Virtual Interior Design Services Preview

Ya know how people often have messages on their sites like this…

“new website coming soon… stay tuned!”
“under construction”

I feel like I’m being teased. Then, weeks and months go by and still nothing. I certainly know how time-consuming it is to develop a new website.

I’ve been working on some new things for the laurel home website and being the type that can’t wait, I just have to share with you what I’m in the middle of. It’s a new interior design services section. I am going to be expanding on services especially long distance which you will be able to purchase right on the site through a secure PayPal gateway. I’m also going to be adding some cool interior design products to purchase. First on the agenda are the virtual interior design services [long distance, OR for folks who don’t want me coming into their home for whatever the reason] I’ve been getting a lot of requests for long distance interior design help.

The beauty here is that I can do most of these website changes myself. This is what I absolutely LOVE about my WordPress content management system. I can keep my website up and running, and make all the changes my heart desires at whatever pace I can manage. Yes, if I get stuck, I can call upon the services of a real geek, [like Eileen Lonergan] but 95% of what you see, I did myself.

I know, I know… I can just hear all of the real graphic designers wincing in pain. However, I totally enjoy making my own graphics and playing around with sizing, colors and spacing. Although sometimes it’s a massive challenge. Not to get too techie on you, but my template allows a lot of customization— with certain limitations that sometimes create some frustration make me lose my mind!

I just have to share a screen shot of the long distance interior design services page.


And yes, haha! You can see how my page looks to me with a little edit thingy and yes, I’ve made it “private” until it’s all in a state to be presented for real. I made this via a screen shot and because of my template restraints, you are not seeing it full-sized. It looks even better full-scale. I’m so pleased with how this is turning out.

Here was the challenge.

I can make grids in my template, but what I couldn’t do is get the frigging title centered on the photo. Then, I had the idea to make the photo with more space on the left side. Here. Let me show you what I’m talking about.


Here is the actual size of the middle image. Click “control A”  Don’t worry. Nothing bad will happen. :] It’ll allow you to see what I mean by hi-lighting the entire image. [click back anywhere on the page to get rid of the hi-lighting] See that the image is actually bigger with white space to the left?

How did I do this?



I uploaded the original image [above] in picmonkey to a white background and made it the max size which is 2000 pixels squared, then saved it to my puter. Then, I reduced the vertical dimension to 250 pixels and left enough white space to make the width 307 pixels.   That took some experimenting. Reducing it later allows the image to stay nice and sharp. Once I had done one, I made the others in the exact same way. I then put the three images into the grid and voila. The title is now in the center.

So, what is all of this?

These are virtual interior design services. Each of these links will take you to the page that explains about what the service entails and then a way to pay for it.

After discovering fotosketcher, I really loved the idea of using watercolor images for this new section.

The center image is already a water-color by John Singer Sargent. I wanted some deviation from the hackneyed [yawn] fan deck. The other two images were photos that I turned into watercolors via fotosketcher.

The image on the right is actually a work of art by artist Leandro Erlich. It’s an optical illusion. Very clever, isn’t it! That photo was from Harper’s Bizarre. The installation in London, is called Dalston House.

The image on the left I found on Pinterest. Love the color of that barn! Why a barn? Botox – pig – barn. Get it? Just something a bit different. The original photo is by Genevieve Haudricourt

Well… back to work. Give me a few… ;]

“coming soon… stay tuned!”

“under construction”



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