A Fabulous Art Gallery Wall For Cheap!

Hi Guys,


It’s a bit of an oh dear coupled with a hooray! I was so inspired by Maura Endres’ home and art gallery wall, that I decided to make one for you!

Now, here’s the “oh dear.” In typical Laurel fashion, I thought that I would give you the formula. The exact sizes, that is.

And then the sources

And well, I guess that was just a tad grandiose. :]

Gallery Art Walls are not easy, even when you are shamelessly pretty much copying someone. And in some ways trying to copy just trips one up even more as the search is on for that elusive image.

The other thing that happened is that I got all caught up in finding a cachepot or jardinere as it’s also called like this one in Maura’s living room.

Well, I couldn’t find one because apparently, Maura snagged the last one on this good earth and no one but no one is giving them up. I think that when folks die, they demand that their cachepots get buried with them.

And who can blame them?

Ahhh, what heaven this all is!

I did find this beauty however, at some very high-priced swanky place.

Don’t get too excited. It’s already been slated for burial. ;]

Dang. If you happen to come across one it’s in the Regency style and yes, that would make it about 200 years old, unless someone is making a good repro. I’m sure that I can’t afford the antique version anyway.

I couldn’t find any new ones either. The closest I found was at Chelsea House, but nothing like this.

Or this beauty…

I’d be very happy with this one too.

So, here’s the deal guys. It’s already going on the 25th of February and apparently Mom Nature has lost her mind and thinks it’s May. In fact, we just had a rip-roaring thunderstorm. In New York, in February?

It doesn’t happen, except it did.

Oh sorry, what I was trying to say is that I owe the folks who own the paint palette collection a new board and so I thought that I’d share the board with everyone this month.

In honor of spring in February. (no worries, I’m sure that it’s going to plunge way back below freezing temps any second now), I have chosen the Laurel Home Collection, Benjamin Moore color, Spring Bud

Spring Bud is a pale, whisper of the softest yellow-green like baby celery. It’s very pretty and goes with ever other color. It’s a great neutral when one wants something warm and pretty with a touch of color.

I could’ve spent another 3 hours on the board putting frames on all of the pictures, but anyway, I think it looks pretty good. (not nearly as good as Maura’s real art gallery wall. That would take me another 12 hours to get it closer.)


And hang on, because I will be giving out sources too!


fabulous art gallery wall and benjamin Moore spring bud wall color
The lessons to be learned are many.

I think that art gallery walls work best when there’s a good amount of continuity without everything being exactly the same. And I think there should be one or two pieces that feel maybe a little out-of-place. There should be a good balance of white and black and color if color is used.

Maura’s colors tend to run to the blues and greens which I also love, but it’s also balanced out with touches of yellow, orange and yellow-green.

If everything had frames, they would be differing sizes and shapes of black, gold, white and maybe a green frame and some with wooden tones.

Most of the art came from Etsy and Chairish, not to be confused with Chairloom. (the latter is only vintage upholstery). Chairish has an immense collection of original art and much of it at flea market prices.


This entire wall would cost 1,500-2,000 if buying everything.


But, of course, if you paint or have a talented child or other relative, maybe you can steal some of their art projects. Or maybe they’ll paint you something for Mother’s Day. I think it’s next week. :] (oh, sorry, there are some fathers reading this too.)

But many of these pieces are under 50 bucks!

The other sources for art are One King’s Lane. There are a lot of lovely things there too. Their prices on the whole, run a little higher.

Also, check out Ruby Lane. Fabulous source for anything vintage.

And Serena and Lily.


That reminds me.


Next week is the Design Blogger’s Conference and as many of you know, I’m speaking there. My slides are all done and I’m fine-tuning the talk. It is Sunday, March 5th at 2:00 now. Very exciting!

But the next night, Serena and Lily is hosting a little soiree in their Los Angeles shop. And as those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while know, I adore Serena and Lily! So, I’m very excited about meeting them, I presume and seeing their shop.

Yes, of course I’m taking photos!

In the meantime, here are a few of the images from the wall. They really do exist, or they appear to at this time. If there are any that you must know where they are from, please ask me in the comments and I’ll dig up the info for you. (but please check quickly to see if someone has already asked for the source.)

Da Vinci Jane on Etsy

Still Life with Lemons from Chairish.


This one is a little pricey, but I think it’s so pretty!

Via Etsy Thomas Dynan Gallery, A vintage oil of the West coast of the USA


For those in the trade, this lovely Chinoiserie ceramic vase is available at Sarreid.

But I also found it on-line at a company called Martelle.

I don’t know anything about them, but their price of $299 is a fair retail price.

That’s always a good sign. :]

The table skirt is made from burlap so don’t expect anything fabulous for 43 bucks.

But it looks nice in the photo.

This is not in your image, but they are similar to Maura’s fabulous stools by her skirted table. Hers are painted and I think they would look good either way. I found these at One King’s Lane, but they appear to be taken. These pieces don’t last long. I think you have to know someone or just get super lucky.

If you are looking for something similar, these are known as Blind Fretwork, Chinese Chippendale stools.


Here’s another image of Maura’s stools.

Well, that’s all for now. If you have questions about any of the pieces, I’ll be glad to find them for you and provide links.

Oh, before I forget, it is true that great vintage art can be found at Flea Markets and coincidentally, I just came across a fabulous post by Lidy Baars who gives great tips on getting the most out of flea marketing.

I’ve always wondered why we call them flea markets? Maybe because they usually occur in the warm summer months when the flies are out? That’s probably not right.

If you’d like to see more art walls you can see them here, here, here and here.

Please have a beautiful Sunday!





PS: A kind reader clued me in shortly after publishing to tell me about Tina from The Enchanted Home’s fabulous shop!

The link will take you directly to her gorgeous collection of toleware.

She needs to go in Laurel’s Rolodex for the next update!


57 Responses

  1. Laurel,
    I just keep staring at your Spring Bud room. It’s been pulled up in my browser since you published this…My entire kitchen (ceiling, trim, cabinets, walls) has slowly become White Dove for the past year now….because I didn’t have a vision and the scary wallpaper, golden oak trim, and pinkish beige color had to go…But thanks to you, the vision is forming!! I love how I would never, in a thousand years, pick this color if left to my own devices. I have learned so much from your blog!! Thank you for everything you do! P.S. The best part is that all I have to is paint the walls this time! Easy peasy after tackling trim and cupboards!!

    1. Hi Eleanor,

      Thank you so much! Spring Bud is a very pretty neutral. It’s a pale celery yellowy-green, but very soft and doesn’t call attention to itself. It’s also one of those colors that looks great with every other color. And it’s wonderful in north facing rooms because of it’s warm undertones.

      But always, always test your colors before painting.

      1. Hi Laurel,
        Sorry to bug you again but did you put out a palette of colors with the art wall like you usually do with your boards? I just wondered if I was missing it.
        thank you!

  2. Hi Laurel,

    Here’s a photo of a large antique copper and brass cachepot left to me by my mother in law, who was an interior decorator. Yes, it is full of magazines at the moment! (Oops!)

  3. Hi Laurel!
    I’ve always loved the walls-covered-in-art look…
    My ex’s step dad covered their walls in amazing art and it stayed with me. It’s that “old money” look;-)
    What about the same concept but with family photographs? I’m dying to get started on that but I’m challenged by selecting the sizes of photos I’d like to print, and frames. Yikes. Plus the collection would never be “finished,” since my kids are still babies; but I wanted to start with our engagement pics and fan out from there… have you seen something like this before?

    1. Hi Heidi,

      My feeling about family photo art walls is that they are great, but in most cases, they are better for a more private spot of the house. I especially love black and white family art walls.

      There’s no reason that the wall can’t evolve as your family does as well.

  4. re-read this wonderful post and all the comments carefully to know I’m not repeating something that’s been said already

    Love all of the above-Chairish, Etsy, Ruby Lane, e Bay..of course, local art festivals and events and galleries..art festivals also lift your mood so much whether you find something or not, because all the people there look so, so happy..so different..and their eyes shine in this soft way like they’re kids again..

    art bought on travels is so so meaningful. I always try to find art or ceramics when in my home country..or anywhere else

    and-another great internet source-a relatively new website called Everything But The House
    The bids start from one dollar
    Then it depends on how many people want it:) It became to be a really popular website for online estate sales and auctions. Well I spread the word like crazy myself, they had a great potential from the start..now they’re realizing it.

  5. From a marketing perspective, IMHO, this blog appeals to people who want an education in design, not necessarily a template of things to buy to get the look- though of course the buying guides you provide are much appreciated. You are a patient and thoughtful teacher- that I love your classic style is beside the point here 😉 I have noticed many successful “design” blogs whose audience want to “buy the look.” some of these blogs have built an entire business out of selling specific items they manufacture like blue porcelain, or curated idea boards sponsored by retailers. I would love to see you find a way to cash in on the upcoming popularity of the layered room and the new traditionals- the pendulum is a-swinging and I am rooting for you to lead the way.

  6. Not to criticize, but I wish you would have provided links to all of the art and the furniture. The main reason like the Elements of Style blog is because she provides links to everything. Might have helped the sellers too. There is so much art on Etsy it would take forever to find the ones you used. I know it takes time so I can understand why you didn’t do it. Just my two cents which isn’t worth much.

    1. The blog is free and yes, your comment is very hurtful and uncalled for. Plus, I did offer to go and find the source if anyone was interested in anything not shown. Not everything is from Etsy. I used several different sources. Elements of Style is a really huge blog with a staff and I can assure you that every link is there to make them money.

  7. I’m a little late reading this week, but thought I’d chime in with this, one of 3 possible explanations from Mentalfloss:
    “One idea historians have is that flea market comes from the the outdoor bazaars of Paris, some of which have been around for hundreds of years. According to the association that runs one of the markets today, the term first sprang up in the 1880s when an unknown bargain hunter looked upon the market with its rags and old furniture and dubbed it le marché aux puces (“market of fleas”), because of shoppers’ perceptions that some of the more time-worn wares sold there carried the little bloodsuckers. The first recorded appearance in English that the Oxford English Dictionary lists, from 1922, makes reference to this origin”


    1. Thank you so much Sandy! That makes so much sense and I’m sure is true. I suppose they could call it a “moth market” too. Fleas don’t seem to be so common anymore. Or maybe that’s just my perception.

      I love the name of your blog and took a look at it. It’s wonderful!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks so much for sending. Yes, I probably didn’t make myself clear. There are cachepots that are like this– cute and cheap looking IMO. But I’m talking about ones with more oomph like they made 200 years ago. That’s what’s difficult to find. But thanks for sending anyway!

      Here’s a link to many beautiful examples. I’m pretty sure that these are all antiques.


  8. This is my first comment ever on a blog. You are one of my favorite bloggers. So funny! I know you read all your comments and you are going to the blogger’s conference. I want to know why bloggers don’t put their location on the front page or in the about section. The blogs are about beautiful rooms and homes. I click on a lot of links and learn about who, what, when and how, but not where. I respect privacy concerns on the web, but a state or region is helpful. I love when I click on a blog and find it is in another country. This information helps me to envision many places I have never been, in America and around the world. I do know that NJ is not just what you see from the turnpike, but your pictures are hilarious.

    I would love to know what you and other bloggers think about this.

    1. Hi Marji,

      I’m so honored to be your first comment on a blog. I’ll try to be gentle. lol

      Good question you raised! I couldn’t agree with you more and also feel frustrated sometimes when I hop on someone’s blog and wonder where on earth they are.

      But there’s more. If a designer who has a website wants to have local clients, not only should they have the address on their home page, it should be in the very FIRST SENTENCE! and it should be in their permalink on their about page or home page!

      That’s another one of my talking points. SEO. (search engine optimization.) Designers as a whole are notorious for being clueless about this stuff and then turning it all over to someone else.

      And then nothing happens… hmmm… either the person that got everything turned over to them doesn’t know what they’re doing or does know what they’re doing and it ain’t good.

      It’s both a mistake to think that one doesn’t need pro help. (my mistake out of ignorance) or to not know anything at all, turning it all over!

      If one is a blogger, there IS no such thing as privacy unless they are purely blogging because they want to hear themselves talking in print.

      And if you have an email list, it’s the law that your address MUST be in the footer! I imagine that it’s fine to put in the street without the number, but still, the city and state must be there at the very least.

      1. Glad you are discussing this at the bloggers conference. I live in Alexandria, VA and have discovered designers in my area via blogs. You are so genuine and it comes through in your writing. You deserve all your success. Thank you for responding to my first comment.

  9. Hi Laurel, I bought the egrets painting. It spoke to me.

    I love your blog. It is my favorite, I learn so much. Thanks for all the great ideas and resources. You do a brilliant job!

    1. Hi Claudia,

      How cool!!! I love that one too! If I had about three more hours, I would’ve put in more sources. I put up the photo at very hi-res, so that if you know how to zoom in your device, one can get a closer look.

  10. Hope you don’t mind IMHO chiming in; but another few places are Estate Sales (auctions), small Art Galleries (who often offer original artwork and/or their prints), Pond Shops you’ll be amazed what you can find) and last but not least Garage Sales (Grandma’s treasures). As for architectural finds; don’t hesitate to shop Salvage Yards as pieces of vintage iron-works for example, can be considered pieces of artwork when hung, (but just be aware of the guard dog … grrrrr … ☺).
    Have fun in L.A. Laurel. -Brenda-

        1. Of course, Laurel–the predictive spelling feature must have changed “pawn” to “pond” if she had a typo originally, LOL. That happens to me when I type on my phone all the time! I’ve never been to a pawn shop–maybe I’ll have to check one out!
          Thanks for the tips, Mrs.Ben!

        2. Oh so sorry about the confusion ladies … yes it should have read PAWN Shop and it should have read (you’ll be amazed what you can find) etc. LOL!

  11. HI Laurel,
    I wasn’t sure what art gallery in Maura’s Living Room you were talking about (I didn’t see any in the photo you posted) until I went back and noticed and clicked on the hyper link and scrolled down! What a beautiful home (and family!)Her art wall is beautiful and so is yours, Laurel. I love the way all the art work looks together. I’ve seen other art gallery walls that looked too-disjointed and the artwork seemed to fight each other. This one is gorgeous. I imagine that some of those sellers will be scratching their heads wondering why all of a sudden they are getting so much interest in those pieces!
    Anyway–this is a timely post for me because I have been contemplating trying to create a small art gallery wall above the Roman-style tub in my master bathroom. Yesterday, I just bought my first piece for it: an old but charming little seascape oil painting, with a nice, rustic wood frame, from a local thrift shop for $2! (The thrift store is run by the local hospital auxiliary and tends to have nice things–I imagine lots of doctors and their spouses donate!!) I am trying to create a “vintage beach cottage” feel to the bathroom. The bathroom’s got dated tile, so I am attempting to turn “dated” into vintage, LOL! But do you think an art gallery wall of sorts in a bathroom is a bit too much? It will definitely have to be lower cost pieces on my budget. (Maybe you could do a post on that next, ha, ha –“art galleries for the bathroom”? )

    1. Hi Phyllis,

      I did do a post a long time ago about art in the bathroom and yes, some of them do have galleries. I should have included a link to that one too. Now that I’ve done about 400 posts, it is getting very difficult to remember them all!

      Here’s the link.


      And yes, an extra challenge would be doing a wall like this for say, $500 and assuming that one does not have an artist in the family. The framing alone is the biggest challenge, but cheap frames can be found at flea markets and tag sales, etc, too.

    2. Hi Phyllis,

      I did do a post a long time ago about art in the bathroom and yes, some of them do have galleries. I should have included a link to that one too. Now that I’ve done about 400 posts, it is getting very difficult to remember them all!

      Here’s the link.

      And yes, an extra challenge would be doing a wall like this for say, $500 and assuming that one does not have an artist in the family. The framing alone is the biggest challenge, but cheap frames can be found at flea markets and tag sales, etc, too.

  12. Laurel- First off, this is fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to do something like this for all your fans- and for free! Additionally, there is not one other email update I receive that I get as excited about as yours! The highlight of my week! Lastly, please oh please share how you do those lovely “mood boards”? What app/program/website do you use? Have a great week and thanks again! You are my inspiration!

    1. Hi Erin,

      Thank you so much! That makes my day! I use picmonkey.com for all of my graphics. I love everything about it, including the winking monkey– except for the fact that one can’t save their work, close it down and come back to it. And yes, I have had it happen to me a couple of times that my computer crashed or I HAD to reboot it because I was a bad girl and had too many tabs open.

      So, what I do if I’ve gotten far into something is I’ll take a screen shot which I can either add to or at least have a record of what I did! Some things I do take hours and hours. This one definitely did.

      1. Thank you! And it is not at all lost on me how long this takes! You are very generous! (And I’ll get better trained on picmonkey! I tried once, got frustrated, then thought, “I could really use a donut right now”, so off to the kitchen and the rest is history…) #distractionproblems

        1. hahahaha! I feel that way about Canva, but many prefer it and you can save your work in Canva.

          There was a time that I didn’t know anything at all and every time I had to learn something new, I would go… Oh man, I have to use my brain? haha This is why I always say that if I can do this, anyone can.

          and I really mean that.

          Several years ago there were a few blogs I read and they were accomplishing many great things and on and on… and I couldn’t seem to manage to budge the ol’ ship. I was like the Intrepid a few years ago. LOL stuck for years in the thickest, stickiest mud imaginable.

          What changed? Quite a number of things but here are a few of the biggies. (there’s more, believe it or not)

          Meds. very helpful, indeed!

          I left my husband. That was tough but no regrets.

          And something I’ve never mentioned this before, but I have the beginnings of macular degeneration. That’s right. When I go for my annual eye exam, I’m the only one in the waiting room who didn’t trudge in with a walker.

          But what if I lose my eye sight or the ability to do my job for any reason? BTW, the MD has been stable for the last 3 years and at this time, do not notice any differences in my eyesight except that I’m hideously far-sighted and slightly near sighted. I used to be able to read two lines below the 20/20 on eye exams.

          And yes, I get distracted too. This is actually at the core of why I can’t blog AND take on clients. One or the other would suffer and I’m afraid it would be the clients and then I would be suffering out of either guilt or just stuff going wrong.

          I say these things because everyone has stuff and there’s still so much stigma surrounding mental health issues. It’s one in five of us that have somethin’ going on upstairs that does not quite meet the criteria of “normal.” Accepting it and striving to optimize oneself is step number one.

          I’m blessed that I have the ability to take a step back and laugh… and often at myself!

          But I am sick and tired of folks confusing the word “identifying” with “bashing.” That must stop, because it does not help and in fact, can make the problem far worse!

        2. Just have to respond one last time b/c your comments mean so much- and your candor works really well for me!!! After 20+ years in the corporate world, I left to become a full time Realtor (was part time for 10 years) and also start my own design business (I call it Interior Consulting since I am not an official interior designer.) This all happened a few weeks ago. I am amazed at how old I feel- like learning these apps! Or learning my own (not work issued) computer! Designing a website! Even my damn business card! It’s like I know what I want, but executing is a whole other story! LOL. You give me faith that I will get there. Eventually!
          And yes- meds, leaving husband, caring for my eyes– I’ve been there on all fronts! Please take care of yourself because the designers, wanna-be-designers (me!) and everyday people looking to surround themselves with better design (good for mental health- I truly believe this!) all need you!!! XOXO

        3. Hi Erin,

          Interior design consulting is a wonderful idea and actually the way a lot of designers are going more in. Many people only want the advice of a designer but want to handle their own purchases.

          If I were taking on clients, I would be delighted! That is the part of the business I hate. It’s the part that’s fraught with the most inane problems, from insanely long back orders, (pushed back and back and back) being told months into an order that the item on B.O is no longer available. Being lied to. Yes, it happens. Furniture coming in damaged. No one will accept responsibility. It’s not the client’s fault. Stuff not being made to spec… on and on…


          Thank you again for all of your kindness and all the best in your new endeavors! Very exciting!

  13. It’s important to measure out how it will actually fit on the wall–distance to ceiling, distance to ends of wall, distance to top of furniture. I’m still a thrift store junkie, you never know what you fill find and it’s super inexpensive. Maybe pick up books at a book sale and frame artwork from the books, or frame artwork from calendars. Looking forward to spring….

    1. Hi Susie,

      Yes! I have done that and for a client once or twice. I had these frames that I had intended to use for myself and a gorgeous book that I had gotten at the Strand Bookstore for all of five bucks. It had page after page of these amazing lithograph prints of 18th century European interior renderings. So, I went to the framing store and had better mattes made. Now THAT was cheap and they looked fabulous in her dining room!

      I’m so glad that you brought that up. I knew while I was writing it that i was leaving some stuff out, but wanted to keep to my schedule. I figured that folks would chime in with great ideas.

      Oh, postcards too. I love it when some of the art is small but has a big wide matte. It gives the eye some resting space.

      I always compare everything to a painting where all of the parts need to work together. The house as a whole but the gallery wall is also like ONE painting. Kind of like how an orchestra works. Love that analogy.

  14. Fabulous gallery wall! Thank you for the link to Tina’s online shoppe…I already found the perfect toleware for one of my orchid’s on her site. You are right, they are not easy to find. Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Angela,

      How fabulous that you found something in Tina’s shop! I always love being able to spread the news about terrific sources! Happy Sunday to you as well! I slept in a little too much. But I’m sure that I needed it. Was exhausted after hanging all of that art. haha

  15. Good morning, Laurel!

    I love the gallery wall that you collected and shared with us followers! My collection was bought over time, and yes, being able to walk into my daughters room and take something off her easel is a real bonus. Here are a few places I frequent for art …1-Local consignment shops 2- Community “art” fairs and community art centers. A good part of my collection is from local artists. 3- Auctions…don’t let the word scare you! there are great deals to be found at a local auction center near you. In regards to the jardiniere… it is an antique piece that I found years ago in an estate shop. And that big, brass lidded blue and white jar is a Maitland-Smith piece. I have had it for a long time! Not sure if it would still be available?

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Maura,

      I should’ve had you write the post! lol Thanks so much for all of the great ideas! I spent so long “creating” the gallery wall, that I ran out of time to write a decent post. But, I did another post about art and lots of people chimed in about some auction places I wasn’t familiar with; some of them are online. (it’s in the related posts “I want that old money look…”

      That was for something entirely different.

      Some people prefer online and others prefer the hunt in person. But I love the idea of collecting over time.

      I wish I could’ve done that more, when I was younger, but alas… could not.

      I looked at Maitland-Smith and do not see any blue and white porcelain at all! :[ Seems odd since it’s so popular right now. I think that Two’s Co. also had a brass lidded piece but that too, doesn’t appear to exist.

      And lucky you that you found a jardinere that wasn’t buried with its owner! ;] Fabulous piece and especially with the red orchid! xoxo

  16. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your sharing your knowledge. It is an act of generosity regardless of what you may gain from it. I also enjoy your sense of humor!
    Thank you for making my inbox more exciting!
    Joanne ( in CA)

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thank you so much. It is going to be one of my main talking points next week at the Design Blogger’s Conference.

      For many it may seem to be counter-intuitive, but sharing everything you know (and then some because often I spend hour researching what I write about), has payed off immensely.

      But I thoroughly enjoy it all and I’m grateful to all of the kind, supportive readers out there, who spur me on!

  17. As a weaver and painter may I recommend that people look for art near where they live? I live an hour out of Charlotte, NC and yet am surrounded by good to excellent artists. Check out your area thru Artist co-ops & associations, shows and openings, frame shops often act as galleries too or know about local artists.

  18. Hello Laurel, My problem with picture walls is that, unless the room is huge or bathed in light, as you add each picture, the room gets darker and darker.

    There are so many places for buying artwork at great prices that I have more than I can hang. House sales are great, as is Ebay, which as a huge selection, both framed and unframed. Charity sales (as for example to benefit a Garden Society) are some of the best sources, because the people who donate to them often have money and taste.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I suppose the answer to that would be to do a gallery wall that included sconces or possibly put in some small spot lights in the ceiling. I’m not a big fan of the Swiss cheese thing, but sometimes it’s necessary to light the art.

      Those are all terrific sources as well. Thanks so much!

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