new york international gift fair – summer 2012 – Part I



Today, was my semi annual trip into Manhattan to attend the “gift show.” I usually tell my clients that its a trade show, because “gifts” aren’t really why I’m there. I’m there for furniture, accessories, lighting, inspiration and to say hello to a friend or two.

So, I’ll start with the two friends. One is blogger/fabric designer/fashion and interior design maven-dripping with talent, Coco, of the incredible blog cococozy. Oh, and this isn’t even her “day job.” I’m not at liberty to say what that is, because she prefers to keep the two separate, but let’s just say that between all of that AND jet setting all over the world, I kinda wanna be her, when I grow up! Even IF I AM 20 years older than her. lol At any rate, she has been one of the most powerful sources of inspiration to start my own blog and online store. Here’s a sampling of her incredible designs. I absolutely adore everything that she does!

Yeah, she designed ALL of the fabrics, logo, boxes. insane!

My other friend is Mary Louise Littlefield. uhhh… I think that’s her name, because I always call her ML. She and her husband, Bill Aultman started a little furniture company about 7 years ago which they named after their two grand kids, Tristan and Faith, only Tristan called himself ” Tritter” and his baby sister, he called “Feefer”, and so like any kvelling grandparent proud to wear the appellation, they named their new company, Tritter-Feefer. Oh my. oh my. This is one amazing company. First of all. They have really incredible designs. Then they have really gorgeeeeous finishes. Third the quality is superb. Fourth, they’ll do custom. Fifth they’ll make it any color or finish you want– just send them a sample. Sixth. Its all made by hand and to order in THEES COUNTRREEE, And Finally. They’ve managed to keep their prices at a 21st century recession level. I absolutely love selling their pieces. My clients love them too and that means that I can sleep at night. (when I can sleep).

Here are some pics of some new pieces in their line.

I’m plotzing all over this piece and it can be made into a double dresser too! Oh, BTW,  the tall handsome gentleman in the background, is Rik Littlefield. Tristan and Feefer’s dad and natch, keeping it all in the family, he’s also in the biz. I just love that. The pride, commitment and passion is apparent in everything these folks do.I nearly passed out when I saw this exquisite sideboard. It could be made with different doors. I was just asking, but who would want to??? I may have to sneak this baby into the Laurel-Home private label collection!

Most of  the rest of the vendors I’m showing, I’ve ordered from or have admired.  Please enjoy these beautiful products and displays!


That’s yellow burlap on the chair from Zentique.

Alright, here’s the skinny. The cool slipcovered furniture is from The Best Slipcover Co.

The Swedish Furniture is from Chelsea Textiles

The cool artwork is from Run Run Studio

Everything else is from Zentique.  (sorry, their web site is to the trade only)

More tomorrow!

Best Wishes,

  • Jess - August 21, 2012 - 8:44 AM

    Yikes!!! I could do some damage here!! I am very jealous of all you’re surrounded by at the moment. Happy Shopping!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. JxReplyCancel