Red White And Blue Rooms {That Don’t Look Like A Flag}

Working on this in the middle of a big storm and lost everything, but fortunately didn’t get too far into this 4th of July post. Alright. Yes. Red, white and blue. Very original. haha! However, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to a client with a wry smile… “Well, we don’t want it to look like a flag, right?” It’s not that I don’t like our flag or am not patriotic. I just think that for a color scheme it can get either a bit cutesy or cloying or sometimes, just too marine-like. So, are there ways to avoid that?



  • Make the room primarily blue and white with red accents
  • Introduce other colors into the scheme such as taupe, beige, gold, brown, black and lots and lots of white
  • vary the shades of blue. Even one other shade of blue adds a certain depth and interest
  • consider introducing analogous shades such as orangey-red, magenta, pink or blues with more green in them
  • adding in small amounts of other colors such as yellow and green

Here are several examples of well-done red white and blue rooms that pass the test, IMO.

meredith-heron-living-room-red white and blue rooms

I know that I’ve posted the above room, a lot, but it’s so well-done and a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Above and below by Meredith Heron.

meredith-heron-living-room-red white and blue rooms

ryan-white-designs-interiors-red white and blue rooms

Another recent photo by Ryan White.

cococozy living room sagaponack estate  red white and blue roomsfrom a Long Island real estate listing. Found on the Cococozy blog.

emily-followill-lillian-august2red white and blue rooms

  Lillian August

Emily Followill photographs


red white and blue rooms

source unknown


Mary McDonald

maggie-Oneill Faux Wood LibraryMaggie O’Neill

hbx-modern-traditional-living-room-pattern-curtains-0212-harper03-tklU3z-lgnAbove and below by the wonderful Kathryn Ireland

hbx-antique-chair-pattern-curtain-0212-harper01-Anii2x-lgn-red white and blue rooms


Lindsay Coral Harper

manhattan-apartments-ed1210_03-lgnSig  Bergamin

Lulu-DK_Lonny2 red white and blue roomsLulu DK


Michele Bonan once again with the JK Place in Capri

The most subtle red white and blue rooms ever!


newporcelainseriesphoto  pink-pagoda-red white and blue roomsJennifer Beshears from the fabulous Pink Pagoda Blog and website. Those are her prints for sale on her website too!

6a00e54ed9ed538833015433ec9639970c-800wiRuthie Sommers

jan2bw4Kristen Kelli Interiors


Another wonderful vignette from Jennifer Beshears. I never realized how much I love blue, white and pink until I found her blog!

Please have a wonderful holiday weekend all!

I am busy, busy, busy with work. I know… But I’m going to Atlanta next week [brace yourself for all of the hottest and newest from the Americas Mart Furniture Market] and I just got a new project [I think] which I’m very excited about. I love my work so much and all of the exciting new directions I’m going in that time off… makes me a bit antsy, sometimes. That’s not a bad thing, is it?



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