6 Easy Ways To Style A Chic Side Table!

Two days ago, I went for a visit to my lovely client in Larchmont who just had a room full of furniture delivered.

photo 1-2

This was the room last January. I wrote this post about our plans to create a room where Mom and Dad can entertain grownups.

In an effort to branch out, we made a little spur of the moment video. It’s only 55 seconds and you’ll get to see my ass for nearly half of it as I walk away from the camera. haha. I put it on GOOGLE-TUBE first. And some of you may have seen the 15 second teaser on instagram or facebook.

Alright, well, that was very in-depth, now wasn’t it?  Well, it’s my first attempt. We’ll get better at it. But never fear, because I’m going to spell it out here in the blog post.

6 Easy Ways To Style a Chic Side Table (including night stands and small consoles)

  • Something tall – usually a lamp
  • Something horizontal – usually books or a small tray
  • Something sculptural or organic like a plant
  • Picture Frames? Maybe one, on a nightstand
  • Think in threes
  • Think composition, color and complementary materials

In other words, if it was a wedding gift, it probably won’t go with anything else you have. :]


 Inspiring Ideas To Style A Chic Side Table


skonahem-vignettevia Skona Hem.

The ceramic pieces have a similar weight and feel.


Little Green Notebook. Fabulous post about how Jenny Komenda turned the legs gold with Rub ‘N Buff; one of my favorite products for instant “gilding.”


I’ve posted this before. From the living room of the big Bronxville House. The client had the leopard rug and bookshelf. Everything else we did together.

Domino_Instagram_Take_Over_Emily_Henderson_Succulent_StylingEmily Henderson

Alright, this is technically a console table, but the colors are so pretty and it’s so well done, I couldn’t resist putting it here.

style_sides_tables_ballard-designsSuzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs.

Sweet little side table.


Charming vintage feel. Martha Stewart Livng – October 2007

apartment-therapy-danielle-moss-houseDanielle Moss Apartment Therapy

Interesting side table used as a night table. Beautifully styled table and a lovely mix of yin and yang.

sarah-bray-house-beautiful-chic-side-table-stylingHouse Beautiful Style Writer, Sarah Bray

mountpleasantroad.co.ukMount Pleasant Road Co.

I was going to include ten of my favorite side tables. And some rules of thumb, but then it was starting to get very loooooong, so we’ll save all of that for another post!

Happy Sunday!


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17 Responses

  1. OMG! There is an art to all of this. I saw this post Laurel and immediately went into redo mode. Only to basically say “meh”. It is wonderful to know there are so many people who have an eye for this stuff and god bless the internet for being able to put so many ideas out there. I love Danielly Moss’s penguins and just ordered a similar set from Etsy. I also love the clock on her bedside table and went to PB only to find out they make a slight noise (which is ruinous to my beauty sleep). SkonaHem was also one of my favorite magazine when I visited Stockholm last summer. I wish they had an english version. I can eat it all up. Keep it coming.

    1. Hi Christine, I always say this, but I have learned more in the last three years blogging than in the previous 20 about other designers, products, etc. Plus it’s forced me to fully examine how things are done or how I do something.

      Oh, and believe me. I don’t live in a magazine if you know what I mean. It’s far from perfect. (very far) :]

  2. Sharing your hints and tricks is just wonderful for people such as my myself who knows zippo about decorating my home. Thank God for good friends… and you! Plus, you crack me up and brighten my day!!!

    1. I’m ready for my close up… haha! not too close though.;] But everyone keeps telling me that vids are where it’s at. And I guess it’s nice to put a voice and a moving face with the words.

      We did it so fast too. The baby had just woken up, but better to keep it short and sweet.

  3. You look great in that video Laurel! Thanks as always for the great tips on styling. I love to play around with table vignettes – not many people can appreciate the appeal of such a past time!

    1. I just looked over at my nightstand. If I posted that, you would be horrified. HORRIFED! My sculptural piece is a big bottle of lubriderm. LOL Lots and lots of moisturizer. I drink that stuff! I guess one can’t get more real than that.

  4. Good for you Laurel!! Video is a whole other world but people Love YouTube. Your posts are always such a great mix of keenly curated images, sassy humor and helpful information, especially for those of us designers looking for blogs that keep it real!! And I agree, you are so graceful, next time maybe do a little dancing along with the designing and you’ll be a star in no time!! LOL

    1. Hi Angela,

      Actually it’s all for google— the video. You get google points for posting vids. Sick. haha. oh well… As for graceful. That was just a lucky minute. I’m always tripping and running into things and have the bruises to prove it. But I’m glad I give that illusion!

  5. I’m glad you plunged into the You-tube world! Loved seeing you and hearing you speak.Two personal comments: so you walk just like a ballerina- meaning with utter grace, and you look so much younger and prettier than your blog photo!
    I’m fairly good at arranging coffee and side tables, because I keep at it until it looks right to my eye, but I have a harder time with sofa tables because they have to look good from all angles when you walk into the room. It was great to actually have rules to go by! Now I am going to go have a look at all my end tables to see if they follow the guidelines. Thank you, Laurel!
    The other thing I noticed was that Ashley Whitaker used one of the Ballard tables as her night table, and it looks fabulous!
    I am pretty sure that she used the Sophie( 316925) table which caught my eye leafing through the latest catalogue..

    1. Oh that is so funny Dolores about Ashley Whittaker. She’s about as high end as they come. And there’s Bennison fabric all over that room at about 250/yd. I took a good long hard look at the Ballard table. It is VERY close. There is one detail missing from Ashley’s table. But I too, would’ve thought it was the same one. The AW table is I’m sure at least 5 times the price of the Ballard table. Great find and I love it too!

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