Six Figure Income Blogger 100 Page Guide Is Here!

All New for 2023!

It is with the greatest pleasure that today, I’m releasing Six Figure Income Blogger Guide into the world!

For those of you who missed the previous post about this, you can read a little background here.


And my darling friend Claire Jefford made a little video talking about this when we were at KBIS last January. We did it in her room and the only place we could get far enough from the camera was on the bed. But actually, reclining is my preferred position. (you’ll see below)



Six Figure Income Blogger


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Oh, before I forget, I need to mention that this is not a physical book, but a downloadable PDF file, meaning you’ll receive a link for the file that must be SAVED to your device(s). But it is not an app, so it can be seen on any device.


 Honestly, it’s all a little surreal. I mean, they say you can’t teach an old dawg…


If you had known me 18 years ago, I was the LAST person who would be sharing blogging and website secrets. Let me take you back…


Once upon a time, I was married to a computer geek who beckoned me practically every evening to “surf the net” with him. This was circa 1990 something.

In fact, it became a running joke. But after a while. He caught on. I wasn’t in the slightest bit interested and the main reason why?

I was phenomenally intimidated by all of the new technology available.

And to learn how to use it seemed to be painfully impossible. Thus, my now, ex-husband (wasband) referred to me as a Luddite. That’s right. A person who shuns technology.

Fine. I didn’t care. I did my client drawings by hand. (still do) And I wrote up invoices AND my client bills— all by hand. I told myself that they were charming. Old-fashioned.

Yep. That’s me; an old-fashioned girl.

A Luddite.

And then one day, in the fall of 2002, my husband called me from the other room. 

“LAUREL, you have an email from your new client, Leslie Butterchump. Better answer it.”

WHAT? How dare she? Can’t she just pick up the phone like a normal person?

Guess not, and that’s when the shift began as I was forced into a world that was moving on with or without me.


And that is how it all began. But there’s nothing remarkable in that regard. It’s probably how a lot of us got started.

What’s unusual, I think, is that a total computerphobe actually dared to start her own website, made a million mistakes and then figured out what she was doing wrong and is now making a handsome income.

Oh, how much are you making, Laurel?

It’s in the guide dahlings.

It is?!?

Yes, it is, now will you guys please cut it out because I have a DEADLINE here and if you keep interrupting me, I’ll never make it. ;]

Please read on.

here’s what’s inside this 150 page guide


(note: the page numbers may have shifted due to an updated version in May 2019)


Table of Contents Six Figure Income Blogger

But, I realize that some of those chapters are a little cryptic, so I’ll give you some more information so that you can decide if this is something that will help your business.


  • Throughout the guide and in the back there is extensive discussion on all of the website/blogging tools I can’t live without. Plus what is easy to do (actually, most of it) and what is not easy to do that you will need what I call geek help.
  • Discover the most important thing you need, to have a successful website/blog that will bring in new business. page 43
  • Find out how to get tens of thousands of people clamoring to subscribe to your blog! The answer is so simple that you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. pages 47-51
  • Pages 33-40 discuss the ONE platform other than your blog that you need to spend time on as this is the best one for driving traffic to your site.
  • Learn why most blogs fail and what you can do differently to ensure that yours does not. Chapter Six
  • You will learn the very most important part of your blog post. And it’s only a few words. page 58 (and a link to a great hack too!)
  • Learn how to make your readers THINK that you’re a wonderful writer when you really don’t have a clue or any special talent for it. page 57-67
  • Discover 18 easy steps towards constructing a brilliant blog post that will have your readers hollering for more. page 67
  • Learn a common blogging technique that repels readers faster than a stinkbug landing on your head. page 74
  • Do you want more local business, clients, customers? It takes very little to thrash the competition. But if you don’t have this ONE SIMPLE THING, you’ve just killed your chances. page 103
  • Learn two hideous and all-too-common mistakes that could ruin any chances you have for success. I did one of them for the first 18 months of my website which is one reason I bombed in the beginning. chapter 12
  • Discover how to get the most out of your email list and the one thing you must never do or your email provider has the right to erase ALL of your subscribers and then drop you.
  • Find out the ONLY way, I ever get anything accomplished and that’s because I am naturally the most lazy, slovenly human to ever recline on a chaise. page 143
  • You’ll learn about my three main income streams and the backstory because I was phenomenally clueless regarding two of them for over five years! And because of that, I left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. Yes, that’s right. hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.
  • Plus, I am sharing exactly how much I’m earning and from where.
  • Find out what it takes to earn an extra thousand dollars a month from your website. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but it’s not that difficult, either. page 139
  • How to ensure that your site is never hacked into. page 147
  • Discover the one thing that’s a crucial ingredient that is far more important than how often you post a blog.
  • Learn what almost every blogger does at some point, that is such a turn-off to readers. (no worries, I did it too in my first year) But fortunately nobody was reading my blog then. page 152
  • Find out my recs for two fabulous website techies. (geek help) page 159


For those of you with a Wordpress website or who are getting one, there’s an extensive chapter on how to maximize the Yoast SEO plugin. Because of this plugin, I rank very highly for hundreds of keywords.

And this note is for designers only. I guess a lot of you have seen my post about houzz. The best platform to be on is your OWN. And yes, you can absolutely compete with houzz. And it takes very little to do so.

Who is this guide for?

Anyone who:

  • Is thinking about or wanting to start a small business
  • has a website but it’s not doing much for them
  • is looking to bring in more local business
  • wants to have an online (e-commerce) shop
  • would like to make some additional revenue via their website
  • is looking for a way out of their present employment situation
  • would like to get a great gift for someone who would be interested.(gifting is available)


Who Shouldn’t Get This Guide

  • Folks who aren’t willing to believe that they’ve been doing it all wrong for the last____ years.
  • If you already have a lot of money, it probably won’t work.
  • Those who don’t like sharing or helping other people.
  • Those who aren’t willing or able to put in the time.

How much time, Laurel?

The absolute minimum to get anything going is ten hours a week. Of course, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

And after a few years, it is possible to make enough passive income to live on.

But, but, but… let me please make this point very clear. I fully realize that 99% of the people who get this guide do not wish to become full-time bloggers. And I’m not going to sugar-coat that one. It IS a full-time job. I did not even realize that it would be a possibility for me for a few years. And I had no idea that it is possible to earn a handsome income from one’s blog.


The idea for most of you, is to earn that SIX FIGURE INCOME for your own local business because of your website/blog– not from it. And if you stick with the program, you should definitely see some attractive results.


How much is it, Laurel?

Oh yes. Sorry.


Please click the Buy Now Button To Find out the Sale Price.


Please click this button below which will take you to the order page. Once there, if so inclined, you can also purchase Laurel’s Rolodex and/or The Laurel Home Paint and Palette Collection and receive a discount of $40.00 for each additional product ordered.




If you have no idea what the Rolodex and Paint/Palette Collection are, please click here and you can find out more. These are all fabulous tools for interior designers and enthusiasts, alike.






May 1, 2018

PS: Here are some kind reviews and comments of the blogging guide that people who’ve purchased the guide have written.


Sheri said: April 2018

I have purchased this and it is FULL of information! I love how giving Laurel has been. SOOOO worth it! Laurel has gone above and beyond providing quality content in her Six Figure Income Blogger package!

Her guide is in plain English that makes it so easy to understand. She also doesn’t pull punches with her information. From talking about making money from blogging to SEO. I have marked numerous places (too many to count) where I can improve my own blog. I look forward to working on these things because I know the information is proven. Thank you Laurel for being so generous with your knowledge!


Venetta said: April 2018

I too purchased it yesterday when I received an email from Claire Jefford.
I’m about half way through and learning so much. I also love the way [Laurel] writes, so that makes it easier to read. Learning this, I’m hoping to come out of the gate running soon.


Tim said: April 2018

Thanks so much for including me in your guide–even as the tech guy that breaks the rule of having an “under construction” page 🙂
My excuse is that I get work through referrals, and spend all my time on client sites.
Your guide is a really good read, with a lot of valuable, tested-in-the-trenches details. I especially liked all the details of how you manage SEO on your site.
Congrats to your well deserved success!


Anne said: April 2018

Hi Laurel!  I bought the guide today, read a little bit and already added a post to my blog using lots of your tips.  Thanks, as always, for sharing your experience and putting easy to read information in one place for those of us who are busy and feeling scattered.


Liza said: May 2018

Laurel, I wanted to tell you how amazing this Guide is! When I started my blog I had no idea what I was doing…reading a thousand different articles to figure out the best way to do this or that. Now, I have everything in one place, a step-by-step approach with amazing how-to’s along with a resource guide and some funny tidbits along the way. You are a real gem and I am so glad I found you!

Honestly Laurel, you could have written this as a “real” book and published it. So very good! Thank you for all you put into it.


Karen said: May 2018

THANK YOU!!!!! I can’t even tell you how fabulous this guide is for me! I’ve had my head in the sand for far too long, knowing that I just can’t afford the time to invest in the HUGE learning curve I knew this would take. I want to thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and your years of learning to make this so much simpler (and faster!) for the rest of us! As always, your style and humour also make this a fun read 🙂
Congratulations on a beautifully written, informative and priceless guide!


Ann said: May 2018

Hi Laurel,

I did get the blogging guide and then I did get the reminder email but I don’t mind at all because it reminded me I wanted to write you and say thanks so much — the guide is worth every penny!

My daughter is my business partner ( and we read it out loud at the start of our bi annual planning retreat last weekend. We learned so much!

Thanks a million, truly.


Linda said: May 2018

I bought Laurel Bern‘s blogging guide last weekend and it’s really great, thanks Laurel! I finally was able/motivated to migrate the signups for blog posts notices and newsletter content into one form and have it all served by Mailchimp. I did a ” House Cleaning” post late last night asking those who have previously signed up for blog post emails to update their subscription preferences – encouraging them to sign up for my newsletter as well, OR just ubsubscribe as they wish. I had three lists – one dormant from my last blog, one was newsletter only and one was my Wordpress blog subscribers. So, I feel great that everyone is housed in one place and I can reach out in a more efficient and professional manner. I’ve also been doing a lot of other back room tweaking on my blog as well.


Michelle said: May 2018

Thanks, Laurel! Your guide has been invaluable.  You are the bomb <and that is good!>


Erin said: June 2018

I just started this guide…completely not knowing what to expect and I dare say that you have me feeling that I might very well can do this!!! I love how basic it is because I literally knew none of this stuff…zero..nada… nothing. I am only on page 20 but I am learning so much!!



Claire said: July 2018

Hey Laurel! I listened to your podcast yesterday and loved hearing you and LuAnn! As always, you shared such fabulous and helpful information to anyone looking to get more eye balls on their website, as well as more clients.

Cheers for all of your insight. My new website is nearly done! I’ve implemented so many of your wonderful ideas and tips from the Six Figure Income Blogger Guide. I am excited to launch and get more consistent with my vlogging. Thanks for your encouragement and support.


Amy said : July 2018

Laurel’s guide is exactly what got me going on the changeover! It is an immense wealth of information and I am steadily implementing the actions she suggests.


Michelle said: August 2018:

Dear Laurel,

I’m just writing again to let you know how important your Six Figure Income Blogger has been to my new business. I have it as a reference, and go back and re-read it about once a week. One of the most important insights was Pinterest.

I had no idea, and it has opened a new world and market for me. Since May 7, I’ve grown from 0 to 213,000 monthly impressions. My blog is also ramping up, and I’ve taken your advice to heart. I only publish quality information, and I now am on a weekly rhythm. I have enough blogs written so that I can publish every week. I’m starting to get clients for my website (, and Mr. Google is starting to recognize my website. Pinterest (as you suggested) is my highest referral source for web traffic.


Michelle said: October 2018

Dear Laurel,

Once again, I’d like to thank you for the “Six figure income blogger”. It was the best $149 purchase that I’ve ever made for my business. I know I’ve thanked you before, but now I’ve reached another milestone. I’ve gone from 0-5 hits a week (May) to 100+ hits a day on my website. I have followed all of your suggestions, including PInterest (which I discounted before). Now I see what you mean, that both Pinterest and Google are key to the business. I’m starting to get more regular color consulting gigs locally, and online consulting gigs that are more than friends and family.

Thank you so much!

Michelle – The Color Concierge


Venetta said: November 2018

Thank you for sharing. I have your guide and it is chalk full of good info. I am slowly making my way through it and implementing your great info as I create my website/blog.


Karen said: January 2019

Your Six Figure Income Blogger ebook has sparked all kinds of growth ideas for my business. I’m thrilled! I recently set up affiliates and started pinning more then ever to my Pinterest boards. My website is already starting to generate a small amount of income. I’m on the right track! Your how-to’s and inspiration were exactly what I needed to take the next step.

All the best,





note: there are more kind words in the comments below.


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