White On White Decor Inspired By Charlotte-Anne Fidler

Hey Guys,

No wait. Not Guys. It should be Chaps or Mates.


Yes– and Happy Boxing Day!!!


That’s in honor of y’all who celebrate the day after Christmas as BD.

And all is appropriate because right now, we’re going back to England!


We are Laurel? Yippeee!!!


Well, I am so enamored with Charlotte-Anne Fidler’s white on white decor, I can’t help myself.


For those who missed it or don’t remember (and you wouldn’t be expected to) Charlotte-Anne Fidler was featured in Sunday’s post. Hers is that giga-gorgeous living room with all of the white on white decor and the gorgeous tree.

And more.

Having quite a bit of time on my hands, I went through every one of her 1,828 stunning images and decided that I needed to deconstruct her lovely decorating.

It’s a fabulous look. Very English; not the English-everything-out-in-plain-sight-look, but the English slipcovered, relaxed, but more spartan country look.


Before I go on. I’m waiting for some photos to download and I just have to say something about well… the ads.


First of all, I realize completely that some of them totally suck and I apologize. And the placement is awkward as well. I’m not a fan of the big ad over the header. And I don’t know if y’all are even seeing it because it seems to download long after one has scrolled down.

But, they only went up on Friday at the end of the day. Like, could we have picked a more terrible time to do something big like this? However, please know that I’m going to work with them to make some improvements and avoid certain things like hideous kitchen shops that I definitely do not endorse! And more. Please just know that I am working on it.


Okay, back to Charlotte Anne Fidler and her gorgeous home featuring white on white decor


white on white decor Charlotte Anne Fidler's home in Wiltshire, UK living room

Now, some would call this style “Shabby Chic.”


Please don’t. I am not fond of the term. Chic is grand and shabby is well… shabby; not to take anything away from the beautiful and talented Rachel Ashwell. The concept is bloody brilliant. I’m sure that she’s made a fortune. I used to enjoy walking into her shop some 30 years ago. Yes, THIRTY years ago when I lived in Manhattan.

But since then, the style seems to have gone off to something else. And the upholstered furniture was always way over-scale and sorry, but not very comfy. Okay. It was the 80s.

Charlotte’s furniture is in beautiful scale. It is human-sized furniture. We’ve talked about this many times.

And BTW, the photo above and the next few are from Beach Studios which rent out homes for photo shoots, films and the like. Their home is available, of course. Charlotte is a freelance creative director for numerous magazines around the world. She knows people.

white on white decor Charlotte Anne Fidler's home in Wiltshire

Love the wonderful layers of white on white!

white on white decor Charlotte Anne Fidler's home in Wiltshire

I found this chair.

Hold on please…

Look what I found! It’s the same chair! Yes, yes, I know… They look like they went through the French Revolutionary War. haha. These true diamonds in the rough are for sale and a steal.

Here’s what you do. If you buy them have them delivered straight to your upholsterer; one who understands that he has a rare gem and then he’ll do them up gorgeously with or without a slipcover and you can turn around and sell them for $5,000+ a piece. No joke. OR, you can keep them.


white on white entry in the home of Charlotte-Anne Fidler

Yes, they moved the chair. But it does look awfully at home here!

white on white decor former home of Charlotte-Anne Fidler

This is the Fidler’s home in London from several years ago.


At first glance, I thought this was the same home. This girl knows what she loves. And I have to say that I love it too!

As a matter of fact, they purchased their country home for two reasons. The not-so-obvious one is to fit in those way-cool, but verrrrry tall antique cabinets. I reckon that the ceiling is at least 10 feet in the Wiltshire home.


The obvious reason…


OMG! The property!

Oh, just stop it!

That’s a painting, right?

As if all that isn’t enough, there are their three adorable Maine Coon kitties who obligingly spend hours posing, peeking out from wherever they happen to be, terrorizing the wild-life, lounging luxuriantly and helping with the cooking duties.

Charlotte-Anne’s beautiful instagram feed also features her two talented musician/ballerina daughters. Like really? Are we sisters? I wish!!!


white on white fireplace decor in the old home of Charlotte-Anne Fidler

I only found this one image of the fireplace wall which has the two gray antique cabinets flanking the fireplace. And yes. That is what REAL antique mirror looks like. I realize that it’s not for everyone, but I think that it’s pretty awesome!

white on white bedroom in the home of Charlotte-Anne Fidler

I get dibs on this room!


In the antique gray cabinets live Charlotte-Anne’s beautiful glass collection.


So, let’s talk about this white on white decor thing.


It’s actually bloody difficult to pull-off.

And here’s why. I think that it’s human nature to want variety. So, our brains keep telling us – MORE. More pattern, color. Oh, it’s going to be so boring like this!

But as you can see it’s as boring as a perfect-as-is, white orchid.

And the color and variety IS there.

Just look out the windows.

It’s in the architecture

And in the wide variety of shades of white, beige, gray, along with the numerous textures. I read that Charlotte-Anne loves pattern and color when she visits her friends. But for herself, prefers the calming nature of her neutral palette. I fully understand that.

This is why I need at least two houses.


Tell us about the painted white floors, Laurel


Oh drat. I was afraid that you were going to ask me that! Well, sorry, but that’s a separate subject. But have to say that I do love the painted floors.

We’ve seen them done by the likes of Albert Hadley, William Mclure and Ben Pentreath. (kitchen). It’s a wonderful, clean, bright look. So, if you guys want to know more about that, I’ll do a post one day about painted floors.

In the meantime, please take a look at more of Charlotte-Anne Fidler’s instagram. It’s a lot of fun and she has an active, engaged following of devoted fans.

One last photo.

Charlotte-Anne Fidler - image via her lovely instagram account of her property overlooking the ocean
When they get sick and tired of looking at paradise, they head over to Bristol for more of the same but more watery. I know that I’m not supposed to do this, but can I have her life? I’m sure that there’s a movie about that somewhere. Two people somehow exchange lives and then realize that the other person’s life is a total hell-hole the likes they’ve never experienced.

I dunno. I seriously don’t see any evidence of hell-holedom here. ;]


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Everything should be up-to-date by Friday.





39 Responses

  1. So loverly! I am such a fan of that anthro mirror, too. I’ll take the chandelier and gustavian sideboard while I’m at it. 😀

    In my own pursuit of white decor I’m toying with snagging a pair of those white ceramic garden stools from Wisteria listed on the hot sales, but I’m not sure if they’re genius for kids (wipe-able!) or the worst idea ever (breakable???). Thoughts?

    1. Hi Cathlin,

      I have a real ceramic (not the fake kind at target) garden stool and it’s quite sturdy and heavy. Kids would not be able to knock it over. This one is similar. And yes, it’s wipeable. It can inside or on a patio.

      1. Thank you! Yes I am actually thinking of using them as a pair in our living room… not sure husband is convinced. 🙂

  2. I’m just now catching up on my December blog posts. This house is sublime serenity. It’s SO pretty. Thanks Laurel.

    P.S. I actually met Rachel once. She spoke at an event at a store in Marin County, CA, about 10 years ago. She was a very sweet, delightful person, and very accessible. (I brought all of my Shabby Chic books that I had purchased starting way back in the ’80’s, when I was a kid – I think that’s when Shabby Chic started – and she very kindly signed them for me.) She told the group of people there, that she had recently been through a very difficult time in her business. I think she said followed some not so good investment advise which very nearly sank her, but fortunately she has survived, with a little bit of reinvention, which we all must do to carry on.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Great story but sorry that Rachel had to go through that ordeal. Yes, back in the 80s is when she started her business and it surely is a testament to her great business skills that she’s kept it afloat for over 30 years!

  3. You definitely need two houses. hahahah! I SO get that! And can I share one with you?

    And holy shiz – you are my instagram source lately! As if it isn’t already a time suck…

    PS- I love your mention of the ads rather than ignoring it. xoxoxo

    1. **time suck meaning I do not get things “done” because I dive down insta-worm-holes of that end up being equally inspiring/depressing. 😉

      1. Oh make no mistake. I’m the queen of distraction. My poison is ballet on youtube. It’s the antidote to filling out forms which I seem to have to do quite a bit and it’s always painful.

    2. Hi Sarah,

      Instagram really IS a time suck and my feeling is that if one is doing really well on it, they don’t need a blog and vice versa. But people in the industry don’t understand that and so I need to be visible on all platforms.

      the one I’m the least active on is twitter.

      Yeah, the ads. They should be better today in terms of spacing and placement but I’m afraid to look. lol Have to say though, that the folks at Adthrive are SUPER nice, obliging and helpful. If only all businesses had employees like that!

  4. Love your site, sense of humor and especially this look! I have furniture with similar lines upholstered in a soft creamy beige and have added touches of nature in pillows, art, etc. to make up for the lack of rolling green hills outside my windows…a bit of heaven on earth looking at these pictures and your winter wonderland ones – thank you!

    I couldn’t talk my husband into painted floors but he likes painted fiurniture and white woodwork and was on board with a white kitchen renovation. He is now bound and determined to move us from the east coast to Scottsdale, AZ for retirement. I am struggling mightily with how to marry my aesthetic with that of the Southwest. Any chance you’ve written or would consider writing an article on how to meld different styles? Perhaps east meets west is a bridge too far but how to do southwest that doesn’t look generic which is all I seem to find….guess I’m looking for love in all the wrong places but have faith that you will have a suggestion or two to point me in the right direction!


    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much. Perhaps look at the work of Mark D Sikes. He’s in Cali but it’s not that far off. There are numerous posts on the blog here that feature his work or you can find him by googling or going to his website.

  5. Hi Laurel- I love this look- BUT – it’s extremely difficult to pull off because in real life most people have a variety of furniture collected through the years and it’s not all shades of white or faded browns and grays. As you suggested, achieving and maintaining the look requires as much discipline as a modern, minimalist style. Last but not least, if there is a man in the home, forget it. The men I know neither understand nor appreciate the look, and seem particularly stymied by painted floors. Cheers and Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Christine,

      Well, this may be your experience, but it’s not everyone’s. Okay?

      First of all, they’re English. Big difference!

      Slip covers and paint go a long way. Yes, I’ve written about men and their love for stained wood numerous times. However, some men DO go along with whatever their wives wish. And some can be talked into it. Depends. I think if decorating is important that it would be beneficial to hand out a survey for them to fill out before accepting any proposals of marriage.

      And actually my wasband did have all white furniture in his living room when I met him in 1986.

      Painted floors are more popular in England.

      I did have this look 95%, in my old living room minus the painted floor from 1996-2012 (when I moved). And had two grimy little boys and a cat and am not at all disciplined. lol

      I like to present a number of options for readers. If it works for some, fine and if not that is also fine, but I wouldn’t state unequivocally that something that doesn’t work for me doesn’t work– period.

      1. I love love love white painted floors and could do it in my house IF we insulated under the floors. However, we have original fir floors and I don’t know if I want to do it. We also have wood beams in the ceiling and I think it would look AMAZING.

        I’m lucky in that the hubby has no interest in decorating and I can do whatever as long as its in the budget. Matter of fact, we are starting a kitchen remodel and its all on me! Very exciting and very fun but I’m feeling terrified I’m gonna mess it up.

        1. Hi Korina,

          It’s easy to mess up; even for pros. But if you feel you’re in over your head, I would at least get a consult and of course, there are always people to consult with for free if you’re buying their products. All the best with your project!

    1. All fixed and you as well Lisa! I didn’t notice that one, but if I see a typo or a word left out, I usually go in and fix it. I’m the queen of typos; fast typing and lazy reading, although I do try to fix them for the blog posts! And of course, whenever I comment, always see it one second too late!

  6. OK, I have to see water so I’m off to Bristol. Fortunately I can see water here too, the “Bay” is just down the road from my condo. I think if you are going to do the “all white” thing, you have to have plenty of texture or it is too boring. Happy New Year everyone!!

  7. A beautiful post, Laurel! Lucky you to be traveling to the English countryside again! Santa gave me Hulu so I was thrilled to find ” Pride and Prejudice ” the Colin Firth version ,so guess who watched the entire series on Christmas !! I found myself wishing my Colonial home was a little bit more restrained and sparsely furnished, the sets are perfection. The views from every window are so similar to this fabulous home in your post….darn that gorgeous English rolling hills fabulousness! I crave more white, but meet with resistance from my hubs! Looking forward to more posts on white, edited style!! Happy New Year to you! 🕊

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Oh, I’m sorry. I have no plans as of yet to go back to England. But I would love to! I felt completely at home there! Everyone was so warm and gracious. Maybe I’ve been living in NY for too long!

  8. Beautiful! Just what I needed to see after looking at my living room where a tornado of Christmas has hit.I would love to live like this…

  9. Lovely post. And yes, I would love to learn more about your thoughts on making painted floors work. I painted some stairs going from one floor to another inside my home and I’m very happy with it. Don’t have the courage yet to do the whole house so I’m interested in your views and any tips.
    Thank you Laurel and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018!

  10. The perfect post after a Christmas of excess ( & even tinsel). I am not disciplined enough to ‘do’ this look…It is beautiful & I did it years ago for a while & tasteful, & much admired, as it was, the colour rebel in me destroyed it within about six months. what can I say but ‘you are, what you are’.

    I need about six homes a.k.a. Elton John, to indulge all my differing interior tastes – French country, English home, seaside Hamptons, Iris Apfel , New England, Palm Beach chic, alpine chalet….hang on that’s more than six….

    1. sorry, Laurel, the below comment is from Joanna, an avid U.K. follower, not from my husband, David. he has no interior design penchants accept for a wide screen TV & a sofa ( preferably newly upholstered) to pour red wine over.

  11. A bit Scandinavian too, don’t you think?

    As for movies two come to mind, neither exactly matches what you suggest but are fun to watch anyway: Sliding Doors, set in London in the late 90s with Gwyneth Paltrow and Holiday, set in a super cozy cottage in the English countryside and also in sleek modern hillside LA home with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.

  12. I smell a fight Laurel…..between you and I
    Let’s arm wrestle for living her life! fantastic in every regard, plus living in England, bloody gobsmacked!

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