Tall Glass Cabinet Doors Might Be a Bad Idea

Hi Everyone,

Today we’re going to be talking about a beautiful interior design trend. It’s one I don’t hear much about. However, I sure do see a lot of tall, glass cabinet doors. And I’ve been seeing them for well over a decade.


In fact, as most of you know, I’m putting a pair of tall glass cabinet doors in my new kitchen.


I just have to interrupt myself to say that the kitchen cabinets being built by Crown Point Cabinetry are in cue to start production next month; they will be delivered at the end of September.

Crown Point has been a joy to work with every step of the way. In addition, I owe thanks to my friend, fantastic kitchen designer Susan Serra, who helped tremendously in the early phases of the design. With both Crown Point and Susan, working with them was 100% long-distance, except for one brief meeting when Mel, my kitchen designer at Crown Point, came over to measure.

Susan told me she loves doing long-distance kitchen consults. I highly recommend contacting her if you need a great kitchen designer.


Laurel, I’m confused. You said in your headline there’s a danger in doing tall glass cabinet doors. Yet, you’re doing them. That better not be clickbait!


Me? Clickbait? haha. I wish it were. And I’m not just talking tall glass cabinet doors; I mean extra-tall.

How tall is extra tall?

Well, anything over 48″ is considered extra tall for a glass kitchen cabinet door.

Here’s the problem.


There’s a chance the extra tall glass cabinet doors could warp.


In fact, there’s a disclaimer on Crown Point’s drawing of the back cabinet. (below)


My tall glass kitchen cabinets - drawing by Crown Point Cabinetry. I highly recommend them!


Oh, hold on, please. Let me make that a little larger so you can see!

Void Warranty on 3 tall glass cabinet doors


Any taller than 48″, and they can’t guarantee the doors won’t warp. That is why you often see tall glass cabinet doors stacked like this. (below)


CScabinetry instagram - @scottdavisphoto - april 20, 2020 - white kitchen

CS Cabinetry


DeVOL kitchens - fitted celadon green wall of cabinetry - classic kitchen



caroline sieber london home kitchen dining area

photo: Oberto Gili

Caroline Sieber London home kitchen dining area

Instead of very tall doors, like below.


photo of stunning white kitchen with super tall glass cabinet doors by Bieke Claessens

This oft-published eye-popping kitchen was photographed over a decade ago by Bieke Claessens.


March 7th kitchen render my new kitchen

My rendering from a few months ago. Does anything look familiar behind the glass doors?



Some of the shelves in my cabinet rendering came from Martha O’Hara’s beautiful design above.


Okay, let’s look at more super tall glass cabinet doors, and then we can dish.



From a job, I did in 2013. And yes, I was inspired by the Beike Claessens photo.


southern living antique kitchen cabinets cremone bolts- photo Laurey W Glenn

Another popular, incredibly amazing cabinet. Photo by Laurey Glenn via Southern Living

I bet they built the entire kitchen around those doors!

Speaking of.


Darryl Carter via instagram - gorgeous tall arched pantry doors

That’s what Darryl Carter did with this cabinet, it looks like.

Please check out my tribute to Darryl Carter’s genius here.


one kings lane_carolyne roehm_BUTLERS PANTRY 4

This is Carolyne Rhoem’s massive and fabulous butler’s pantry.

For more tall glass cabinet doors, please check out this post about pantries.

You will also see that they are historically accurate. For some old brownstone floor plans with pantries, please go to this sister post to the one above.


Laurel, I don’t see a problem with the big glass doors. None of them look warped.


Maybe not. Of course, that’s what duct tape is for. ;] Hell, they might put some temporary small carpenter’s nails in to straighten the doors for the photos. But let’s take a look below at this drop-dead gorgeous vignette below from Madcap Cottage.

You may recall seeing it in the Granny Decor Mistakes You Might Be Making.



The glass door on the left does look a bit warped.


If it does warp, can it be fixed?


I don’t know for sure. Perhaps the warped door(s) would need to come off and be taken to a professional who might get it damp and use clamps or something. I googled that query if you’re interested.

So, why don’t big glass French doors have the same problem? Well, they can warp, too, if the frames are too thin. Plus, the doors we use to close off doorways and closets are thicker.


Still, many fantastic designers like Minnie Peters, below, are doing super tall glass cabinet doors.


minnie peters tall-glass-cabinet-doors-flank-butlers-pantry


Oh, my, and embrasure doors too? Although those are not flush with the wall. But, it’s the same idea.

Below are two more beautiful images of the work of Minnie Peters.


Mini Peters elegant tall glass cabinet doors


minnie peters pilaster under architrave

Please check out more of Minnie Peters’ fantastic work here.


I will finish with two more exquisite examples of designers who’ve created breathtakingly beautiful tall glass cabinet doors.


Amrami Design Group Tall Glass Cabinet Doors

Amrami Design Group

Stunning Tall Glass Cabinet Doors


However, I saved the best for last. Interior Design by Miles Redd.


Miles Redd Stunning eating area kitchen - photo by Ryan Kurtz
Photo by Ryan Kurtz

Miles did glorious fretwork muntins on these elegant tall glass doors. Plus, that’s a most interesting inset on the lower drawers.

There are more images of this astonishing home in Ryan’s portfolio. But, there are even more in the article found in Architectural Digest. Those are some insanely tall ceilings! Plus, you’ll see many of Miles’ signature saturated colors and designs.


So, how do you feel about the tall glass cabinet doors?


If you had the opportunity, would you do them in your kitchen? Or, would you play it safe and do the stacked doors?


Maybe you have some super tall glass doors somewhere in your home.


Mine are going to be 66″ tall. By the way, the drawers are going above the counter, as they are in Crown Point’s drawing. If I didn’t do that, the doors would be 74″ tall. That’s double the height of the counter. That’s a hair’s breadth shorter than Cale. My doors are going to be a hair’s breadth shorter than me. And that’s tall enough!

So, why am I ignoring the advice to do stacked instead?

It’s because I adore the look of the super tall doors. I have admired them for decades. Warping comes when things get humid, then dry out and then get humid again. So, I will try to keep things as stable inside, as possible.



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