Cool Holiday Gifts for 2021 – 50 Under $50.00


Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Ours in New York was lovely as Mary’s a fantastic cook! My specialty is whipped cream and making a roux; therefore, I got a chance to make those things. Cooking in Mary’s kitchen is an absolute dream. And THAT range!

Just opening the oven door was heavenly.


Thanksgiving 2022 - holiday gifts for 2021


Above is Mary’s beautiful dining room, just before we all sat down for our Thanksgiving dinner. There was another table behind me! Yes, I helped with the window treatments and lighting back in 2015.


Well, now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s a good time to focus on Christmas and some great holiday gifts for 2021.


Last year, I wrote a similar post on December 9, which was a little late. You might enjoy having a look to see how far we haven’t come. 🙁

However, since this is the time when there are a ton of outrageous sales, it makes sense to take advantage of the sale prices. In addition, with some deliveries taking longer than usual, I think it’s better to begin early.


But, this time, I will focus on holiday gifts for 2021 that are under $50.


50 Cool Holiday Gifts for 2021 - fifty Under $50.00

Please pin to Pinterest for reference

Melissa helped me put this grouping together. (You’ll be able to see these items, and the rest, in the widget coming up soon.) And, I added a bunch of new items today. Our goal is to include some unusual but super-nice things you may not have thought of.

The items are all in a widget, lower down on the page. If you click on any image, it will take you to the vendor who sells it.

Since it’s Black Friday/Cyber/Giving week, many of these items are also on sale!


In addition, I want to direct you to some of my favorite sources for cool but less costly gifts.


Anthropologie. I guess everyone knows Anthro by now, and their candles are sublime. And, they have lots of other fantastic items, as well.

Mark & Graham is a wonderful source for holiday gifts for men and women, too.

Verishop – This is a new source for me. And, in truth, some items are well over $50.00. However, the company is comprised mainly of smaller boutique vendors. And, you can source your gifts according to cause. For example, you can specify that when searching if you need a vegan, cruelty-free, philanthropic, organic, responsible, etc. There are 10s of thousands of items.

They carry clothing for men, women, and children (25% off right now!), beauty, health, homewares, electronics, and toys. This is a direct link to the homewares section where you can get 15% off with code: HOLIDAY 21.


And, please check out their beauty and health products at Verishop. There are some unique items there.


Nordys. Nordstrom carries holiday gifts for 2021 at all price points, and they’re reliable, and returns are easy. Oh, and they’re having a massive sale for Cyber Monday – November 30.

Etsy – Well, I just updated the Etsy guide with over 200 fantastic vendors. There are lots of amazing vintage and new artisan items that are well under 50. If you need some help in that regard, please consider purchasing the far more extensive guide. It’s only $39.00, and it also makes a great gift! There will be more about that in a bit.


Okay, below are the 50 under $ 50.00-holiday gifts for 2021



I hope you found some of that helpful.


I also love the idea of printables as inexpensive gifts, so if necessary, one can always whip up a quick holiday gift digitally.


Here are some excellent ideas for printable items.

If you don’t get the Etsy Guide, there is a mini-guide here for free.


Okay, I’m going to finish with info about my digital products; I’m running a promotion through December 31.


If you’re not interested or already have them, you may be dismissed. lol

Otherwise, please read on to find out how to get two of the guides for free.

The Best of Etsy 200 + Incredible Home Furnishings Sources
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Normally, they are $39 and $59 respectively.


Below is a brief description of each product and what you’ll get if you order it.


best of etsy 2nd edition 2022 - holiday gifts for 2021


The $39.00 one is the brand new 200 Best of Etsy Home Furnishings Sources. It’s the culmination of dozens of hours of research. You won’t get anything extra, but you’ll get the updates for free, and you won’t have to pay the higher price that’s coming in January.


333 decorating rules and tips you need to know - holiday gifts for 2020


At $59.00 is 333 Decorating Rules & Tips You Need To Know – This is a terrific guide that’s crammed with measurements and proportions you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Well, I couldn’t. If you order this, you will get the Etsy guide for free.


The rest of the products will get both of the guides above for FREE from now through December 31, 2021.



At $199.00 Are two products. The Laurel Home Essential Paint and Palette Collection. This is a 2-volume curated Benjamin Moore Collection. You can read about Part I here, the paint colors, and Part II here, the paint palettes. Part II is where you’ll see a bunch of glowing testimonials. There are more, but how many do you need to read? lol


six figure income blogger cover - holiday gifts for 2020

Also, at $199.00 and a guide, everyone who has a website or is thinking about starting a website or making money on the internet or earning a living by working in bed, working in your PJs, and not taking a shower. (if you don’t feel like it) This is the Six-Figure Income Blogger Guide.


But, don’t let the word “blogger” trip you up.


You DO need a blog on your business website because a blog is what keeps your website fresh in Google’s busy eyes and automatically raises your business above your competition that has a boring “dead” website.


And, no, you don’t have to blog as much as I do.


However, once or twice a month is a must. But, there’s also so much you don’t know you don’t know. I mean, I didn’t. And, I was spinning my wheels, not getting anywhere for 19 months, because I made every mistake and then some. This guide will save you a lot of time and help you to create a more successful business.

In addition, you’ll be able to read my entire internet story from Laurel the Luddite to Laurel, the world’s most unlikely geekette. It’s only a few pages, and I guarantee that you’ll be laughing.


Finally, the crown jewel, but only because my name is in the guide’s title. Haha And, it was the first guide I wrote way back in 2015.


8th edition rolodex-post-graphic - November 2021 - A unique shopping guide with hundreds of sources created by Laurel Bern


Laurel’s Rolodex. Now in its 8th edition. This is where I spill ALL of my secret and not-so-secret sources. If you’re in the interior design trade or want to be and you don’t have this resource, I can pretty much guarantee that you’re leaving money on the table—a LOT of money. Oh, and you’re also probably charging your clients too much, too.

This will help prevent them (your clients) from the dreaded “shopping you,” and most of the time help you come in at a LOWER price than most retailers, AND still make a nice profit. How does that sound? It took me over ten years in business to understand that it’s not always necessary to use a middleman to get terrific furnishings for clients. Sometimes, yes, but not nearly as much as I was.


Sorry for all of the flagrant self-promotion. It’s a little like PBS. There’s no charge for admission, but every once in a while, they do a little fund-raising ;]


Also, GIFTING IS AVAILABLE! Yes, indeed. Even if you’re not interested, maybe someone on your gift list is.

How does it work?

It works super well! When you click on the link to place your order, you’ll quickly see a gift box icon. Click on that, and it will prompt you to put in your recipient’s name and email address. You’ll then be asked what day and time you wish your gift to arrive. How cool is that!

Please go here to learn more about my rockin’ guides. You will find links to give you more information, but they are the same links as here. When you are ready to order, please use the purchase products page because that is how you will get your free guides. And, please remember that the offer for the free guides ends December 31, 2021. As stated, the prices for the free guides will be going up in January.


Okay, please visit the  HOLIDAY SHOP, where there are dozens of other ideas for your holiday gifts for 2021, as well as holiday decor.


In the Holiday shop, you will find holiday gifts for men, women, foodies, gardeners, teens and tweens, budget gifts, expensive gifts, and everything in between.


Also, please be sure to check out the HOT SALES.  As you must know by now, unless you just landed from another galaxy, haha, this is a big week for all kinds of savings for everything. In the Hot Sales, I’ve included many of my favorite items as well as favorite sources.




PS: If you have any questions about any of the guides I’ve created, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact link in the top menu bar. Or, if you’re a subscriber, you may write me back on any email you receive from me from Mailchimp.

Below are a few tech things that I have found to be very useful.


Please note that my guides are all digital PDF files that get downloaded through a link you will receive.


Every time you click on the link, it automatically downloads to your computer’s hard drive.


You can use it on a mobile device, but it’s easier to first download it to a computer (PC or Mac). Otherwise, you need to download it to an app for mobile devices and tablets, like Apple books. I’m saying all of this because many people understandably get confused by what it means to download something. Please understand that it’s not your fault; it’s the real geeks who have made life difficult for us. It’s because they give you two options.

  1. Save
  2. Open


However, your hard drive AUTOMATICALLY SAVES, even when you think all you’re doing is opening the guide.


Therefore, you need to go into your downloads folder and drag the guide out to your desktop. I keep a folder on my desktop where I keep all of my PDF downloads, mine, and others I’ve acquired.

This is what the geeks have failed to tell us. And, this is why you need my blogging guide. I will tell you what you need to know in PLAIN FREAKING ENGLISH. That is because I’m not a real geek, but through years of toil, I’ve learned to speak the language fluently enough to understand many things. If I can learn this stuff. Believe me; you can too.


13 Responses

  1. Thank you Laurel, I’m always interested in adding to my list of items that I could give as gifts to my clients.

  2. What Carolyn said! But I’m in the UK .. I love reading your blog and it always brightens my day. You can send me any info you like, I feel fortunate to read them all! I sometimes use a company called MyUS to ship things fairly cheaply from the US, if that is of interest to anyone.

  3. Hi Laurel! I really enjoy your blog and it has explained so many of the things that bother me about rooms/homes I walk into, including my own. I am one of the ones who has opted out of the Hot Sales and I thought that you should know why. I live in Canada, Southern Ontario to be exact, so within driving distance of you. Your hot sales are directed toward your American customers which is understandable. Many of the companies featured do not ship to Canada, or if they do, the cost is exhorbitant. To make matters worse, the Canadian dollar is valued at about 75% of the USD, putting the price of the goods out of reach despite the sale, To save myself the aggravation of finding this out time and time again, I opted out of the hot sales, but LOVE and continue to read your lovely blog. Happy Holidays!!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      No problem whatsoever. And, I’m writing this to you and others that received the separate email from me early Sunday morning.

      I’ve received several similar emails from Canadians and fully understand. In fact, most who’ve opted out of the Hot Sales, are not Americans. A few readers had no idea what I was even talking about because they don’t recall opting out. And, of course, they never receive the hot sales.

      Although, a lot of the items in the post are small and some are coming from Europe. They usually ship DSL or FedEx and the charges are reasonable, I think.

      Nobody hates unwanted email more than I do. And, as you can imagine, I get a TON and dozens every week from folks who claim to read my blog, but based on their automated words, clearly don’t. There’s nothing worse than a spammer who’s also a flagrant LIAR.

      Aargh! I can’t even block them, because they’re sending the email through my domain to add a third layer of insult. I’m not sure how they do that, but somehow, they have the means. If I were to block them, I’d also be blocking ALL email coming from my website. So, for those spammer-cretins, I take their email address and create a filter that automatically sends their email to trash so that I don’t have to see it.

      Thanks so much for your kindness and continued support!



  4. Laurel,
    I too am older (74) and have a small house and a ton of well organized stuff that I use. Between many family gifts, inheritances, and a lifetime of collecting, I usually can’t think of anything I need. However, I am happy to see what you put on offer and may actually buy something if I see something my family members would love. Please don’t leave me off your posts; I enjoy them all so much. I would comment more often if, on the iPad, the page did not unexpectedly reload while I’m In the middle of writing, or worse, just about to post something that disappears! I have to get on the computer to both see your posts properly and comment on them.

  5. Hi Laurel, Like a few others, I am a senior and live on a very low income. I am an artist however, and love reading and imagining what my house could look like if I ever won the lottery. But I don’t play the lottery so that’s not going to happen. Anyway, I really appreciate reading about how you work through to solve the issues of your clients and value your blog as I do have an eye for beautiful things. Thank you.

  6. Sorry my comment doesn’t make sense. I see that a couple lines were deleted. I said I was a crafter, retiree and downsizing. But crafter and downsizing doesn’t work for me.

  7. Laurel, Thank you for sending this blog. Even though I don’t open all of them right away, I am truly interested in everything you do. Sometimes it takes me a while to get through all my emails. I love looking at all the beautiful rooms you have on your blog. It gives me ideas of what to do to my rooms. And crafter and downsizing really doesn’t work together because I am always finding things to add to my stash of craft supplies. You just never know when you might need something when designing a new craft.

  8. Hi Laurel
    Lovely items and thank u.
    I don’t understand opting out as I haven’t done that, however, I haven’t purchased anything.
    I enjoy reading ur blog just financially can’t purchase but the items give great ideas to me.
    My very best to you.

  9. Haha! Love Jim’s comment! Laurel, thanks for all your efforts in putting together this information. Like Elizabeth K, I appreciate the links to digital art. So fun that you got to spend Thanksgiving in Mary’s gorgeous home. I also want to say that it’s great to hear about your life in Boston and to hear how much you enjoy living there :]

  10. Hi Laurel— I wouldn’t go quite as far as Jim from Parnassus…. :). but I do always appreciate the leads to digital art downloads, even more than soaps and coasters, and hope you keep them coming.

  11. Hello Laurel, I have to admit it, when I look at classical paintings now, I am disappointed if it is not your face that is smiling out at me.

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