The Ten Best Laurel Home Blog Posts in 2022

In recent years, there has been a late December review of the best blog posts. These, of course, are for the best Laurel Home blog posts in 2022.

It isn’t easy, and there are more than ten because some of the best had follow-up or related posts. The way they were chosen is a combination of helpful information, popularity, and number of comments.


If you are interested in seeing the best of Laurel Home Blog posts for other years, here are the links:


Best posts for 2020-2021

Top 10 posts for 2019

For me, 2021 was all about getting my bearings in my new city, Boston. 2022 has been full of planning and change. Most of the changes are behind the scenes with the inner workings of my website. We rolled out a major theme update to the Laurel Home Blog at the end of August.


We also celebrated the 10th blogiversary of the Laurel Home Blog last April.


LH Blog - 10 year blogiversary - best laurel home blog posts

In addition, there has been a copious amount of planning concerning my impending renovation, hopefully starting in June 2023.

The fall has brought significant updates to three of the Laurel Home Guides.

As a reminder, my interior design guides are currently on sale until December 28th at 11:59 PM. In January, they are all going up in price to higher than before the sale.



What’s on the agenda for 2023?


Naturally, more planning and renovation blog posts will discuss what’s happening. While many posts will cover topics related to the renovation, as I did this year, there will be topics shared unrelated to the renovation.

In the comments, please share a topic or topics you would like to see covered. As always, these are general topics, not questions about your unique situation. Although, it is fine to send me “Dear Laurel” queries that might become a blog post.

I also have a few other ideas in mind. However, I would need to send out a brief survey to find out if there’s any interest.


Okay, it’s time to share the ten best Laurel Home Blog Posts in 2022.


These are in the reverse order they appeared.

This Laurel Home blog post in 2022 highlights some of my favorite interior designers in the UK.

One of my long-time dreams is to see all the bloated, flabby, boxy, badly proportioned furniture abolished from the land.

Hardwood floors can be beautiful. Today, there are many choices for stains and finishes.

I love building color palettes. For some reason, it comes easily to me. This post shares some of my processes.

This is one of my favorite Laurel Home blog posts in 2022. It’s filled with many of what I feel are truly timeless kitchens.

This is another favorite Laurel Home blog post for 2022.

This post spells out my process for how I created interiors for my clients for 20 years.

Mark D. Sikes is one of my favorite interior designers. I would hire him in a second and hand over my keys. However, not everyone can afford this A-List designer. This post is my attempt to imitate his beautiful style with pieces that, for the most part, are less expensive.

Furlow Gatewood’s genius is both unique and timeless. Every room of his is a study in how to decorate. As with Mark D. Sikes, I put together many items that imitate his classical style.


Furlow Gatewood neoclassical design living room

This is a compilation of some of the best and most helpful interior design posts and, therefore, one of the most essential Laurel Home blog posts in 2022.


The post that received the most page views the day it came out:


This post is on its second or third edition. It’s one of my favorite topics because gray it’s not the color gray; it’s the way it’s often used that’s so objectionable.


George Saumarez Smith - home design - gray trend-new traditiona


The Blog post with the most comments:


(Aside from the one when I asked you to share your decorating problems and the time I got hit by a car.)

This post goes over many iterations of the lower level of my apartment. As you can see, it had 133 comments!
This post has the final plan.


The most beautiful Laurel Home Blog post-2022


I’ll let you choose that one if you wish.

Thank you so much to so many for your contributions via your fantastic comments. They have enhanced the blog posts immeasurably, and I am grateful.



PS: The HOT SALES have some amazing end-of-year-sales.


10 Responses

  1. I concur with the majority of comments. Practical information that we can use: pillow size guides, light fixture information- how high to hang, what sizes etc. I appreciate any information that helps us out here navigate the interior design world as it pertains to our own homes. The best tip I have gleaned so far is every room needs black and white in it, even if it’s just a small accessory. Thank you for all that you share.

  2. Hello, Laurel,
    I’ve been reviewing your stairway posts, selfishly of course, bc we are about to put in very light oak floors.
    Unfortunately, our builder in 2006 understood “cherry” to mean “glass of florida sunshine” and matched the faux-cherry maple floors by staining the doors, stair treads and bannister a similar chorange.

    Hence, would it be of any use to the Laurelshpere to discuss the “rules” about what should ideally coordinate, complement, or match with what…
    Do the perfect stairs/doors match the floor (guessing NO for the doors, but do think they can potentially tie in) and if im lucky, what would be the best choice to replace our chorange to work with very light flooring?
    Grateful for all the guidance in your posts!!!

  3. As others have mentioned, you have helped me cultivate my eye for what I love in good interior design, and you have introduced me to many other wonderful interior designers. I second Molly’s idea for a James Farmer high/low post. I adore his work! I love following along with your home renovation also. Some of my favorite posts are the ones when you help “real life” people with a design problem, coming up with practical (and beautiful) solutions for them. Even if they are not problems I have in my own home, I’m fascinated and instructed by the process you go through to improve the situation! I’ve said this before, but your blog is my absolute favorite, not just because of your knowledge, but because of your personality and humor :] Happy New Year, Laurel!

  4. I have been reading your blog for several years and love your blend of information and inspiration, leavened with humor. Here are two subjects that I would like to know more about and don’t think you’ve covered yet: 1. ‘All about sconces’ including where, what size, how many, how to update or find someone to update antique sconces, how to make a sconce into a plug-in for renters or those who can’t hire an electrician. And 2. Windows – importance of size, style, and placement of windows in architecture. This could be helpful to those who are renovating or building a house. I think so much architecture after about 1930 doesn’t do windows well. One thing I’ve noticed is that windows on two walls of a room usually look good, and taller windows often look good. I’m sure you could shed ‘light’ on that topic! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  5. I learned about Mark Sikes, Daryl Carter, Steve Cordony, and was introduced to the gorgeous Ralph Lauren Milano showroom because of you — and it assisted me immeasurably in understanding and cultivating my personal interior design style. The technical information you shared on scale and proportions of furniture helped guide me when it came to selecting my main furnishings and — most of all a properly sized coffee table that really makes the room. I would love to see you feature other designers in addition to those who are traditional or quasi traditional — perhaps even designers with a more modern point of view both here in the USA and elsewhere. Although your renovation is interesting, I find myself skipping those blog posts altogether. Having said that, I would jump to see the final reveal! Thank you for your generosity in sharing the wealth of information as you have. It has taken me from mediocre to pretty darn good and because of you my home is coming together quite nicely! God bless you, Laurel.

  6. Hi Laurel. Your lovely blog introduced me to James Farmer … would you consider creating a James Farmer High/Low post in 2023?

    Apologies if this has been discussed, but I just found the HBOMax series, “For the Love of Kitchens” that follows the DeVol Kitchen (another company I discovered reading your blog) founders and artisans through their creative process -it’s quite beautiful and inspiring.

    Happy New Year, Molly

  7. Hi Laurel,

    I came down this morning and decided to take everything off the bar and dust and polish, then on to the kitchen. I use silver polish on my toaster and coffee pots, yes, really. Decided to take a break and read my emails and there was our kitchen again. It is very flattering and I will say we still love it. The only thing I might do differently is the stove. There are so many more options than 10 years ago, but ours isn’t shabby…My lovely client, Dottie, loves her Bertazonni, and it certainly is pretty! Can’t wait to see yours! XOXO

  8. Laurel, penultimate is one of my favorite words, ever since I went shopping for a mattress and one of them was named Penultimate. It still makes me laugh.
    Anyhoo, here’s my request for a world-famous fabulous Laurel topic: My daughter and her hubby bought a raised ranch a few months back and are renovating it before moving in (they’re living with us for now, which I love). How can they design the front entry — which has a half staircase up and a half staircase down — to be fabulous? (Their style is spare, calm, neutral.) Thank you! Ann
    PS – I have loved watching your own renovation on your blogs! Welcome to Boston!

  9. my favorite blog post is the kitchen post. I prefer European styled kitchens because I have a small one by default. I live in an old farmhouse with original beams in the Kitchen and living areas. wood floors, built on site wood cabinetry because the floors and ceilings are not straight and some unfitted cupboards. the island is a wood topped island with storage beneath designed by me and built in the UK. I also have an antique butcher block as part of the island local to the community I live in. the kitchen has been this way for the 25 years I have lived here and could definitely use a refresh but I would not change a lot of it. I follow Mimi Thorisson on facebook, have tried to follow the blog but it never seems to work. I enjoy most of your blogs, started following you because of one of your kitchen blogs.

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