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Hi, this is a little info before you dive in.

If you want to go directly to the shop please click here.quadrille-roman-shade

There are a few of you who knew me back when—about three years ago when I was young and dumb. I spent thousands of $ and thousands of hours creating a little online shop. There were two massive problems.

  1. Nobody was looking at my website and therefore, nothing was sold
  2. The entire thing blew up in an update about 10 months later.

See? I told you. dumb. I had no idea what I was doing, but I sure did learn a lot. Ultimately, I knew that it wasn’t the right thing for me and it wasn’t the right time, so I let it sit and continued to build my blog and readership. And here we are!

To be clear, this is a place to shop, but I am not the vendor. I’m pointing out some cool stuff I’ve found in a curated collection. When you click on the image or link, you will be taken to the vendor. If you happen to purchase something, I will get a verrrry small commish. Of course, this is at no extra charge to you. And if you just want to browse, I’m cool with that too.

***However, this part is super important***

If you buy something and aren’t happy with it, or it’s busted, you need to contact the vendor, not me. You are welcome to cry in my coffee. I will be sympathetic, but there’s nothing I can do to help you because you only saw the product here, I’m not the merchant.

I very much appreciate your support! Thank you so much!

And again, if you missed the link to the shop, please click here.


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