These Interior Design Trends in 2022 Will be Huge!

Interior Design Trends in 2022 that will be huge.

Sorry, those aren’t my words.

However, I bet the headline made you curious. Right?

It’s okay if it did;

because it’s meant to.


Basically, I think it’s about human psychology.


Most of us want to fit in. As we all know, it’s pretty easy to make a whopping and expensive mistake in home decor. Plus, we don’t want to get stuck with something we’re embarrassed about. These kinds of headlines feed on our innate insecurities.

The shelter mags know this, and so, starting in the late fall of the previous year, we can find the upcoming trends for the coming new year. Remember when we did this post from Elle Decor for 50 interior design, trends 2020, in or out?


And, we also took a look last year for 2021 insider trends that you must see! 


So, for this year Interior Design Trends in 2022 that will be HUGE,


I found an article in House Beautiful to riff off of. (please follow along here for the original article.)


House Beautiful did an article about ten interior decorating and design trends for 2022


The problem for me is that Google believes that House Beautiful is an authority on residential design and decoration. Of course, they absolutely should be!

The article is well-written; I don’t have a beef with the writing; it’s the content of the article, in question. However, the interior design trends for 2022 were created by legitimate interior designers. I don’t know if they came up with the trends or if someone else did.

I fully understand that what ends up in print might or might NOT be what the designer said. I’ve been misquoted so many times that now, if I’m asked to submit something, I tell them that I prefer to put it in writing. And, if possible, to see a transcript of what they think I said before it goes to print.


Okay, it’s time to discuss the ten House Beautiful interior decorating and design trends in 2022


1. More Vintage Than Ever


Interior designer Sarah Hillery suggested this as a trend for 2022, and I agree with her. I’ve always loved vintage and antique pieces. That’s why one of my HOT SALES pages is devoted entirely to vintage and antiques pieces.


2. Plenty of Natural Materials


“Natural Materials” can be anything from linen, cotton, wool, gold, silver, and stone. The designer said, “Individuals are seeking a more responsible approach to design so that their living spaces “live longer” by incorporating elements that encapsulate their surroundings.”

No offense to the designer, who may or may not have said that, but that statement makes no sense to me.


3. Black Accents


What? This is not a trend; it’s a well-known design principle. However, the room they use to represent this principle, In my opinion, is still falling short of the mark. And, now I know why. Living Spaces is a website that produces “instant rooms.”

What Living Spaces is to interior design is the same as Sanka is to real coffee, or Tang is to real orange juice.

Do they even make Sanka and Tang any longer? ;]


4. Natural Lighting


LOL – I can’t believe they let this one go to print—no further comment.


5. Textured Fabrics

Okay. Everything has “texture.” However, they’re mentioning sherpa and boucle. What are they?


Sherpa fabric

Above is sherpa fabric. I know. It looks like an old bathmat that one is about ready to throw in the trash. ha, I believe it can be made out of synthetic or wool.


Sherpa jacket on Etsy interior design trends for 2022

You can get these fabrics here.

Here, a model is wearing a jacket made from sherpa fabric. It looks like something you would buy at Anthro. By the way, I’ve lived here for nearly a year, and Anthro is an 8-minute walk from my home. Well, I finally went in today. The store looks very lovely.

boucle fabric

The fabric above is available here.

Boucle is a better-known fabric constructed with a loop weave.


boucle chairs

Above are some boucle-covered barrel chairs. I dunno. I guess they’re okay, but it sort of feels like I would be dining with a small flock of sheep.


baa baaaboucle sheep chairs for dinner - interior design trends for 2022?
Yes, I fully realize that I’m nuts.


Although I adore Julia Longchamp’s design for this bedroom used in the article.


Julia Longchamps handsome bedroom - interior design trends in 2022


I think the textures are lovely in this handsome bedroom. Please follow Julia’s beautiful Instagram account here.



6. Versatile Spaces


Well, of course. However, I don’t see how that’s a trend. It’s a matter of space, and it’s an issue whether there’s a pandemic going on or not.


7. Mixing Dark And Earthy Tones


The only thing is, the quote from the designer is: “For 2022, I am feeling a shift from dark and moody to rich and deep.” I guess I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the difference. I looked up the design firm, and they have been in business for five years. Their work is innovative, yes. However, I don’t seem much that’s dark and moody or rich and deep.

However, I’ve been loving dark, rich, moody rooms.


8. Living Room Bars


No, not a ballet barre. The other kind of bar.

Sure. The Pandemic made them popular so that folks could stay tanked without having to go very far.

Here’s what I say: Put the booze in the furthest cabinet AWAY from the living room and super high up so that at least folks can get a little exercise. Although, perhaps not so high up that they might fall from whatever they’re standing on to reach the bottle(s).


9. More Houseplants!


growing myrtle topiary - loi thai tone on tone indoor houseplants

Gorgeous boxwood topiaries by Loi Thai. Oh, I miss his blog. But, you can follow him on Instagram. Actually, you probably already are. I don’t understand how one human can possess so much talent.

You know I wrote about houseplants for cleaner air a while back, and I was thinking of updating it. Well, shame on me because I did some research and learned that the idea of purifying the air with houseplants is total crap absolutely not true.

Here, you can see so for yourself.


It’s another one of those things where a writer read some information and then, like a game of telephone, changed its meaning slightly and so on…


And, before you know it, everyone, including me, is in on the erroneous information. I mean, it sounds like it could work. After all, plants give off fresh oxygen. But, not enough to make a significant amount of difference in the air quality in our homes.

Of course, by all means, get houseplants. They’re beautiful and, for many people, therapeutic in other ways, like my Joe, who’s my best friend, confidant, and shrink all in one.


The Final Interior Design Trend for 2022 is:


10. Plenty of Marble


Well, marble has been used for centuries. I wouldn’t call it a trend. However, this is calling to mind my super-nice, screamingly funny, and insanely talented interior designer-friend, Kevin Isbell. I had the pleasure of going on a design tour with him in 2016. If you don’t follow him on Instagram, I highly recommend you do.

Every so often, he posts these hilarious videos.

One of my favorites is where he talks about marble. The designer in the article says that you can’t have too much marble.


Kevin Isbell - yes, too much marble

Here’s what Kevin has to say about that.

Kevin Isbel - books interior design trends in 2022

I love this one about books, too.

But, they’re all very funny and with great advice, too.


Please follow Kevin Isbell on Instagram here.


Kevin Isbell charming Nantucket bedroom - interior design trends for 2022

via Kevin Isbell’s portfolio

Kevin’s interiors are always colorful and full of whimsy to a greater or lesser degree. I love how he takes chances but never falls off the cliff.

I know; it’s the same every year. They talk about trends that aren’t trends. Or, they talk about trends that maybe won’t stand the test of time.


baa baaaboucle sheep chairs - interior design trends in 2022

Please pin this pin about Interior Design Trends in 2022 to Pinterest for reference.


But, the posts and articles about interior design trends are still very popular.

I guess that’s why we write about them. :]



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This is my take on trends announced by a major shelter magazine

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36 Responses

  1. My husband likes bar soap and that white haze was driving me crazy. I researched and learned clear soap like Pears doesn’t have talc, the talc causes the white haze. Pears is everywhere we went in Canada, but not in the states, I order it from Amazon.

    We just built a huge porcelain white “marble” shower, it’s too big, with enormous glass wall. So pretty, but it’s like snow. Great to visit, don’t want to live there.

  2. Dear Laurel,
    Many thanks for the hilarious comments on the 2022 trends.
    I laughed so darn hard at your sheep comment, and then the even wittier one regarding “ Living Spaces” which did me in! So funny and so very true also!

  3. I didn’t know about Kevin Isbell. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been laughing at his videos today.

  4. Laurel

    I enjoy your posts so much that it’s affected how I write my own comments on FB. Lol! Your just so dang comical and its rubbing off on me. Lol!! I too love to carry on. And you brought me back to that during some tough years I’ve been walking through. So TY!

    I am loving the dark moody color trends that have already been here. Da. Or shood I say, have always been here? I don’t see them as new. Maybe new because YouTuber’s are showing how exciting it is to paint a room with a dark wall or room. I am loving all F & B paints in particular!! I’m a metal artist that loves using bold color and form.

    Coming down that boring list they published for the most part. I just bust out laughing when I saw the chairs and your visual version in lambs. Lol. I am only 56 years old. and I remember that dang ugly fabric when it was hot. My Mom taught me how to sew everything and anything. Although she never used that. TG.

    As I write this, I am completing my JB Martin Como cotton velvet slipcover for a reconstructed sofa on trend. Lol. Your posts inspired me so much. I modified our sofa! Lol! No joke I’m serious. It’s all green, latex with real wool. Lol I can send pictures if all goes well. Lol. So far it is looking super stylish.

    Thank you so much for sharing each time!! I have directed several of my friends to your wonderful blog.

    Blessings into the holidays and New Year.

  5. Thank Laurel for yet another great blog! I always enjoy your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. But you know what I really liked about this blog?!? That last photo of Kevin’s. He showed an unmade bed that I just wanted to climb into with warm jammies, and a good book. The norm seems to be to photograph a bedroom with the bedding lacking any wrinkles or signs of live/use. Kevin’s was a welcome change . . . I loved that room – because of the bed. Thanks for all you do!!

  6. Laurel, brave girl, thanks for outing these newby “experts”. It reminds me of the story about the lady getting a facelift who was the doc’s first patient. Experience is priceless. Now, how about getting more gutsy and exposing the wannaby interior desecrators on that tv network. (Like the one that uses one roll of wallpaper for en entire room by cutting out the motifs and pasting them here and there.) LOL.
    Don’t allow the posers to hijack our professionany more than they have already
    have. Love your blog!

  7. The sheep at the dinner table….too funny, but so accurate about the trends discussed here! This made me laugh at the beginning of the day…it’s going to be a good one! Thanks! 🙂

  8. I love browsing thrift stores and affordable antiques stores for that special treasure. So I’m thumbs up for vintage. I also like the idea of maybe one boucle arm chair for reading, I like sheep!!

  9. Oh my, the “new” design trends were such a snooze fest. Fortunately I woke up in time to laugh a lot about your sheep chairs. I also enjoyed your ballet post and the two young ladies you featured. Watched a few of the others and you chose well, Laurel. I’m a great fan of lyrical arm movements and these two lovely young girls excelled. Thank you for that treat, which I really needed after stuffing myself with the somewhat burned toffee I made. It turned out perfectly the last two years I made it, but oh well.

  10. Love the sheep gathered around the dining room table. They look a lot better than the furry chairs IMHO 😀

  11. The sheep at the table made me laugh out loud!
    I avoid trends like the plague. I like what I like and I always find a place for it. Learned my lesson in the 90’s with expen$ive fancy pillows.

  12. Great post. I watch a few young YouTuber interior designers and every one shows those chairs.

  13. I am so glad you wrote this article. It was right on and so funny. I stopped reading that silliness a long time ago.

    I like what I like.

    You are awesome.

  14. Their article mentions “hammered metal chair.” I’m pretty sure I’d have to be hammered to feel comfortable in one.

  15. I love the sheep chairs! mean your comment about them. I don’t like the actual chairs.
    I know this wasn’t in your post, but you linked to it- I love the rainbow book thing! I’m an avid reader and I think I’d be fine with looking for a specific book based on the color of it’s cover. Besides, I’m usually busy reading new books that I don’t go back too often to re-read. I love reading books and I like using them as (functional) decoration.

  16. OMG, I don’t dare let my cats see those boucle-covered barrel chairs. They’d be all over them in mere seconds.

  17. I snorted my tea when I read #5 – dining with sheep. I thought the chairs were…odd, but then your comment put it right over the top! Thanks for your link to Kevin’s instagram. I have a feeling it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. As an avid reader, I have a deep an abiding…um, aversion (I am working on my zen) to people who use books purely as a decoration. Both the rainbow club and the backwards club make me twitch. Happy Holiday, Laurel! Keep ’em coming!

  18. Thank you!…yes, I’m referring to the Jean Stoffer “style”…not the all marble sink. What is great about this idea, is you can have a stainless steel sink without the additional support and then add the apron piece. It seems much easier then installing the farmhouse sink first with the added support then getting the counter measured/fabricated around it.

  19. Let me make sure I’ve got this. Natural materials and marble are both listed, but isn’t marble a natural material? The author sounds like an amateur, no offense to her of course.

  20. OMG, those sheep are hilarious!!! Five minutes later and I’m STILL laughing.
    Gift of the season, Laurel.

  21. Thanks for breaking this design trend poll down for the untrained amateur. This was a hoot to read….Sometimes we all get caught up in wanting to be on trend and blindly follow the trendsetters, who attempt to dazzle us brilliance but often end up baffling us with bs. Priceless……love the sheeple dining room set.

  22. Good morning Laurel,
    I about spit out my coffee when I saw your sheep chairs.
    You’re a hoot!
    Did people worry about trends years ago? I wonder if this idea of trends is something that the marketing folks thought up. It all just seems so silly to me.
    Enjoy your Sunday. 😘

  23. Love “dark and moody?” Haha, I am having a faux painter the walls in my tiny condo bedroom to simulate “a foggy London evening.”

    That’s what I told him. I want drama.

  24. Love the comparison to sheep! Looped fabrics do not work with dogs (who like to “dig” and cats) and houseplants…… I have a friend who had an organ transplant and she wasn’t allowed to have any houseplants in the house due to fungal/bacterial/mold spores

  25. The pic of the sheep is hysterical and frameable! And, a gentle reminder to decorate sensibly. Thanks for the laugh as I plow through boxes of aging Xmas decorations needing to be refreshed and rearranged.

    Happy Chanukah!

  26. Laurel, I love when you’re a nut. I almost spit out my cawfee when I saw the sheep! Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  27. This one is a candidate for the Funniest Post of All Times on Laurel’s blog. I laughed hysterically (especially at the sheep simile) that my family had to ask if I was ok.

  28. Laurel, omg this is one of your funniest posts yet. I laughed out loud at the sheep chairs. However I have to share a cautionary tale about marble. When we remodeled our master bath, i wanted a beautiful, resort hotel-like bathroom. So I chose marble for the everything: wall to wall vanity counter, the floor, and a large shower remodeled for 2. This is where I learned the meaning of being careful for what you wish. Marble is a life long commitment, almost like a marriage. My ex-cleaner left me after the remodel. She was not up for the effort. Marble in the bath cannot be cleaned like good old porcelain tile – it requires special, expensive products. And it is delicate – even if sealed. You have to wipe up the water right away or it will etch. And if you have hard water as we do in my town, it means every time you shower, you cannot just walk away to dry your hair. You have to wipe down the entire shower. Or an ugly white haze associated with that lovely soap you use and the minerals in the water combine to form on the tiles. Of course you can install a water softener shower head – but then you also have to remember to check that filter. And you still have to wipe up the water. So while wiping down a counter is a few easy swipes, wiping down a large shower, well, life is just too short now. Marble on kitchen counters – yes! But marble in the bath – in hind site I’d rather visit the fancy resort where housekeeping looks after the bath.

  29. So funny. I wish I had clever words about the depth of experience and knowledge that is being presented to us. As a Southerner I found myself thinking “ bless her heart at least she is working”! I did want to mention that I am a real life shepherd. They aren’t that comfortable!😀
    Thank you for writing this. A great way to start the day!

  30. One “trend” I have noticed, and maybe you can comment on this, is apron front sinks that use the counter material (mostly marble) as the apron; as opposed to a “farmhouse” apron front sink. I am seeing it everywhere now. Is that a new idea or is it is being brought back? I’m not able to find a lot of info on this. 🙂

    1. Hi George,

      That’s a great question. The one that comes to mind is the one Jean Stoffer has in her showroom. What I think is going is that is a stainless steel undermount sink and instead of the who-are-we-kidding fake drawer, there’s a piece of marble, flush with the cabinet. So, it gives the impression of a farmhouse sink, but more city than farm. I like how it looks, but it’s not a throwback to anything I can think of. Sometimes, farmhouse sinks are entirely out of marble or stone. I suppose those could be flush with the cabinetry, as well.

  31. Oh my goodness…Sherpa and boucle as furniture covering? No, no, no! Both attract every hair (human and pet) and piece of lint then hold on to them for dear life!

  32. Sheep, Baaah!! Unfortunately I keep seeing all of these young people trying to prosper on the backs of those who have proven talent! When I saw the boucle fabric, I thought OMG! too the horrible “throw backs” of a Chanel suit! Scream!! Thank you for keeping us all on track!

  33. Omg those sheep as chairs!! Just about rolled off the couch laughing! Thanks I needed that. Gotta love a designer that doesn’t take things so seriously.

  34. So! Another covid year. I’m rushing out to get a goat and some natural light. Just for starters, of course.

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