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The other day, I went to take some photos of job I did not too long ago and so that I could have some new living room interior design photos. The only thing the client had in this photo was the sofa.  The end tables are from Tritter Feefer . The lamps are going are from Bungalow 5 as is the really cool mirror art. The ottoman is from CR Laine and the rug is one of Dash and Albert‘s really wonderful indoor outdoor rugs! These are totally amazing and you can’t see it here, but its a very classic diamond design. They come in a lot of great colors, are not at all expensive and the best part? You can take them outside and hose them down. Now, you can’t beat that!

living room interior design

Here’s another view. The drapes are a linen gauze by Norbar and we did a little edge detail for some interest.

This is the other side of the room. I designed the cabinet and I can’t say where it’s from because I am no longer working with this company. Don’t ask. just don’t. They did a nice job here, but on other orders, no. The client had already purchased the chair and had the really cool papyrus painting. The floor lamp is from Circa Lighting

This brings me to my next topic. Photography. While these photos are not too bad, this last one in particular is quite distorted on the ends and it looks like things are very crooked, except its straight in the center. That’s not such a great thing, is it? Sooooo, I’m getting a new camera!

and here it is!

Canon EOS Rebel T2i


So, why this camera? I will tell you. I saw it on this blog and saved the info. Her photos look great and nice and straight and that was good enough for me! But it also got fantastic reviews!  The problem is that my pocket-sized Nikon is fine for taking pics at the Gift Show, but for my portfolio, no. The lens is too small. So, I’m excited about that and can’t wait to take lots of beautiful photos for my new portfolio on.

In other news, I am leaving for ‘consin tomorrow because my beautiful mother is turning the big NINE – O! How cool is that? And she’s doing great and loves her new apartment!




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  1. Good things are worth waiting for!! Looking forward, Laurel! Are you enjoying time with mom in Wisconsin? Beautiful room above. Love the curtains….really beautiful. What is the fabric for that trim? So pretty. I might have to copy that exact look 🙂 BTW, have you tried taking photos without the lights on? I noticed in magazines all the lamps, downlights and chandeliers are 95% off. Ciao ciao, Loi

    1. Hi Loi! I was just telling my sister about your fantastic blog and am going to send her the link. I got the trim fabric from Norbar
      but I think it might be discontinued because I can’t find it on their site. I did take some photos with the lights out, but they didn’t
      look so great. I agree, its better to do without them, if possible. Maybe with my new camera, I can get the lighting better without having to turn on the lights.
      Do you have any other tips because your photos always look so fantastic. xo ~ Laurel

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