Part II – The Most Gorgeous Stone Fireplace Mantels Ever!

Somehow Mom Nature took notice of the previous fireplace mantel post, because it was 60 on Sunday and now brrrrrr… it’s in the teens. But yeah… it’s JANUARY. Us folks in the northeast love to kvetch about our winter weather. It’s as if each year we forget that the earth is doing it’s annual lean away from the sun. The bitter cold feels like a personal affront we shouldn’t have to endure. But hey, the indians handled it and they didn’t have a lot of protection either. I don’t think they spoke much Yiddish either. So they probably didn’t have a word to describe the suckfest we go through for several weeks each year.

Today is part II of a three-part series on elegant fireplace mantels. If you missed part I, you can find it here.

Part II The Most Gorgeous Stone Fireplace Mantels – Ever!


stone fireplace mantels

photo by Nelson Hancock

BTW, I’m not very fond of fireplaces that are entirely made from rock stone–especially a monstrosity…


two story stone fireplace

Like this.


Oh man, that’s some serious fugly going on here. Please, please, please, no painted natural rock stone. Okay? That is… unless you are Brooke and Steve Giannetti and you have the artisans at your disposal who can create a masterpiece like this.

What’s the difference? Aside from the exquisite furnishings? I’ll tell you, if it’s not already obvious. The Giannettis have created an exquisite compound [Patina Farm] based on a combined vision. They put together their love of the Italian country-side, Swedish and other antiques and semi-rustic-casual California living into one unique paradise. The stone is meant to look centuries old and is painted and plastered; it’s all quite extraordinary!

And being an insanely jealous-miserable-it’s-effing-snowing-and-freezing-and-I-have-a-nasty-head-cold New Yorker; I’d give my eye teeth to spend a day or two in this sunny nirvana with the insane decor and darling lemon plant on the table. But I’ll stop my grousing because I’m sure we all long to escape into the beauty awaiting.

  Betty Burgess

A lovely living room with sophisticated French Country flair

Another exquisite antique stone mantel for Patina Farm

And another fabulous design by Giannetti Architects

Thomas O’brien

I adore the Greek Key Mantel!

Peter Pennoyer Architects

Classic English Traditional without the stodge.


enna Lyons via Lonny Mag

All of her homes are absolutely magnificent!

JK Place – Capri designed by Michele Bonan

My FHF -Favorite Hotel Forever!

stone fireplace mantels

Lombock Collection

Sheila Bridges

Love Sheila’s work. If you’d like to see more, please check her out here.

stone fireplace mantels

Phoebe Howard

pretty, pretty and love the herringbone brick pattern!

art by Julia Contacessi via: Lonny

This elegant style always reminds me of  San Francisco

stone fireplace mantels

Katie Martinez via: Lonny

From her Greenwich Village apartment in New York City

John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross

unusual black stone mantel. Many more black mantels coming but painted!

Canadian House and Home – photo by Michael Graydon

Who doesn’t adore that glass built-in bookcase. The simple stone mantel complements it so well!

Farrow and Ball – paint color – Oval Room Blue

Let the kids and the dogs in this room! Could that chair be more beaten up? Oh, how the English love their old furniture! ;]

 JK Place Capri by Michele Bonan

It’s a dream of mine to stay at this A-mazing hotel. The only problem would be that I would need to stay in every room! I guess I’d need a long-term lease!

Stay safe and warm!


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