The Latest Decorating Trends At New York Now Winter 2015

Twice a year, there’s a trade show in Manhattan called New York Now. It used to be called “the gift show,” but now it’s called New York Now.

New York Now for me, is a place to find accent pieces and a few vendors who sell home furnishings. Unfortunately, the number of these companies has dwindled in the last few years; not that I blame them.


One show is in August and the other one is early February.

August is fine. February is not. Not really, because in New York, February suuuucccckkksss!

Now that I’ve been to Americasmart in Atlanta where you are wined and dined, I’m doubly embarrassed by this show.

Here’s Why The New York Now Winter 2015 is Yucko Sub Par
  • It’s in the fugly Javits Center
  • It’s snot freezing cold and there’s ice and if you’re lucky you won’t break your neck on it!
  • The livry drivers try to rip people off. [don’t take them! take a real cab, subway, bus or walk!]
  • There’s no free food like at Americasmart except maybe if someone is selling some dip and they provide you with a crumb to dip it in.

And then…

It’s very expensive to haul your stuff up here and set up a booth and then collapse it and take all your stuff back from whence it came. Thankfully, there are still many vendors who do manage to show up to display the new items in their line as well as some of the old.

Before we get to the pretty pictures, are there any emerging trends you need to know about?

I noticed two distinct trends at New York Now Winter 2015.

Yeppers! Black is back! [if it ever was out] I am seeing it everywhere and nowhere more noticeably than in this striking booth by one of my wonderful vendors Noir Furniture in their debut appearance at New York Now.



a detail shot of the fretwork pattern on this handsome settee at Noir Furniture.

new-york-now-winter-2015-Jonathan-AdlerJonathan Adler’s booth is always fun and colorful.


Gold tchakas at Jonathan Adler. Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus. I cannot tell you the number of idiots people who would step right in front of me just as I was about to snap the shot!

new-york-now-winter-2015Bungalow 5

This is a company that I’ve watched grow over the years. They have a lovely line of classic contemporary accents with a heavy bent on Chinoiserie.

new-york-now-winter-2015The Van Cleve Collection

The vast majority of vendors have absolutely no problem with me taking photos. I was told that I could take only two photos. Talk about pressure! Not sure I understand the logic about that business decision, however I do LOVE their collection and plan on ordering a bunch of stuff from here for the new media room.


Wonderful display of black and white at Bungalow 5


Another wonderful vignette at Bungalow 5. This serpentine chest is fabulous!


Oh man… A Greek Key pattern on this gorgeous desk at Bungalow 5! This was a shot that two women walked right in front of me just as I was attempting to take the shot. They spent a good minute looking through the sample book. Patience is a good thing!


Love this Gustavian-esque / Klismo-esque chair at Zentique. It’s also very comfortable!


Striking very large mirror at Zentique. The Baroque-influenced console would make a dramatic accent. I love pieces like this in contemporary spaces.


Another Gustavian inspired sideboard at Zentique. Sometimes dining rooms only have small walls available for furniture like this. I love the idea of doing a pair of these flanking a window or doorway.


Manglam Arts is a cool company that I hope to order from one day. I linked to another post instead of their website. The reason being is that their website sucks and is probably doing them more harm than good. They carry a lot of that fabulous inlaid bone furniture. And as you can see, some very cool textiles.

new-york-now-winter-2015-Legend of Asia

Sorry, their site is now only available if you have an account. I have frequently blogged about them. They have such a wonderful collection of Chinoiserie porcelains and furniture. They can also customize pieces and the prices are very reasonable. You may recall in my giveaway on December 3rd that the vases are from this wonderful Vendor.


I’ve always liked this Ming-style coffee table from Legend of Asia. They always show it in this finish, but I believe that it can be in any of their finishes. Sorry, another instance where I was in a big hurry because of people milling around. I didn’t have this problem in Atlanta because the showrooms are 10 times more spacious!


I took a break to have a lovely chat with my rep Chris New, when I noticed how cool this etagere/cabinet is. What a great idea to tuck away a small printer and laptop to make an occasional workspace. And I think this piece is especially handsome in black.


Another fabulous piece in jade green from Legend of Asia.


The figurines and vases [also from Legend of Asia] in this vignette looked at least as otherworldly as they do here!


Here is the second shot I was allowed to take from Van Cleve. They have the most incredible garden stools. I sat on one that was really a substantial seat. Alas… I couldn’t take a shot of it. :[ I suppose if I had asked really nicely I might’ve been allowed another shot or two?


Another fave vendor is Chelsea Textiles. I adore they Gustavian Swedish reproduction furniture. And they have recently added a French Country collection. This chest is so handsome in black.

new-york-now-winter-2015-Ready-made pillows from Lacefield Designs


Here’s what to do with your kid’s instrument after they’ve decided to quit after freshman year of high school. haha! Turn that sax into a lamp! lol Couldn’t resist because some of you may remember that my son is a professional musician and majored in jazz trombone in college.


I took the train home last night. I was not on the train that crashed, of course, but on the same train line. When I lived further north, I did sometimes take that train where the first stop is Chappaqua. It goes pretty fast and I know the level crossing where the accident took place.

In bizarre irony, I sat in the first car in my train from Grand Central Station. I was a bit late because I just HAD to get a piece of cherry cheesecake from Juniors. As I was walking briskly down the platform looking for a good seat, the thought went through my tired head that if the train hit something, the first car wasn’t the place to be. I ignored it obviously and arrived home just as the other train was leaving the station…

My heart goes out to all of the victims– and their families. It’s been a hard winter for a lot of us… Much, much sorrow.


7 Responses

  1. Winter is a terrible time for any type of event in this part of the world. Last January I coordinated the volunteers at a job fair which was held in a former industrial warehouse. It was FREEZING! All the volunteers had matching T-shirts so the exhibitors could easily find someone to help them, but they were all covered up because no one could get through the day without a winter coat on. I never even took my winter boots off.

  2. Laurel, my heart goes out to all who were affected by the awful train accident.
    It was interesting to see your beautiful photos and hear about the show. I always wish I could get up there for it, but now I guess I’ll cross that off my list and stick with little ol’ High Point!
    Black and white will never go out of style. It always looks fabulous, don’t you think?

  3. Awe, so sorry for your heartache. I’m glad you continue to blog because you need something else to distract you. I enjoyed this post and LOVE your true style of writing! Hang in there!

  4. The train accident was horrible. I can only imagine how you reacted!
    We now live in the Atlanta area, it’s been cold here……very cold. I grew up in Garden City on Long Island so I know how miserable the City can be in February!
    I am jumping up and down because my house is all in golds, black, and black and white and I am now IN!!

    1. Patty, my best friend is dying so despite appearances, I’m in quite a state in any case. Some might ask, How can you write a blog post when in a state? It’s kinda what’s keeping me half-way sane at the moment.

      I know at least two people that were on that train. I’m not even close to being a daily commuter, but that has been my train line here in Westchester for the last 23 years. [21 years well north of the accident, but now well south of it.]

      But those daily commuters become like a family of sorts and close friendships are made. I am sure that the devastation is reaching far and wide into our sleepy little “bedroom” communities here in Westchester County.

      Thanks for writing!

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