New york international gift fair – summer 2012 – part II


Alright. As promised, here are some more photos from my day at the “gift show” in New York City. I have often bemoaned that we don’t have more of a show like they do in Atlanta, here in New York, but one day, I want to go to that show. High Point makes me break out in hives. But, Atlanta sounds really nice.

The gift show has had its struggles in recent years along with the rest of the economy. There are a lot of vendors who don’t show there any more. Some have had to close their doors permanently. Still, every year, I discover new vendors and some of them have been there for a while, its just that one year, they have a display that really catches my eye.

BTW, I enjoy looking at the displays themselves. I’ve noticed that the best ones, like Coco Cozy are really well-lit and the background is in keeping with their furnishings/wares. Presentation is everything!

Here again, is a sampling of some of my favorite vignettes and vendors.

I think that this page looks like Stockholm meets Beijing. cool. I think I’m getting better at snapping pics without moving the camera all over the place!

The vendors, not in any particular order. Some of the sites, you may not be able to access, without a trade account, but most of them you can.


Legend of Asia

Bliss Studio  (the weathered pieces and pillows)

Bungalow 5

Lili Alessandra

Wendover Art

Vintage Print Gallery

Green Import

Royal Pacific Designs

Tempaper  (removable wallpaper! How cool is that?)

Jonathan Adler

Dash and Albert   (Love, love, LOVE this company! superb, nicely priced rugs and ALWAYS friendly, helpful customer service, and if in stock– super quick turn around!)

Best Wishes,


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  1. You did go to the gift show! I am jealous!!! It’s been years since I attended. One year I followed Bunny Williams around, haha! I love all those garden seats. They make great little drinks tables.
    Ciao ciao,

    1. haha! about Bunny. I take it for granted because I just hop in my car and I’m there in 50 minutes. (although this year, parking took
      another 30 minutes!) I would love to go to Atlanta! High Point makes me wanna break out in hives. I love the garden seats too! I know that
      they are trendy, but I still love them! xo

  2. Thank you so much Jess and Barbara! The lamps are from Bungalow 5. Sorry, I should’ve been more specific, but I down-loaded my pics and they were HUMONGOUS files and out of order, so I had to whittle them down afterward, which isn’t as easy. By the time I finished all of that I was tired and so I just made a list. But I didn’t know about Mottega and I checked them out and that is a wonderful resource, so thank you!

  3. Oh gosh Laurel…. I would buy so much of what you posted. Thanks for sharing. I’m so excited to sit down and check out all the links. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Jx

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