Summer Whites {with a little red and blue}

Happy 4th of July for all of us Americans!

In honor of our day of independence, I’ve put together a little shopping post. There are some summer whites and some things that aren’t seasonal. There’s also some red and blue to round it all out. I guess I can’t resist even though I did nothing else to celebrate the holiday. It’s okay. I’m not a fan of crowds and loud noises. Besides, the FBI has put out a terror warning.

What we’re supposed to do with that information, I don’t know. Do you? Nuts.

The items below will also go up in the shop except they might not be exactly the same but similar. There are also a few repeats. I had some formatting issues and you can’t go back and take out individual items. It’s just the way the program works.




Oh wow! That pool looks so refreshing! I love all of the Chinoiserie planters around it. I’ve never owned a pool but if I did, I would be very happy with this one!

Do y’all have any special summer plans? I’m pretty much staying put except probably a little trip to visit my mom.

I’ve been going into Manhattan a lot the last few weeks to see the ballet and have enjoyed it immensely. I finally got to see my ballet idol, prima ballerina Marianela Nunez of the Royal Ballet. If you like ballet  and you have the chance to see her, you must go. She will transform you!

In addition, I’m so proud to say that our very own from Westchester County  Skylar Brandt, who I’ve known since she was ten was just promoted to soloist at American Ballet Theatre. She’s so frigging talented and very sweet and humble. I was so hoping that she would be moving up. She’s been awarded many big parts and nails every part.

Right now, my son has surprised me and is on his way over for a little visit!

Please have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll see you soon!



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