Columbus Day Weekend 2018 Hot Sales. Please use this link to go to the main HOT SALES PAGE.



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