Update on a Classic Dining Room


Hi Everyone! Lots going on here in Bronxville, NY.  I have been working on  with my wonderful web developer, Eileen Lonergan. She’s helping me with my SEO and all that sort of crapola, because my site isn’t getting enough action. None of them are. It turns out that I’m in competition with myself. haha!  (figures) So, in addition to that, we are forming a whole new website which is going to be laurelberninteriors.com. But don’t worry, its going to retain most of what I’ve already done here on laurel-home, only I won’t need the DASH anymore and I’m going to be adding a lot of cool new stuff, like new photos and some other ideas I have swirling around in my noodle. The new site is going to be oriented more towards my interior design biz. So, that’s the news. (interior design-wise, that is…)

In addition. Remember this lovely home? Oops. I was going to link ya to that home but that’s one of the posts where the photos have gone AWOL and putting them back is akin to cleaning out the refrigerator. Oh, well, that’s life. Not going to lose any more of the sleep I’m already not getting on it. I’ll post some of the before photos here. The sunroom and dining room are finished and so, so pretty, I just can’t stand it. I have taken a few photos and I’m going to take some more. (very, very soon) Here are a few to tide you over. And please, these aren’t very good, but if you go back to the before of the dining room, you will begin to see some wonderful changes.

Remember the before?

SusieD 010

and after…

no more race track!

no more race track!


SusieD 013

and after…

forgive the mess in the corner!

forgive the mess in the corner!


This is the view into the sun room which is so pretty and colorful!

There is so, so much more now in these rooms and unfortunately… the door from the dining room into the kitchen is boarded up now, because we are redoing the kitchen (and master bathroom) which is what my next post is going to be about.



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  • Eileen Lonergan - August 2, 2013 - 8:11 AM

    Thank you for the shout out Laurel! I love the before and after. That fireplace is magnificent, what an improvement. I really love a round dining room table, it seems to make for great conversation and makes a room more approachable.ReplyCancel