Warm Boston Wishes for a Merry Christmas 2022!

Hi Everyone,

Merry day after Christmas! I hope whatever you’re doing is full of joy. I was alone this holiday, which I often am on Christmas. But, I’m happy to be alone and happy when I’m with people.


So, all is good.


I had a wonderful day– relaxing, reading, and watching copious amounts of ballet on youtube.

After watching some of the dancers from one of my favorite ballet companies, The Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia doing their daily class, I felt inspired to do some ballet exercises along with them. I want to get back in better dancing shape, so I can take classes at the Boston Ballet School.

I’m amazed at how similar the Mariinsky’s professional-level class is to the ones I’ve enjoyed for so many years in my adult life. Theirs is not a tricky class, because the goal for the dancers is to warm their bodies up, not so much to challenge their brains. However, the exercises are somewhat different every day, so one can’t sleepwalk through the class.


Okay, since it’s a vacation week, I have a few more photos for you to enjoy of Boston.


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They are mixed Beacon Hill and Back Bay; I took this past week before it got ridiculously cold. I understand our southern neighbors are getting a taste of what we normally endure for four months of the year. Still, I hope your outdoor plants are doing okay.


Next weekend is predicted to be unseasonably mild. We’ll take it up here!


The trade-off for frigid temps and leafless trees is the spectacular display of lights on bare branches and tasteful greenery with a backdrop of gorgeous 19th-century architecture in both Beacon Hill and Back Bay.

All of these are new images except for one, and all but two were taken at night, which arrives around 4:30 PM these days. :]


38 Lime Street - Boston Beacon Hill - Christmas 2022
38 Lime never fails to impress any time of the year.


W Cedar Beacon Hill red door classic - night - Christmas 2022

One of the three beautiful homes around the corner from 38 Lime Street on Brimmer Street.


56 Brimmer St. Boston classic Beacon Hill Red Door - Christmas

Above is the same home last year during the day– duh.


The rest of the images for Christmas 2022 were taken in the dark of early winter evening.


Except for two in Beacon Hill, they are all in Back Bay on Commonwealth Ave in the first block after the Boston Public Garden.


Comm Ave Christmas holiday lights

The view from near the corner of Berkley Street in Back Bay, looking down Comm Ave towards the Boston Public Garden.


Christmas Brimmer Street Boston

Thursday evening, I went to pick up my other stool from Upstairs Downstairs. And, yes, of course, it was raining, but very lightly. Still, it wasn’t supposed to start raining for at least two more hours. However, I’ve learned that in Boston, the weather forecast is only a suggestion of what might happen.


I love this view looking north on Brimmer Street.


This romantic old-town vision is why people say Beacon Hill looks like Disney World. Those are the famous gaslights of Beacon Hill. Please also note the wonky sidewalks.


Back Bay Boston Christmas 2022

I thought this naked tree looked so cool in front of the bay window and a stunning Christmas Tree on Comm Ave. I’m pretty sure at least part of this home also appears in the springtime 2021 post featuring these trees filled not with warm lights but with beautiful pink magnolia and dogwood blossoms.


Commonwealth Ave - Christmas lights 2022

This is the view in the opposite direction. This home is also in the springtime and other posts.


River Street Beacon Hill Christmas 2022

Above is River Street, near the corner of Beacon Street. I turned around to see if any cars were approaching, and the vision of the beautifully lit interiors and gaslights stopped ks.


Exquisite Comm Ave Christmas decor 2022

Back on Comm Ave for a breathtaking home with a stunning display of Christmas 2022 lights.


CommAve Christmas 2022


The lights that appear to be coming from the windows are the reflection of the lights on the trees that line the Commonwealth Avenue mall.


***Again, if you missed it at the top, this is a reminder that the Laurel Home interior design guides are on sale but only for a short time. The price is going up in January, higher than before the sale.


Laurel Home Interior Design Guides 2023


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Here’s wishing all blessings for the new year.




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