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Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to share this post with you about some of the most exquisite and affordable wallpaper murals, and art too! It’s one of my favorite topics. I think that beautiful art is what sets many rooms apart. However, original art can be costly.


I know.


I know because every time I talk about “affordable art,” I get lectured about how I’m hurting all of the starving artists.


And, as someone who’s been dirt poor most of my life, I fully understand. And, please understand. All of the arts have always gotten short-shrift. It’s not fair, and it’s not right. But, that’s the way it is. Nobody becomes an artist to get rich. If you want to get rich, start a blog and then prepare to work your buns off!


However, some art can be acquired for free or for nearly free.(that looks expensive) Here’s one of my favorite posts about that.

In fact, even though it’s only 3.5 months old, I had almost forgotten about it. I’m so glad I found it, because I’d love to try out some of the ideas presented there. It’s interesting, too, as it was published on March 18th, at the beginning of the Pandemic. Oh my. And, here we are.


I just want to say that while we’re doing so much better, in that regard, here in the northeast, my heart goes out to so many of you, whose states are still surging with this horrible virus.


Still, I don’t know why we’re doing so much better. Seriously, New Yorkers pretty much suck. Well, not all and maybe not all parts of the state. However, around here, we do. I went out last night to do some grocery shopping. And, everywhere I looked, there were hoards of maskless, “invulnerable” (they think) teen-agers; huddled together like a swarm of hyper-active stinkbugs.


Infuriating is the word that comes to mind. And, they weren’t the only ones; lots of entitled adults, too. I’m surmising that they are related somehow, to the teen-agers.


Oh, and there was NO sanitizer for my hands or cart when I entered the grocery store. Fortunately, I brought my own.

In addition, I found out two days ago that two people in my building on my floor and right below me were ill with Covid last April. Fortunately, they have both made a full recovery, as did our super. I’m so glad they’re okay.

Alright, back to the topic at hand, which is affordable wallpaper murals. And, I have some new, wonderful art sources to share with you, as well. There’s a good reason for this topic.


Naturally, I’m thinking a lot obsessing about my new home.


Please note, however, that it won’t be mine, most likely until November, at the earliest. However, the only reason I’m mentioning it, is that I won’t be living in the house for quite some time, unless the homeowners change their minds about a closing date.

The other day I went to measure. Cale came with me to help. He had no idea how difficult it is. And, I’ve never measured that much space in one gulp. Of course, I made lots of mistakes. Fortunately, I’m going back this Monday for the house inspection. I’m planning on photographing every wall and checking on things I have questions about.


So, what have I been looking at for the house?


Oh gosh. Everything. And, I am channeling Gerald Bland, Steve Cordony, William McLure and Mark D Sikes. haha, I just happened to put them in alphabetical order according to their last name. I’d gladly give any of them the keys to my house and tell them to have fun.

Do you want to know the funniest thing?


It’s really good so please brace yourselves.


I adore Steve Cordony’s dark wood trim!

In fact, I love his dark wood trim so much; I’ve actually thought about changing my white trim to stained wood!

I said, THOUGHT! My changing the white trim to brown is unlikely to happen. But, it just goes to show that something which I never imagined I would like, I love. It’s the context. That’s a great lesson for us all.

And, phew! I also love Gerald Bland’s gorgeous white trim and black doors.


Oh, and his art. Well, actually, pretty much everything he has.


But, I’m also obsessed with Steve Cordony’s wallpaper in his dining room.

My dining room is going to be part of my massive 14′ x 33′ living room. Ya know, I could just keep the room empty and turn it into a ballet studio. haha!

But, I’m not.

However, my point is, that I won’t have a completely separate formal dining room. So, where could I do a smashing wall mural? I think I mentioned, the entry to nowhere. Although, I would love to capture a small portion of the upstairs apartment. I’m not sure if it’s possible. We’ll have to see.


Anyway, I keep thinking about a beautiful wallpaper mural in the entry.



A while back, we also looked at some ways to do Chinoiserie wallpaper panels for less money than some of the high-end-brands out there. There’s a beautiful post in the link above where I go over those sources.


Gracie is probably the best-known company.


Mark D. Sikes is known for his gorgeous rooms with Gracie Wallpaper.


Handpainted Silk Deco - Etsydobrien788 New Chinese-style hand-painted bamboo, peony, flower and bird wallpaper

However, I found a company on Etsy HandPaintedSilkDeco, which is using Gracie’s images for examples of their offerings.


These Chinoiserie panels are hand-painted, and they are $200 a square yard. That would make each panel about $600. That’s a lot less than what Gracie charges. I’m not sure how much they cost, retail, but I read somewhere that someone had a quote of $40,000 to paper one room without installation.


Is the quality the same? Probably not. But, I don’t know. They do make samples. Oh, how I would love to have some panels of that in my new bedroom!


I adore the Chinoiserie wallpaper murals and panels, but I am thinking of something of a more panoramic nature for the stairwell/entry. Of course, this might all change. But, let’s take a look at what I’ve found.


These Panoramic scenes are either exotic/tropical or located in an Arcadian setting in Europe, the U.S. Or, something the artist made up.


Quite a while back, there were these two posts where we looked at some expensive hand-painted panoramic wallpaper murals.

One is this post about Grisaille wallpapers.

And, in its sister post about more Grisaille wallpapers.


Grisaille, if you don’t already know, are tone-on-tone designs rendered in gray or sepia. Sometimes, some color is added to parts of the image.


grisaille rebecca brandon

Above is a dining room by Rebecca Brandon (she does not have a website to link to) with one of my favorite Grisaille scenic wallpaper murals by De Gournay.


YR Mural - like De gournay grisaille panoramic wallpaper mural

This panoramic wallpaper is by YR Mural. That is another source for hand-painted Chinoiserie papers. They have been around for quite a while. They are taking designs from the other big companies like De Gournay, Paul Montgomery, and Zuber. I don’t know how they get away with doing that. Maybe they have changed the designs just enough. Not sure.


And, I don’t know how much these papers are, but if anyone has ordered from YR Mural and can share their experience, that would be terrific!


Gournay for far less money

This printed mural from the Chinoiserie wall panel post a week ago is very similar. The source is ChinoiserieHomeDeco on Etsy.


YR Mural - Eden - scenic wallpaper murals

This is another wallpaper mural from YR Murals.


Below is a printed scenic wallpaper mural found on Etsy


Betty Wall Murals - Etsy DeGournay Eden

Betty Wall Murals on Etsy in a copy of DeGournay’s L’Eden. However, this might be an old design that DeGournay copied. I’m not sure about that.


degournay l'eden

This is DeGournay’s hand-painted version.


But, there are dozens of companies I’ve found on Etsy which do a printed version of some of these wallpaper murals.


Tropical Rainforest Wallpaper, Vintage Grey - Florawallpaper - Etsy - Grisaille scenic wallpaper mural

Tropical Rainforest Wallpaper, Vintage Grey – Florawallpaper – Etsy. To be clear, most of the papers from Etsy are printed and a LOT less money than anything hand-painted. Many of these also come in a removable version. But some also require traditional installation.


Florawallpaper is a new source with a lot of beautiful scenic wallpaper murals and many others– And great reviews.


Let’s switch it up and look at some of the gorgeous designs by Paul Montgomery for The Mural Source. Paul does a hand-painted version, as well, of these designs. Frankly, I see no point in paying for the hand-painted version. Although I haven’t made a side-by-side comparison, the quality of the printed murals on this gorgeous clothlike silky paper is extraordinary.

Paul Montgomery Studio Scenic Wallpaper MuralsIn addition to his beautiful Chinoiserie designs, as I have in my bedroom, he also does some equally exquisite panoramic, scenic wallpaper murals.


Low Country Room- Paul Montgomery Studio - scenic wallpaper murals

Low Country Room- Paul Montgomery Studio


Panoramic wall mural detail - Mural Sources

This is a detail from a The Mural Source printed paper. Yes, this is a print! And as great as it looks here, I can assure you that up close, it is even more magnificent! Please notice the design is identical to the hand-painted version, above. This part of the design is towards the bottom left.


Another Paul Montgomery scenic mural in this traditional dining room.


Jefferson County Mural SourcesJefferson County from The Mural Source. Again, this is a print! Extraordinary!


Dixie-Paul Montgomery - panoramic mural

This is one of my favorites from Paul Montgomery, entitled Dixie and hand-painted.


And, yes. It is also available at Mural Sources. (below)


Dixie Mural Sources - Scenic Wallpaper Mural

This is an excerpt from the large mural (Dixie) from Mural Sources. You can get samples of these murals, which I highly recommend. I promise that your eyes will be popping out of your head when you get them.


Now, I want to share some more printed scenic wallpaper murals I found on Etsy. These are quite affordable, and there are dozens of beautiful murals in differing styles. And also a few new sources!

Later on, there will be a new widget with many other new sources and wallpaper murals.


Florawallpaper - etsy - Tropical rainforest wall - scenic wallpaper murals

Florawallpaper – Etsy – Tropical rainforest wallpaper mural


AwallonDesign Vintage chinoiserie scenic wallpaper murals – tropical theme


Chinoiserie wallpaper, tropical forest wallpaper Etsy - scenic wallpaper murals

Awallondesign Chinoiserie wallpaper, tropical forest wallpaper Etsy


ChinoiserieWallDeco - landscape scenic wallpaper murals

ChinoiserieWallDeco – on Etsy


Blue Willow Decor - Etsy Old View Fairmount Philadelphia scenic wallpaper murals

Blue Willow Decor – Etsy Old View Fairmount Philadelphia


Another great source is MakeupWallDecor on Etsy. They have dozens of gorgeous scenic wallpaper murals.


I had fun creating a smaller-scale version of the fun flowers above from Aurora Wallpapers on Etsy.

reduced image Aurora wallpapers - Etsy

Below is the widget with some of my favorite affordable wallpaper murals and sources. Please click on any of the images for more info.



Okay, and to finish off– an exceptional treat.


Some of you may know of the phenomenally talented muralist Susan Harter.

She has taken the Arcadian style and loosened it up in a most fetching painterly way.


Susan Harter - scenic wallpaper murals - fabulous dining room

Susan hand-paints her murals, but many of them also come in a printed version. The samples you can get are only $8.00 I don’t know how much her printed murals are, however. They can be customized, as well, especially color-wise.

Please do check out her website. It is STUNNING! wallpaper murals

M and M Interior Design

Above is a Susan Harter grisaille mural done for a showhouse. - Susan Harter scenic wallpaper murals

Another one of Susan Harter’s enchanting Scenic Wallpaper Murals.


Susan Harter - scenic wallpaper murals Calmsden True dining room mural over wainscoting and fireplace painted trim

One last, Susan Harter beauty.


And, I’m closing with some lovely art pieces. Please click on any of the images for more info.



Can you tell which one is digital? The others are vintage or antique originals that I think are reasonably priced.


Papierdeparis - instagram

Papierdeparis – instagram

I need to investigate their gorgeous murals and art, too. The colors in that middle piece are unreal!


Well, I hope that you enjoyed these panoramic, (mostly) affordable scenic wallpaper murals and original art.




PS: Please check out the newly updated HOT SALES. There’s a bit of sad news there as one of my favorite brands is going out of business. And, their inventory is selling out at lightning speed. You can get some of their great merch at huge discounts.


8th edition rolodex-post-graphic - November 2021 - A unique shopping guide with hundreds of sources created by Laurel Bern

33 Responses

  1. Love, love, love your idea to borrow space from the apartment for your entry with stairs to no where. 😀 So fun to think about what kind of space the stairs could lead to in the future. 😀 “Although, I would love to capture a small portion of the upstairs apartment. I’m not sure if it’s possible. We’ll have to see.”

  2. I’m scared to ask this question because I feel absolutely certain it has already been covered in depth on your site….but you know, it’s ‘Rona times and I’m going to live fast and loose and ask anyway. In a space like a living room with a clear focal wall, (fireplace), do mural walls ever work on other large walls or does it confuse the focal point? I’ve been struggling with this concept in my own home with a particular wall that needs some pizzazz, but not too much, because not every wall can be the star of the show. I’ve pondered murals quite a bit since I saw a fabulous dining room mural combined with gorgeous millwork done by a blogger and DIY person. Hers was some sort of affordable mural option too. Murals are so appealing to me, but they also make me nervous. I think the past decade of streamlined, somewhat blah decorating has me trained to be scared of the exquisite intricacies that are coming back in a big way. I loved your post, as always.
    PS, it’s not just the artists who are perpetually on a budget. You are in good company.

  3. Hello Laurel,
    I’ve followed your blog posts and gathered wisdom from your site for-evah! I have to share with you that a LOT of the murals that are being sold on Etsy are available on Aliexpress! Try typing “vintage mural” – $9 US per square!! (Sometimes with free shipping and returns!)
    Thanks again for all your good info!

  4. How do these murals repeat? I have alooong hall and I’d like to put up wainscot with a printed mural above but not sure if they would work as a repeat.

  5. There are starving artists out there who would be very competent at painting a mural for you. It would probably cost a lot less and would be personalized for you.

  6. Laurel,
    I’ve been a loyal reader, fan, groupie for years but never felt moved to add anything. (Your posts are so thorough!) We moved into a new home last fall and the boxiness screamed for some softening. I searched for and found a wonderful mural company in England called Surface View. Hope you check it out when you are drifting on the internet.

  7. Lovely posting! I had my eye on a couple murals at…..just got a postcard in the mail that they are closing….for good! Nooooooo!

  8. I agree, Amy, if the designs are original to Ananbo. But if the Ananbo papers and the Etsy prints are both taken from pre-existing designs (that are in the public domain) then it would be ok.

  9. Hi Laurel,
    Gosh, these murals are pretty! Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day going down the rabbit holes your links are sending me. If dinner isn’t ready at 6:00, I can blame you. 😉

  10. Ah, you’re right, I forgot your hysterical snirt post! I laughed out loud at that one.
    You are not only blessed that you’re getting a fabulous new home, but the private entrance for the BnB in the back makes it even better!
    I was thinking about how not once, but twice, I moved and painted a room in deep, rich jewel box tones in the summer and regretted it the next winter. I should not expect that your experience will be similar.
    I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes you make as you turn your new house into your home.

  11. These are beautiful as is the work that you do for your clients. You put a lot of time and effort into your work and it shows. That’s how my artist friends approach what they do as well. So when someone takes a design an artist makes and repurposes it without license or payment, that is most likely copyright infringement whether it was registered or not. Kinda like someone taking your color charts as you display them and selling them to a magazine and getting paid for them- you would be more than annoyed and not chalk it up to flattery. Etsy has lots of issues with this with well meaning small business owners seeing a great design and putting on a mug or tee shirt and selling it. Wallpaper isn’t any different. An artist may not get rich but it doesn’t mean they have to be taken advantage of. Maybe these companies do pay a licensing fee for the design- but please don’t promote them as if they possibly don’t and that’s cool ie ” Okay, they definitely stole this from Ananbo. Not sure how they get away with that”. Thank you.

  12. Beautiful, just beautiful, and that blue chair with the white piping! I want that!

  13. How can you choose? Each mural is more beautiful than the previous one. A lovely idea to put one in your new home. I love the mural panels idea in your bedroom.
    Here’s the thing: you have not lived through a North Hampton winter that can have days upon days of overcast skies and snow and ice that change the light on the walls, especially on the first floor. You’re used to much more light in your upper floor apartment. Those lovely grey toned murals may not be what you want in a space with one window at that time of year. You also have yet to experience greeting your BnB guest arriving in the front hall with their snowy & muddy boots and luggage wheeled up the walkway. You may wish you’d gone with a scrubbable, light-colored paint and spent the mural $$ in your own space. If you reinstall a small separation between your dining in living areas it will give you a wall or room to consider that has more windows & light in winter. The entry is especially important because of its dual purpose and different audiences; it sets the style and tone for your own gracious home as well as being the first impression for guests who head upstairs for their cozy retreat.
    As someone who has lived in New England most of my life and moved multiple times, I urge you to spend a few seasons, or a least a winter and spring in your new home before you invest in anything that will have a significant impact on the feeling of light in your spaces. A mural takes so much time and effort (even if you get it at a reasonable price!) to install, you’ll want it to perfect for all seasons for years to come.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Valerie, but gosh, you’re making a lot of assumptions.

      B&B guests will have their own separate entrance on the side of the house next to the garage for their cozy retreat. So, that front entrance is my space. You are correct about the gray-toned mural.

      As for the winters, ummm… I know I say y’all a lot (I’m from southern Indiana), but I also lived in Wisconsin for five years.

      And, I’m the girl who wrote about SNIRT. I lived in northern Westchester County for 22 years, (adjacent to Ridgefield, CT) enduring 22 snowy, gray, frigid, black-dirt-everywhere-winters. And, we’ve had some unbelievable snowstorms, well into March, in southern Westchester County, too. See the snirt post for that, as well.

      My fear, if I have one, is that I will not do much of anything as is the case in my apartment.(aside from furnishing it) I am hoping and praying that doesn’t happen. Part of the reason is that I pretty much knew my apartment in Bronxville was meant to be a transition from one life into another one I wasn’t yet ready for.

      I’m incredibly blessed; I never thought it would be possible to own a home like this.

  14. I have long loved these beautiful, expansive celebrations of nature and would love to incorporate one in my dining room. But can you give us some guidance on what size room can accommodate a mural? The “Paul Montgomery scenic mural in this traditional dining room” image shows a great deal of breathing room between the table and chairs. My dining room has only one unbroken wall (all the others have a doorway or windows) and the large wall is where I place the china cabinet, so there is not much of the wall showing. Sigh. It might not work at all, though a panel used as art on one wall perhaps could be the answer. Anyway, can you give some guidance on the size of room and how to incorporate the look if walls are broken up? Love this post!!

    1. Actually, I love some murals broken up. And, for some murals which are only 12 feet, it’s a great way to hide the repeat. As for size of the room, it’s difficult to say without seeing the specific space what might look best.

  15. I copied the last pic of Susan Harter’s for my office, even the fireplace and paint color! Stunning.

  16. Thank you so much for all of this information! I can’t wait to see what you do in the foyer of the house. And what you do throughout the house!
    I also have a living room dinning room combo. A long rectangle space. I used Arcadia from Anthropology on one of the short walls, and love it. I needed something w/o much color, and I adore woodblock prints. It’s a tonal woodland scene. So easy to install. I hung it myself. Just put it in a cabin in Tenn. for a client, and she loves it. On sale it was $300.00

  17. Wonderfully comprehensive post!! But please, look at the watch I am swinging on this chain…’you are now in my power. You will resist the brown trims, resiiiist!’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  18. Absolutely my favorite post! Thank you for the I inspiration to include one in my “refresh”! Can’t wait to see which one you pick too…

  19. Stephanie,

    I also noticed the matelassé coverlet. Although pink is not my favorite, it is perfect in that setting. Check out The Company Store for a range of matelasse.

    I love the phantasmagorical quality of a mural. Murals refuse to let you settle in quitely; they demand participation, but that also scares me for long term installation.

    An entranceway is perfect as although you probably see it everyday, you do not sit there are can go somewhere else to fantasize.

    I am going to check out the murals which can be ordered in very different colorways.

    Wisteria’s disappearance is sad. I ordered something I should not have last month for my as yet hypothetical new house in California and had it sent to a friend there. Now, my house is not selling for unknown reasons and my move is on hold while COVID explodes in my targeted area. . .and my lovely lavender vase sits in my friend’s house.

    And I so love my home here in Michigan that it will make me cry to leave it. I will not be able to afford anything like it in my adopted state of California but the sun and mild winters are something I must have.

    Laurel, I remain fascinated by your decorating journey with your new place. The best of luck on your journey.


  20. Laurel,
    These murals are exquisite. You know we will be waiting with bated breath to see which panels you pick and how you use them. Seriously can’t wait.

    For Stephanie, Try searching Pale pink/Blush Matelassé
    Pottery Barn has one similar, good luck

  21. Hi Laurel, I’m so excited for you. Your new/old house is wonderful.

    In today’s post I’m now obseesed with the pale pink bedspread. Do you know where to find it?

    Thank you,

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