Magical Christmas Decor Around the World

Greetings all!

I’m back upstate for the holidays. And man, I was greeted to a reality check dose of winter with single digit air temps. Realfeal aka: windchill factor 10 degrees below zero. That’s Fahrenheit, of course. So, for you Celsius folks, that would be -23 degrees. It’s not quite “snot-freezing” but definitely makes for crunchy snirt.

And, all the while, I’m trying to remember how beautiful winter is. ;]

Well, it really is. And, it’s so warm and cozy in here with the wood burning stove in the great room.


I’m especially excited because for once, I’m getting to celebrate a real Christmas.


While I respect people of all faiths and beliefs, Christmas for me is all about warmth, joy, love, family and friends.

Except when one is alone.

And, I know that some of you are too.

Frankly, during the years that I’ve been alone, I found that it was only the time before, thinking about being alone that was a problem. When the day finally came, I was perfectly content to be in my own company.

However, this year I’m with my boyfriend in upstate New York and now, I’m having a taste of what others go through. And, over-all, it’s ahhhmazing!

Seriously, the flavor is quite delicious!


This year, like in other years, I’ve amassed a beautiful collection (well, I think so) of magical Christmas Decor. Or, you can call it holiday decor, winter solstice decor. Or, whatever you like.


I’ve located the most beautiful images I could find, most from some wonderful instagram accounts. They’re images from New York, New England, London, Paris and elsewhere.

So, let’s jump in. I have a Christmas party tonight at the nearest neighbors who are half a mile away!

We’ll begin with a little taste of “home.”


Vintage Christmas Village - Magical Christmas Decor

My boyfriend’s Mom collected these charming pieces that make up a Christmas village. This is only about two-thirds of all of it. And, yeah… I arranged everything but most of the town buildings in the back.


And, my BF, J, saved some ornaments for me to hang on the tree. First up were three darling ballerinas that he had gotten for his daughter some years ago.


Okay, let’s continue with the images that I found of magical Christmas decor.


I hope by the end, you will feel, as I always do, transformed. Or, at least ready to face the rest of your holiday preparations.


via @theyellownote on instagram - Glens Falls NY in the snow - Christmas decor

via @theyellownote on instagram

We’ll begin with a charming insta account by Briana Lyons who photographs scenes from just to the south of where I am near Lake George, NY. Glens Falls is where this image was shot. She also has many other images in upstate New York and Vermont. You may recall, we saw another gorgeous shot of Glens Falls here by Briana.


via @sarahkjp on instagram - Where's your hat honey? ;] Christmas tree shopping - the dog says it all

via @sarahkjp on instagram

Nothing like a dash of fantasy to get one in the holiday spirit! But, alas, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Still… No hat. Perfectly behaved children and pets. Sure, this is a husband and wife “influencer” team of Sarah Patrick and her dashing husband Kiel James Patrick, plus their “pretend child” and “pretend dog.

AND, endless amounts of exquisite photography!

In fact, the dog bennie, has his own insta page too.


via @puffinandbennie on instagram - golden santa retriever

via @puffinandbennie on instagram

Too much!


via @pjhavel - Kennebunkport Maine - magical Christmas decor - outdoor Christmas tree

via @pjhavel – Magical Christmas decor  in Kennebunkport, Main

Another favorite power couple on Instagram are Jackie Greaney and her hubs, Paul J Havel


via @jackiegreaney on instagram - classic Christmas holiday decor

via @Jackiegreaney on instagram

Another New England magical Christmas decor classic!

Jackie and Paul are definitely in my top 20 insta accounts. But that number keeps growing.

For more favorites of Jackie’s and Paul’s work, click here.


via @nineandsixteen on instagram - best christmas decorations 2019

Another insta account I love and recommend is @nineandsixteen. Interior decorator Tessa Foley has a gorgeous home and a gorgeous eye for design!


via @nineandsixteen on instagram - magical Christmas tree - holiday

And, one more of Tessa Foley’s gorgeous Christmas tree.


via @mcmenimon - #classicchristmas - New England Christmas

via @mcmenimon 

Another gorgeous insta account is by Barry Mcmenimon. Above is the most charming cottage in Duxbury, MA. Nothing quite like a classic New England Christmas


j.diegoph - magical Christmas lights

j.diegoph – magical Christmas lights on instagram

Talk about your “money shots!” Exquisite!


@jackiegreaney on instagram

One last Jackie Greaney Christmas holiday beauty!


@kristynewengland - #bestinsnow - classic new england Christmas - white house

@kristynewengland on instagram – #bestinsnow (couldn’t resist) – And one more classic New England Christmas. Because there’s no such thing as too much of this! Plus, every image on this account is gorgeous!


@mallyskok on instagram - magical snowfall in New England

If you love pristine snow in New England, (and who doesn’t?) then what better than my friend Mally Skok’s exquisite property. However, Mally is from South Africa. ’nuff said.


via @cpphotography328 on instagram - floating Christmas tree

via @cpphotography328 on instagram

I have a lot of respect for folks who go to a lot of trouble to produce cool shots like this floating Christmas tree. This image by landscape photographer,  Chris Phillipp is magical Christmas decor at its most magical!


magical Christmas decor - buck wearing boxwood wreath
source unknown, but it makes me smile.


via @farmhouseluv on instagram - Christmas 2019 #farmhousechristmas

via @farmhouseluv on instagram

This is another charming account featuring farmhouse style decor, and an adorable standard poodle, named Ruby.


via @farmhouseluv on instagram - Ruby the poodle - bathroom Christmas 2019

Ruby in the bathroom decked out for Christmas!


via @joyful_jax on instagram - Golden Retriever love - Christmas lights

via @joyful_jax on instagram

And, closing out our American magical Christmas decor with two adorable goldens obviously reveling in the magic of Christmas! Or, at least their owners are! Many more fun golden retrievers on this instagram account.


Time to move on to Europe! (and also some urban images from the USA)


via - magical Christmas decor - Galleries Lafayette


And, what can be more magical than the holiday lights in Paris. This is from the well-known shopping Galleries Lafayette


via @harnahud - #parischristmas Cafe Creme

via @harnahud – Cafe Creme in Paris

I love shots where folks don’t realize that they’re being photographed. Or, if they do, they’re not letting on that they know that they do!


via @me_and_mango on instagram - magical Christmas Decor in Vienna

via @me_and_mango on instagram – magical Christmas Decor in Vienna – Ahhmazing photo!


via @musingsofemma on instagram - Natural History Museum - December 2019

via @musingsofemma on instagram – The oft-photographed Natural History Museum in London


via @jm_mcphee on instagram - magical Christmas decor - mall

Above and below beautiful holiday images in London by @jm_mcphee on instagram


jm_mcphee - magical white Christmas trees - London

I gather that these evergreens are naturally white? Anyone know what these are called? I’m sure many of you do!


nyc_morgan - Lotte New York Palace - magical Christmas decor

nyc_morgan – Lotte New York Palace  – Formerly the Helmsley Palace


via @girlintheyellowtaxinyc - #christmasinnewyork

via @girlintheyellowtaxinyc

Much beauty here!


via @nyc_morgan - Cartier - Christmas New York City

Another cool image by  @nyc_morgan – Cartier – Christmas New York City


via @jssilberman - new york, ny - Christmas - holiday 2019

via @jssilberman – Beautiful New York City in the snow.


And, that is the end of this year’s magical Christmas Decor.


If you’d like to see what I’ve done in year’s past here are some other posts with more of the same.


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Happy Holidays!!!



25 Responses

  1. Lovely collection of pictures. It’s so nice to look at white christmas since all we have here in Poland is rain 😀 Merry Christmas to you and J.

  2. odd. I replied to Tracey Culver’s post but the reply seems to be listed chronologically.

    Oh, well…

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. Thank You Laurel, for your beautifully cooling images. They make me so homesick for the 5 Christmas’s I spent in Northern New Brunswick. My Very First encounters with snow. We here in Adelaide, South Australia are having temperatures in the 40C’s. Last Friday it was 46C = 114.8 Fahrenheit. However as a child I remember suffering through a Christmas of 124F. (51C.) A group of English immigrants arrived in my town that day. You will not be surprised to learn that they all wanted to go back home to cold, cold England. Compliments of the Season to you and all your viewers.

  4. The trees look to me like they came from the tree lot down the street. 🙂 Those trees would grow to be very very large if they were planted in the ground. And they are very close together to be in the ground. There are more of them on the balcony, too.

    At any rate, they are beautiful in the snow.

  5. Wonderful pictures. Especially like the roses and deer with wreath. We always have deer passing through our backyard even though we live in a suburb of Atlanta, but they are always especially beautiful during the Holidays!

  6. Needless to say, I was blown away by the beautiful photos. I will be scrolling through this post again and again. Thanks for gathering them all in one place. Binging on beauty is a fabulous pasttime. Happy Holidays, Laurel.

  7. Gorgeous photos!

    I know you’ll have a happy holiday because you’re spending it in the best place ever!

    Can’t beat it when you’ve got someone to keep you warm.

  8. Hi Laurel,

    I’ve been a reader for some time. I am so happy for you and J. What a lucky man!! As a divorced, previously long time married, I can relate to lonely times, especially at holidays where one gathers with those nearest and dearest. Fast forward 15 years, I am with an awesome gentleman, and have a rapidly expanding family of step kids, daughters and sons in laws, and one grandchild. How blessed I feel. Enjoy, enjoy, and put yourself first. Happy New Year:) p.s. love that Tracey Schorn follows you too. A perfect day includes reading both your blogs

  9. Laurel: As I’ve told you in other places. .I am so happy for your happiness! Tell your boyfriend I said, “Hello” and how lucky I think he is to have found you!

    And this post? Well, it’s transportingly beautiful!
    Thank you for researching all of this eye candy for us all to enjoy!

    Merry Christmas, Laurel!

  10. Hi Laurel…great pics! How nice for you not to be alone – and you’re with your boyfriend and family upstate. Loved all the pics…especially the New England ones, NY, London and Paris…ok all of them!

    Have a wonderful holiday! Enjoy any snowfall you see, before it turns to “snirt!”


  11. Hi Laurel!
    I can’t imagine anything more cozy then spending Christmas in a cabin. Lucky you!
    We won’t be seeing any of the wintery scenes your pictures depicted. It’s too warm & sunny. But that’s ok.
    As long as we’re all happy and healthy.
    Enjoy your holiday!

  12. The white trees could be White Eastern hemlock trees, Gentsch or Summer Snow varieties? Maybe they were helped along with Photoshop a little? Beautiful post anyway Laurel !

  13. Thank you for this post and every post you’ve ever done! I’ve spent the last year digging through your archives, soaking it all in. I have learned so much. Only regret is not finding you long ago – I could have avoided many decorating mistakes! Oh well. As my husband always says, “It is what it is!” Merry Christmas to you and yours, Laurel! (And to your lovely readers!)

  14. Merry Christmas! I just love your posts, every one of them. I appreciate everything I learn and enjoy your humour immensely. (Humour just autocorrected to honour there, so take that too! 😉 I needed all those pretty Christmas scenes today as it won’t stop raining on the Canadian west coast right now, ugh.

  15. Merry Christmas to all, we are headed for a Green Christmas since temps around 50 degrees leading up to the big day. I’m sure we’ll make up for it eventually with snow and cold. (from southeast Wisconsin)

  16. My twelve year-old daughter told me last weekend that she likes to wake up on Sunday morning, get a cup of coffee, and read the newest chapter of an online graphic novel she follows. Apparently the author posts every Saturday at midnight. I told her i could relate – I wake up with Laurel on my mind. (But first, coffee.) Thank you for sharing your gift. You are one of a handful of bloggers I never miss reading. I have read every single post. Peace and love to you at Christmas and always!

  17. Merry Christmas, Laurel! Thank you for the lovely images. FYI there are no ‘naturally white’ evergreens. No green = no chlorophyll = dead tree. Picea glauca, white spruce, can look quite white, but those trees in your image are either covered in icy frost or sprayed with artificial snow.
    Your friend the botanist💕

  18. Thank you for these lovely photos! Those trees in London aren’t naturally white. I’m a landscape designer and horticulturist in NJ and they just don’t occur that way naturally! London is our favorite city, we were just engaged there in May. Merry Happy Cheers! JOH

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