My Big Move To Boston – Snowed Out!

Hi Guys,


Well, as many of you already know, the highest concentration of idiots people (about 45 million) in the US are about to get hammered with up to 18″ of snow.

They say.

I say, “they say” because “they” have been wrong more times than I can count. And, it’s usually in favor of less snow than they predict. However, I can recall one time where we got hammered with more than two feet. Remember the early January blizzard of ’96?

For my southern readers who aren’t familiar with how snow operates. If there are windy conditions, and usually there are, the snow doesn’t just fall in an even blanket.

No. You can have a few inches in some spots and then drifts measuring in feet, not inches.

Major snowstorms over 12″ deep are not terribly common in the New York City metro area. Oh, we do get them. But, not every year. However, the legendary areas south and east of the great lakes are known for their massive dumps of “lake effect” snow, measuring in feet, not inches.

Bottom line.


I’m not moving tomorrow, the 16th.


Here’s the problem. There shouldn’t be a problem moving to Boston and unpacking my stuff inside my apartment. However, the guys have to drive back, and they probably won’t be on their way back until about 4:00 PM, at the earliest. They will be driving straight into the storm and may also hit some ice, plus 45 mile an hour winds, higher gusts, crazy drivers, poor visibility.

It’s not safe. There will be accidents on all of the highways. Or, at the very least, vehicles getting stranded for hours.

Of course, the storm could track 50 miles further south or north, and we might get only a few inches. And, it could start at 8:00 PM, not 4:00 PM.

One of my favorite posts describes pretty much how I feel about winter and a glimpse of what it looks like some years in late MARCH.


Here’s how my living room looks right now.


Bronxville living room December 2020 - before big move to Boston


Oh man, you have no idea how much stuff I’ve gotten rid of. And I didn’t have a lot, to begin with, thanks to Done and Done, who carted away about 20 bags of refuse and donations 2.5 years ago. But, I had another 20 bags of refuse and donations this time.


However, there have been some wonderful moments during preparations for my big move to Boston.


The other day, the most amazing thing happened. A soft-spoken, friendly, young man stopped by to drop off some special mover’s paper. This stuff is amazing, by the way. I asked him if he could put together the remaining five small boxes. No problem. He was on the task. It took him about 5 minutes to do them. It would’ve taken me 50, along with a lot of swearing. Haha.


And, then he asked me if I was giving anything away.


Was I giving anything away?

So smart. Of course, I’m giving stuff away!!!

I said, “Yes, over there,” pointing to a pile of clothes, shoes, etc. A few of them still had the tags on! (mistakes). Some I had only worn once or twice. “That’s the pile for Goodwill. Please help yourself. In fact, I’d be thrilled if you took it all. Would you like a large garbage bag to put it all in?”


I went to grab his tip and met him in the entry of my apartment.


(yes, we both were wearing masks the entire time.) I handed him 20 bucks for his trouble. And, he said “thank you” as if I had just handed him the keys to a new car. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration; however, the look in his eyes of gratitude as he sheepishly told me he took everything was something I’ll never forget.

We both scored. He got a bagful of things he can give as gifts or to people who sorely need those things. And, I got all of that taken off my hands. It was a huge relief!


Alas, my brief delay in the move to Boston is really nothing in the scheme of things.


Sure. I’d love to get a pic of the CommAve Mall lights through the snowfall– a slice of heaven on earth if there ever was one. But, the lights will still be there next week and so will the snow, probably. I’m just hoping that wherever I am on Monday the 21st, it’ll be clear enough at 5:00 PM to see the infrequent occurrence of Jupiter and Saturn appearing almost on top of each other. They say the two planets haven’t appeared this close together at a time of good visibility since 1226!


You know. I haven’t moved a lot in my lifetime. Well, not since I moved to New York in 1979. And, I’ve never done it alone.


So, what have I learned from this exercise, getting ready to move to Boston?


  • We have more things than we realize we have.
  • There are things we don’t know what to do with or where to put when packing.
  • We find things we thought we’d never see again.
  • We find things we weren’t looking for and didn’t know we had. haha
  • I DID need the really big boxes for lamps and pillows.
  • I appreciate all of my soft down and feather throw pillows and soft fluffy clothes more than ever.


Now what? When am I moving?


At 5:00 PM, after not hearing from the movers since 9:00 AM, I contacted them, and they had no answer. However, the guy called me back 15 minutes later and said they could do it on the 26th, 29th, or 30th.

Well, that won’t work.

So, I found a different moving company. They were going to pick my stuff up on Friday and deliver it on Saturday. But, yesterday, I got nervous about the snow forecast, so now it’s Monday, they will pick up my stuff and Tuesday, deliver it to my new apartment.

I realize that this is kind of a non-post, but I didn’t want anyone to worry or wonder what’s going on.


In closing, I do have THE best news ever!


There is a parking spot for me directly behind my building. Yes, I have to pay extra for it, but it’s less than the cheapest parking garage, which is a 10-minute walk away.


Boston - CommAve snow early December 2020 - photo via @skibbleyd83 on instagram

Boston – Comm Ave snow early December 2020 – photo via @skibbleyd83 on Instagram


I can’t wait to take my own photos. Very soon!

I hope all are doing well and will stay safe in the storm.



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83 Responses

  1. Hi Laurel, I have been following your move with great interest. My husband and I just moved to a new place this week. Luckily for us, the snow held off until we were in. We were also selling a house at the same time and had moved a lot of our stuff into storage for renovations and later for staging. The last month was like living in an air bnb. We came up with a system that was helpful both for showings and for moving. We purchased about a dozen inexpensive lidded totes for keeping personal stuff out of the way but close at hand. We stowed them in empty closets for real estate showings. When it was time to move, we put all our most needed items in the totes and moved them ourselves. My husband even used a couple of them for small electronics and needed cords for easy hook up at the new place. I had one with bathroom essentials and medications and another for kitchen supplies, one for cleaning, etc. It made it easy to find much needed items apart from the sea of cardboard boxes.

  2. Laurel, I lived in Boston for 13 years. My first year I rented a third story walk-up on Comm Ave, between Dartmouth and Exeter. I loved that apartment and neighborhood so much. It is just magical around Christmas but wait until Spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. I hope you love it as much as I did. My husband and I now live in Hawaii and we love it but I still miss Boston and especially, that gorgeous neighborhood. Good luck woth you move!

  3. Christmas is a good time to be in Back Bay. Everyone facing the street puts their Christmas tree in the bay window so you can see it from the street. It makes such a pleasant walk, especially at night with the lights on, just walking around and looking at all the pretty trees in the windows and all the beautiful wreaths. There used to be a wreath competition and our building came in 3rd once (the wreath was made by a neighbor who’s member of the Garden Club of Back Bay). Good luck with the move and enjoy this special time in Boston!

  4. So excited for your move…btw, seeing your moving photo, I really love your armoire!!!! It’s a stunner and will look beautiful in your new home!

    1. Thank you, Lynn, but it is staying with the apartment. It was so difficult getting it up the stairs as it didn’t fit in the elevator. Plus, I don’t have one wall long enough for it in the new apartment. It is nine feet long.

  5. I remember moving from Colorado to Illinois in a snow storm with a 5 yr. old & a 7 month old. Trust me, it made life interesting!!!
    Sounds like all kinds of experiences await!!

  6. Good luck on the move..We had to contend with is either 100° heat or rain… on most of our moves, but I think a blizzard makes it pretty tough.

    I have to tell you though how much I loved your blog post, when you have the organizers come to your house. I tried to comment on that blog but they must’ve been shut off. I wanted to tell you, I really love you for the fact that you’re actually really normal!! Or, you make me feel really normal!! When I need to tidy up, I do it with with the “shove everything in the closet method”, and I also get paralyzed by paperwork. I( I tell myself, that’s because I’m a people person!!) so thank you for your wonderful blogs I read it all the time but I barely comment. But I just had to tell you this time how much I love it!! Good luck with the new home I’m excited to see how do you change it.

    1. I guess it depends on your definition of “normal.” lol But, thanks so much! Moving in intense heat is no picnic, either.

      And yes, the comments get turned off on posts older than 2 months, I think it is. There are about 750 blog posts and it was getting out of hand.

  7. I have the feeling that your generosity with the box person meant more to him than you know. He may really need the money (and may sell some of the clothes for money) so that he can buy food or pay a bill.

  8. Well, I hope this comment doesn’t get lost in the moving excitement — but I saw this article and thought it might be something you would be interested in for space planning and remodeling. It is about the canvas app which will do 3-D scans of rooms. I read about it on:
    Given the weather, I am so glad that you made alternate moving arrangements! So excited for you and very interested in all that you share about moving, settling in, initial decorating, and re-decorating!

  9. So wonderful that you are keeping a clear head and grateful attitude. Kindness and compassion go a long way in this world. I am so glad for you and as an ex-Bostonian (now Arizonan), I know you will love that beautiful city. Comm Ave is one of the prettiest streets. Enjoy fully!!

  10. Your non-post is one the best! A Christmas story in and of itself! We’ll never forget it and appreciate you sharing your life as well as your talent.

  11. Yolanda,

    I apologize for having offended some and changed the wording after someone wrote me privately right about the time you wrote this comment which I’m only reading now at 5:15 PM. I feel terrible about it.

  12. How exciting, once your in the new place all cozy and secure you can plan your decor to your hearts content while the raging winter storm continues around you. Love the picture.

  13. Dear Laurel, I’ve moved twice during snow storms. The first was twenty-four years ago. Despite the predicted storm the movers came anyway while the snow was light figuring they could finish before the worst of the storm hit. However, coming down a slippery staircase with a chest of drawers one of the movers slipped and threw-out his back. After the ambulance came we waited for the company to send someone else to help. By then the snow was mixing with sleet and not trusting someone to fall with my precious boxes of china and glass I decided to put those boxes in my trunk. Following the van I was rear-ended at a stop sign as the roads got slicker. Luckily the china was packed well enough that nothing broke.

    Fast forward 24 years later and another sleet storm. Snow was predicted but during the day it turned to sleet. Unbelievably, another mover slipped down the ramp carrying heavy boxes. He was fine and managed to finish out the day.

    I wish you a safe moving day. It’s pretty exciting once it is all over.

  14. Congrats on your new place, Laurel. So happy for you! Your post brings back memories of many years ago when I got stuck in a blizzard for hours on I-93 in Boston, returning from the Cape on St. Patrick’s Day. What was I thinking?

    1. You were thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. However, as you know, the cars and trucks make the already blowing snow blow even more and it’s impossible with 100% white-out conditions.

  15. Laurel,

    I feel your moving-in-a-storm pain. In 2002, I sold a lovely American Foursquare home in MD and moved 5 hours away to Greensboro, NC. I did this in a rented truck, with two sweet friends willing to drive down to help me.
    Crystal clear night skies at 5:00 AM when we left MD. Full moon. I had sold/given away most possessions like you have. It felt so freeing – I felt like a gypsy and giddy as a 20-something to start a new adventure in a new state at age 51, all by myself.
    By the time we arrived in Greensboro, light snow had begun to fall. It was December 4th in the South. No big deal, right? By the time my friends were unloading the truck, snow had turned to ice. They just slid everything down the truck ramp – no need to walk up and down when the ramp was a sheet of ice!
    Four hours later, I was happily unpacking and watching a winter wonderland of ice-laden woods out my windows. My friends would be safely back in MD in another hour or so. Nope! they called to say conditions were so treacherous, they had not even made it out of NC yet. Ultimately, they arrived safely home after being “blind-sided” by one of the worst ice storms to hit NC in a decade.
    You made a wise decision to hold off a couple days. Eighteen years later, I have no regrets on my move South. I wish the same for your move . . . . nothing but happiness and a fresh start in a new state.

  16. After the movers leave, please change your locks. You don’t know who has a key. I was a Realtor in Southern CA for many years and always made this recommendation. Peace of mind and safety are more important than ever.

  17. Congratulations on your move! As an erstwhile Bostonian, I’d encourage you to keep in mind that will need to shovel out your car every time it snows if you’re going to be parking outside. You will want to dig it out even on the days when it snows or the car gets plowed in but you don’t plan on driving it, because it will get iced into the parking spot otherwise.

  18. I live north of Boston and moved during the blizzard of ‘78 – well that dates me. Our house wasn’t finished and we had a little one. We were moving from Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. I’m sure you are going to love being in Boston, it is such a livable city – so welcome!

  19. I hope you’ve got a bottle of wine, an opener & a glass stashed in your “carry on”! You’ll need a little cheer to go with that mattress topper on the first night in your new digs. A toast to the next chapter. Cheers from Napa!

    1. Hi Katie, you know, I rarely drink alcohol. And, if I do, maybe half a glass of wine is all I can tolerate. Just part of my weirdness, I guess. I was supposed to go to Napa last spring for a show, but of course, it was canceled.

  20. Good Luck, Laurel…
    as long as you’ll have electricity and heat in the new apartment – why not stay?
    What an adventure..
    Altho I miss the beauty of the snow – don’t miss the cold.

  21. Sorry to hear that your plans had to change. In the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal, but it sure is frustrating and disappointing in the moment.
    I used to live in upstate NY so I’m familiar with the weather conditions you’re dealing with.
    Keep giving us updates!!

  22. I’m glad you were able to make other moving arrangements, Laurel! I moved to Wisconsin during a snow storm and it was not fun. Thank you for sharing that beautiful photo! And, great news about the parking spot. Best wishes! Just think, you’ll be in your new home in time for Christmas!

  23. Just so I’d know, I counted all the household moves I had in 71 years…18! Wow. And, it never gets easier. No matter how often you move, “stuff” accumulates like dust. I also promise myself “never again”…HA. Since my most recent move 8 years ago, I’m going to purge all those holiday decorations I don’t use anymore. Much smaller home needs less in the way of decoration, right? Well, I did manage to let go of three tubs of garland that I used along stairs and railings in those 2 and 3 story homes for years now that I’m in one story ranch, but I always run out of steam before perusing all those other tubs of decorations. Maybe this is the year…or not. I’m excited for you…hang in there. It will happen, hopefully before Christmas. Good luck!

  24. congratulations on the parking spot, that is the best news for you! the snow will come and go but you will never begrudge the money for that spot. I learned all about parking in Boston from a friend who lived in the Back Bay for one winter without one. she called herself “the prisoner of the Back Bay”, unless someone picked yer up, she never went anywhere after 4pm. when she finally found her own condo, it had underground valet parking!

  25. I agree with Gail Caryn – this is not a non-post! This is like sitting down with a friend to talk about what’s going on in her life, which is just as precious as sharing your interior design knowledge. I love this post! Wishing you smooth sailing with your move this weekend!

    1. Hi Sheree,

      Actually, I am taking Libby’s comment to heart and I rescheduled the move for Mon.-Tues. And yes, I am going to spend the night in an airbnb around the corner after I drop my stuff off.

  26. You are going to be breaking down a lot of moving boxes on the back end of this move. Buy a good box cutter knife with a razor blade. Join for the new area so you can easily give the old moving boxes to folks in the new area once they are empty. Good luck and remember the old ben Franklin saying: Three moves equal one fire” in general aggravation!

  27. Laurel, we lived in the Boston area and worked in the city for almost 10 years. I know you’ll love it.

    I am glad you have a different move date with the nor’easter. That IS serious stuff and the damp cold blows right through ya!

    I always enjoy reading your blogs, especially now that my dear hub has dementia and it’s getting tough. Just a small breath of fresh air my dear. Thanks Laurel.

  28. After moving in a blizzard to my Brooklyn house in 1996, I think that things worked out for the best! And nice to have that parking spot. The delay is inconsequential considering the need out there right now, as your story with the young man shows. So many people without the basics! This is a true Xmas tale.

  29. Sorry…I forgot to add to my comment… your picture of Boston in winter is amazing, with the red and green buildings. A city in it’s Christmas finest.

  30. Laurel, Good luck for a safe move…for you and the movers. I am in south west Michigan, so I know what you are going through, trying to figure out the winter weather. Your current weather is usually ours, but crazy 2020 has had these winter fronts pass us up…Sorry, but I love that we have been spared so far.
    What a wonderful holiday blessing for you and your young helper. It’s always great knowing that the things we no longer need will grace the lives of others.

  31. Thanks Laurel for taking the time to keep us updated on your move. You absolutely don’t have to devote 12 hours twice a week! I loved hearing the story about the young man.
    My Mom moved 2 years ago and several months ago one of my sisters died unexpectedly. Both times I was involved in throwing away, donating and packing up stuff. It has inspired me to simplify and move unwanted items out of my house. Habitat Restore is coming tomorrow to pick up some furniture.
    Best wishes for a smooth transition to your new home. I’m looking forward to hearing about it and seeing photos!

  32. Hello Laurel, It was sad to see your old apartment all dismantled and packed up. It seems that we have had almost as many adventures there as you have. I forgot to mention it before, but it was a special treat to see your apartment all spiffed up for the real estate photos, so we got to see all of it at once, with your many touches and improvements.

    When I moved into my current apartment there was a serious typhoon going on. Large trees were being downed all over, but my intrepid movers made it through the storm.

  33. Hi Laurel,
    Moving anytime is not without it’s problems. But with a massive snowstorm on its way has got to be the worst.
    When does the new owner of your place take possession? Do you need to be out by a certain day so they can get in?

  34. You’re such a trooper. You’ll do great and in a few days this will all be behind you. All the best on your move and have a lovely Christmas!!

  35. How exciting for you! I don’t think you need to worry about the comfort of the mattress topper . . . Either you will to too excited to sleep or so exhausted you could sleep on the bare floor. I am happy for you and this life changing experience.💕

  36. When a plan I make doesn’t go as such, I know that I’m totally in the “God’s Plan” mode. It always comes with blessings 🙂 We actually moved into our home Dec. 16th, 21 years ago! Best wishes & much joy in this exciting time. Will look forward to see what you do to your wonderful new home. God Bless & Happy Holidays!!

  37. Laurel – so glad you are not moving today… we moved in a blizzard 3 years ago, and it was awful! Good luck Friday/Saturday – can’t wait to see the many posts you do from your new digs!

  38. Wise and gracious decision on changing your moving date! Keeping others safe always matters more than sticking to a schedule. And those Comm Ave lights stay up til March and sometimes we have snow in April. That gorgeous rooftop snow scene looks to be from this past October, not December. You can see the autumn leaves beneath the snow, giving a weird pastel effect. It was a fluke.We rarely have very snowy winters so we’re excited about this storm!

    I wish you all the best with the move! Loved the story of the young man! I’m so jealous that you’re getting rid of stuff and I’m inspired to fill more bags now. Thank you!

  39. Best of luck with your move, Laurel. I hope for your sake they overpredict the severity of this storm and that you and the movers sail into Boston and your new home without issue. Moving day is stressful enough without a foot of snow to content with! And thank you for your bullet points on moving – so true – and your lovely anecdote about the nice young man. Good luck and happy holidays.

  40. This was a lovely post, Laurel. And even though the delay was a disappointment to you, we know that these things are usually just a little blip. Loved the story of the young man. I always give my things away to someone who can use them. Win-win for everyone. Take care, and I’m really looking forward to your decorating adventures in your beautiful new home.

  41. Best of luck with the move, Laurel. Your new place is simply wonderful and I’m sure will bring you much pleasure making it into a warm and comfortable home. Warm being the operative word these days! That snow is also headed our way (Nova Scotia).

  42. Wishing that everything goes smoothly (as far as possible) on Friday & Saturday. Remember that those last few small things that will go into your car tend to end up being rather more than you thought. We made that mistake and the final car load was two, both of them a squash!

  43. Oh I’m so relieved! I must’ve just read too fast and not gotten the context that you sent out. Hopefully, you won’t have to sleep on your floor even on a mattress topper. I know it’s an exciting time and I’m so excited for you. Good luck with everything and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your updates.

  44. Lost my comment twice!!
    So very brief.
    Good Luck!
    The following questions are more rhetorical. I don’t expect you to answer or even entertain them. They may not even be pertinent to your home.
    Concern (unfounded?) if your parking spot will be plowed for you on Friday; will the access (alley;side street?) be plowed & wide enough to actually negotiate.
    Is there good compliance for snow emergency parking protocol on your street (the frontage)?
    Or, is the street hard to negotiate until everyone digs out?
    Is it safer to stay in a hotel outside the city (because of possible snow issues) and drive in early Saturday morning giving the plows and snowed in vehicles time to clean up – perhaps the neighbor or your realtor could give guidance?
    Again good luck. I am so happy that you found a beautiful gem in your desired neighborhood and I wish you every happiness.

  45. Sending Very Best Wishes for your move Laurel, and hoping you enjoy a fabulous and joyful Christmas with Family. At our home we will be eating mountains of cold prawns & lobsters; fresh salads; cold English trifle; ice-cream with fresh fruit salad; fresh berries and cherries. Maybe finish off with Fruit Mince Pies. And wishing we were having a snow storm rather than “enjoying” temperatures of around 113F/45C, in the shade. Love to you and your readers. We in Australia are doing so well now with COVID 19 – no deaths or community transference. Lets hope that 2021 is a far better year for the whole of the planet.

    1. Oh my. What’s the difference, except for scalding temps? It’s so bad here. But, I’m so glad that you’ve been spared. That is some intense heat! Actually, the virus does not like sunshine, nature’s disinfectant! Alas, the sun will be on its way back to us, very soon. The vaccines are arriving. It will be better a year from now, I pray.

  46. Please, oh please, Laurel do not spend the night in your car! First of all, it’ll be too cold and secondly, it’s just not safe for many reasons. And thirdly, what will you do when nature calls…and she will, you know!
    Please get a hotel room. Yes, it will be an added expense, but you’re so worth it! I hope the rest of your move is easy, breezy.
    Can’t wait to see your new place develop into “your home”.

    1. Oh my, no. I won’t be sleeping in my car. I’m sorry if I gave that impression. The car is sleeping outside; I can sleep inside my new apartment. I’ve owned it for six weeks, now. But, if I put the mattress topper down and it’s not unbearable, I’ll go find a place to stay for the night. The movers will be arriving between 9:00 and 10:00 on Saturday. I guess they’ll be leaving quite early.

  47. Best of luck on your move! Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff! (This is from a reader who packed up and moved out of state during the height of the pandemic:) )
    Most of it really is small stuff in the scheme of things. Dont forget about What drew you there. And that GORGEOUS apt! What a place to ride out a snowstorm!

    1. Great advice, Julie. You are so right. This could be soooo much worse. The buyer for my place in NY hasn’t closed yet. Imagine if her closing was tomorrow and she was planning on moving in later in the day. It happens.

  48. Moving – ugh! Good luck. Isn’t it fun when you have to do everything yourself including troubleshooting! When its over it will be such a relief. Wondering where your car will be parked so you can overnight Friday night safely? Wishing you a hassle free move.

  49. This is not a non-post. It is pure Laurel. Typically wonderful of you to share a story of human connection and what really matters despite 12’ of snow dumping on your big move. I love it!
    I was raised near Ottawa. I have a picture of mom standing on the snow bank leaning against the roof of the house. Sure, it was a rancher but still! I’ll take the wet coast any day. Good luck with your move. Be safe and enjoy your first Christmas in Boston.

    1. Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say, Gail. I always feel guilty when I haven’t spent 12 hours. My problem, of course.
      Some people are probably relieved. lol It’s true, the west coast has the best weather. Alas, we have an edge on some other things. And, the beauty of spring after a stinging winter is a high like none other. Winter can be beautiful, too. I may adopt winter mask-wearing outdoors forever. It really does help.

  50. Blessings on your move and on the great guy who made up the small boxes and had homes for all the stuff you were going to donate. Win Win

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