Welcome to the Laurel Home Blog!

I’m very excited to share with you my new website which is going to be an ongoing work in progress  comprised of a blog, portfolio, and an online shopping home furnishings boutique– all in one cohesive entity– courtesy of prophoto. They make it look so easy to put a site together, but I have a certain image in mind, so in true OCD (obsessive-compulsive designer) fashion, I spent the entire day yesterday glued here, trying to figure this ferkakta thing out– so much,  that my legs were buzzing. haha!

For now, I am keeping my old Laurel Bern Interiors website up.

My goal will be to keep the blog current and chock-full of beautiful design, helpful ideas and inspiration and maybe even a laugh or three. And I really would love to hear from YOU! What do you need? Do you have a decorating problem? I’m here to help!

To begin I’d love to share some gorgeous  white on white rooms. Please bear with me while I upload them.


laurel home blog

laurel home blog

laurel home blog

all images via country living


Still learning wordpress. I’m more familiar with blogger, but my soft-ware that I’m going to need help with, uses a word-press template.

Enjoy the beautiful rooms and a joyous Easter and Passover to all! And again, a hearty welcome to the laurel home blog!

Best Wishes,




6 Responses

    1. I actually deleted a few posts before I found out that one is never supposed to do that! But that was a couple of years ago so by now should be alright with Mr. Googs.

  1. Laurel–maybe you didn’t see the little ditty about Gary Friedman in the latest ELLEDECOR. Some excerpts:
    *RH is a chic purveyor of Belgian linen sofas and chandeliers
    *he is building immense galleries complete with restaurants
    *coming soon: RH hotels
    *he has transformed RH into a $2 billion luxury home platform
    *he attracts top designers, artisans, manufacturers and thinkers in the industry
    *he is building 60,000 square foot selling galleries
    *he sends his catalog out once a year, the most efficient circulation in the history of direct mail

    Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me, he must have gone to Trump University, whatever you do never let them see you sweat!! Keep promoting yourself and your brand even as the Titanic is going down. Love your blog, keep up the good work!!

    1. Hi Susie,

      I have the issue but haven’t read it yet.

      Oh my stars is all I can say!

      However, I think the hotel biz is more suited to RH “galleries” with soaring 30 foot ceilings and 10,000 sq foot+ (a floor) showroom space.

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