The Dreamiest Bedrooms + Where I Go For My Bed Linens

Dear Laurel,

Thanks for the post about the bedrooms and the furniture. I wish I could see it all more together. I won’t say that your little widgets suck – lol except for me, they don’t give the whole picture.

Yet, what you did must’ve taken you hours and hours.

And it’s free.

I’m also LOVING the hot sales pages. And thank you for creating two more sub pages. It really does help to keep things more organized. I also like the labels that you added to some of the images.

I’ve picked up a few things and it’s fun when a package arrives!

Okay, I saw someone else ask about bed linens, recently.

Sincerely, Your Readers


Hi Everyone,

That’s definitely an amalgam of messages and requests.

I’ve done a lot of bedrooms, but actually, not a lot of bed linens except for custom duvets, bed skirts and shams. Stuff like that. But sheets, the clients usually get because the brands available to me are out of their price-range.

However, these days there are so many wonderful places to get bed linens.


So, per usual, I began my research and as I was doing so, shifted gears a bit.

It all came about after happening upon the charming home furnishings brand, Biscuit Home that I discovered several months ago.

In fact, there were a few Mother’s Day gifts from there.

Biscuit Home is owned by the super-talented designer Bailey McCarthy and the brand is dripping with sophisticated and stylish charm.

And so are her bed linens that seem familiar but with a fresh twist.


I came across this image again after having first seen it a few weeks ago.


bed linens biscuit home - wallpaper Chiang Mai Dragon - Schumacher

I’m feeling in love. Are you too?

Oh, those colors! Those draperies!!!

I really would like to live here. Just a microwave and mini fridge in the closet is all I need!


I KNOW what’s coming…







That’s when I realized that I really wanted to knock myself out and do this little exercise.

The wallpaper is easy. Anyone who’s read my blog for at least a year has seen the oft-mentioned

Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon.

If you own the paint collection/paint palette collection, I think I used just about every colorway it

comes in for throw pillows on the various boards. And, a few pieces of furniture too. Plus, drapes for one board. No, not every board, but probably—-

hold on, I will go and count.

Hang on, I’ll be right back.

If you need to pee, you should have plenty of time…


I’m back.


Yes, nine different boards and one I used it in two different colorways. The blue colorway, is the most popular color on the boards.


I used it for this job I did a few years ago, for a very tiny sunroom in Larchmont. Lovely clients! The little white Chinese Chippendale side chair is by Jonathan Adler and I had it reupholstered in the Chiang Mai Dragon. And there are two bolster pillows for the settee as well, but I took them off for this photo. (garden stool: Pottery Barn kids. Oh my, it was just discontinued!)

OH! And, another frequent visitor is the lovely Serena and Lily end table that I adore!

The Bliss Studio Greek Key Pillow is available here.

The Bamboo Relax Chair from Noir Furniture is available at Gilt.

The table lamp is from Jamie Young but is discontinued. However, a similar version is available at Pottery Barn and as of now, is available on sale.

The garden stool is from Wisteria but discontinued.


The clients took a screened in porch and made it suitable to sit in all year round.


Oh man. I did something new for you guys tonight and while I was doing it I didn’t know if it would work. But phew! I think it does.

I had a hunch that I would be able to find everything, in addition to the bed linens.

How do I do this?

Do I possess some magical powers?

Uhhhhh…. no. If I did, I wouldn’t have taken all day to figure this out! haha.

But I do enjoy the hunt.


And, you can do this too!


I explain all of my methods of detective work in a bonus chapter in Laurel’s Rolodex.

But, I found everything! And from some of my favorite sources.


Now, this part IS magic.


If you hover over each object on the board below and then click on it, (when you see the little hand) it will take you to the source.

I was so nervous while I was making this thing I was shvitzing like a pig! haha

But it works fine for me.


Of course, all of the Biscuit Home items are on Biscuit Home. ;]



The only thing I couldn’t locate was the white sham. There’s a blue one and I thought it was a mistake so I color-corrected it.


bed linens from biscuit home - David Hicks - the vase wallpaper by Clarence House


Another lovely vignette from Biscuit Home.


Love David Hick’s “The Vase” produced by Clarence House for those in the trade. If not, you can get it here, for a very good retail price.

We did this paper in yellow about three years ago. I don’t have better photos unfortunately. :[


beautiful bed linens from biscuit home

Love this fabulous blue and white beauty. I recognize the wallpaper as Cole and Son’s Palm Jungle.

And I’m 99% sure that the Bed is Lee Industries. I don’t have a good source for that, however.

Below are more beautiful beds, night stands, some lamps, a chandelier or two and one armoire.


I saved these last Wednesday, but if you recall from that post about bedrooms; I did little widgets which some of you loved and some of you, not so much.


These pieces are in random order. And, most are very reasonably priced.

My general criteria is that items, if rated, should have four stars or higher.



To close off, I am leaving you with some of my favorite sources for bed linens.


Boll and Branch – Lovely line of organic cottons. Fabulous endorsement from Mary in the comments.

Brook Linen – This source is new to me, but the reviews are incredible!

Serena and Lily – Yes, we know that one, Laurel. ;] Please don’t forget that they still have lots of gorgeous linens on sale.

Ballard Designs – 40 years in business and for good reason is this home furnishings brand so successful.

Neiman-Marcus (owns Horchow– Lots of high-end lines.)

Bloomingdales – (it’s like no other store in the world! :] I linked to this amazing down comforter that’s also in the Hot Sales Page)

Pottery Barn – (remember when they used to sell only dishes and stuff like that?)

Nordstrom   (have you seen my sales page for clothes? I’m very proud of it.)

Williams Sonoma Home

Wayfair – The really do have everything. (and quite the sale now too!)

Amazon – Just because it’s so durned convenient and you can get sheets, mascara, moisturizer, diapers and a new set of tires all in one fell swoop! I love one-stop shopping!

Do you have a favorite source for linens?





58 Responses

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I love it too! It’s like all of things I loved about helping folks furnish their homes without all of the aggravation. Not from the clients 99.9% of the time. Everything else!

  1. I purchased my last set of sheets from Sam’s Club. I got the more expensive set & oh my gosh are they wonderful. I know this doesn’t sound like Neiman Marcus or Horchow or even Pottery Barn, but they are very luxurious & inexpensive.

  2. I own the blue raffia nightstand and love the look. I will warn, however, that there are some drawbacks. First, don’t get it wet (like from a glass with condensation). The raffia is coated with wax, and the wax will turn white when water soaks in. Oops. Second, the raffia covering gets beat up in the areas where it gets touched often. Mine isn’t too bad, but my husband drags his nightclothes and electronics in and out of the drawers, and they are a bit beat up. Wah-wah. Thirdly, we started having trouble opening and shutting most of the drawers. They were fine, and then suddenly they’re hard to open. Not sure why. They don’t have rails, so there’s a lot of friction.

    Regarding bedding, I have never invested in good bedding, but I love Bailey Quinn’s decorating style as well as Biscuit’s bedding designs. It’s very tempting!

  3. Hi Laurel,
    Thanks for the linen sources. I’m searching for new sheets that would go in our Periwinkle bedroom, not an easy task. I do have a source for bed linens that I don’t think is normally known for linens – Frontgate. Their catalog shows only a couple of sheet sets but, if you go on their website, they really have a big selection and they are mostly high-end. They currently have a good sale in their outlet, I got a very nice quality bedskirt normally $129 for $33!! That’s my tip for the day.

  4. There is so much good information here about bedding which I have totally enjoyed. However looking back to the photo from Larchmont, I didn’t see a source for the white pillow with the bordered edge sitting on the left hand chair. It is a bit different than others of that style and i would love to be able to look it up.
    Keep up the good work! Cathy

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Sorry about that. I had done run out of steam. But no problem. That is one of my favorite pillows of all time. In fact, I owne it which you can see if you go to the home page. (please click the top logo and it will take you there.)

      And, the pillow for sale is in the Favorite Home Furnishings tab in the menu bar. under blue and white

      It’s from a to the trade vendor, but there’s a retail source to get the pillow if you click on the image.

      I own this pillow but it is from a to the trade source. However, I did find it online.

  5. Hi Laurel,
    We just remodeled our bedroom and purchased Boll and Branch sheets. They are soooo lovely. They do solids and tone on tone stripes only, but they are beautiful and the price is fantastic.
    This is the only sheet set I have ever had that I do not ever have to adjust the fitted sheet once its on…fabulous!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Oh yes! Forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely line of organic cottons. Thanks for the endorsement, too. I added a link to the list at the bottom of the post.

  6. Hi Laurel,
    Great post as always! I buy all of our towels and most of our bed linens from Neiman’s when they are on sale. They monogram inexpensively, too. Also find some at Marshall’s from time to time. We like crispy percale. I have been looking at some at Zara Home. They have a big sale right now so I think I will try their percale.

  7. Hello Laurel…

    Love following you. I don’t know how you do it all!

    My question is about the bedding shown in the photo on One King’s Lane advertising this bed “Alessandra Upholstered Bed, Wheat/Tweed”. I looked through all the bedding pages on their website but didn’t see it. Any ideas?

    Thanks much.

  8. Another vote for Thomas Lee. So generously sized they easily fit my thick mattress -and- mattress topper. The elastic goes all the way around. They last a really long time too.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Oh gosh, I don’t see it. That might be a good thing! lol But… I did have the courage to see if my graphic worked on a phone and it does. That’s a fun bit of technology.

      Next time, I’ll try to put a number there or something so that it’ll be easier to click.

  9. Thank you for another wonderful post! I appreciate all the bedding sources! Love your blog and sense of humor!

  10. Gorgeous bedroom that you did. A few weeks ago I got a set of sheets from Crane & Canopy for our guest room. They feel wonderful, although I haven’t slept on them. Guess I should try them out.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Well, then you’ll have to wash them. The one thing I wish more than almost anything is for someone to make my bed for me. I mean after the sheets have been laundered. It is so not my cup of tea. I’m always struggling to get that fitted sheet on and then my hand invariably gets a sharp bite when it gets caught between the frame and the mattress.

  11. Hi Laurel,
    I think you may have out done yourself! (Or do I always think that?) Everything is beautifully edited and you’ve provided the sources to boot! Excellent format too..I know you’ve been working hard at this and it shows. I learned a lot from the feedback your readers gave too regarding their fave linen sources. Thank you Laurel!!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Thank you for noticing. I definitely edit, edit, edit. I had at least another 15 or so pieces in the big widget and for one reason or another, they got the ax. Not that they were bad, but some redundancies and some other similar choices were better, IMO.

      One thing I haven’t mentioned is the use of a full-sized chest or desk as a night table or if two beds, an in between table. This can be very nice, I think. But it depends on the space. (don’t I always say that? haha)

  12. I do love Crate & Barrel. But, being in Canada I avoid many of the US online options because once you factor in the exchange rate, shipping, taxes & customs duties the prices become ridiculous.

      1. Laurel, I live in Canada as well so can relate to what Christine has stated, however there is what is called ‘borderfree’ that she may be interested in, whose list of retailers have expanded considerably since it originated. (As a consumer, there is no fee to join.) That said another alternative is; if one lives close to the U.S.A. border (as I do) they can use a U.S. (brokerage) address that enables them to avoid some of the extra expenses she mentioned. For example; many if not most of the larger American retailers ‘ship’ within the United States, free of charge. Secondly, as one processes the item through customs themselves, no ‘handling fee’is incurred though the ‘broker’ I mention does charge a small fee of only $5.00 upon pickup BUT will store an item up to a year totally free. Thirdly, regarding the ‘duty/tax’; from my own personal experience there has been the occasion that I’ve actually been waved through even though I’ve been well over the entitled limit which has been a plus. Last but not least; also one should consider prices are still much cheaper in the United States overall so if you can get an item on sale it can be a win-win situation particularly if our $ is at par. Apologize for being so long winded but hopefully this information will assist a few of your Canadian readers … and thank you so much for the sources most of which I am aware of (exception Brook Linen) but admit I haven’t ordered bedding from, though I have from Macy’s (Hotel Collection) that I was somewhat pleased with. -Brenda-

  13. Our family loves the sheet and comforters from a small company called Cuddledown in Maine. Their down products and plain sheets are of very high quality – and Oeko tex certified as well. Their plain sateen sheets and hotel sheets are really nice – guests comment on the quality. They do not have the high fashion style of Horchow or Serena and Lily, but for plain sheets and for pillows and comforters, you might want to check them out.

  14. Good morning Laurel, I have had very good experiences with I just purchased some Matouk percale sheets (great for summer) with a 20% coupon code.

  15. Hi Laurel,
    I was wondering what made you pick Pottery Barn. I bought their Pearl Embroidered sheet set & duvet cover a while back & after washing them they are a wrinkled mess. On my bed they looked nothing like the pretty pictures on their website.
    Did I buy the wrong type? I’ve noticed all their cute sheets are 100% cotton. Do you prefer a different type of fabric for sheets?
    I may be retired but I don’t have time to be ironing sheets.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes, cotton usually wrinkles. One solution is to take them out of the dryer and immediately put on the bed. That helps and so does repeated washings which will soften the fibers. I also use a little fabric softener. The only one I can stand however, is Final Touch. The others are too perfume-y and the “scent free” is not, IMO.

  16. The first place I go for linens is Tuesday Morning. They almost always have a good selection of Sferra and Peacock Alley sheets and coverlets etc for a fraction of their original cost.

  17. Hello Laurel! Love reading your blog – I get so much inspiration for my own Interior Design clients (and myself too!).
    My “go to” linen sources include Horchow and Pottery Barn (I think their sheets are fabulous) but have purchased from Peacock Alley many times (love the Cadence). Check ’em out!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

    1. Hi Martha,

      PB has a very pretty collection! Horchow is terrific as well, but a higher price point. I also like Peacock Alley. I’ve seen them at the New York Now show many times.

  18. Hello Laurel,

    Thank you for your good work! I look forward to your emails chock full of great intel every Sunday morning. If looking for luxurious white sheets, you can’t go wrong with Thomas Lee. Terrific quality, great basics and they run timely sales (15-20-25% off with free shipping).


  19. My favorite sheets are from RH (Restoration Hardware). They offer percale with a 50-year vintage finish that is wonderful! Sheets are nicely sized to fit deep mattresses and don’t shrink. They get softer with each washing and have a lovely hand, AND they aren’t prohibitively expensive, especially when on sale!

    1. Hi Diana,

      Good to hear. Most of my clients used to purchase from RH and then I heard last year from several readers that the quality of the sheets had gone down. But glad to hear that you have had a positive experience.

    1. My son wanted new sheets last year and had asked for some from parachute. For some reason both my children prefer a fitted sheet and duvet, no top sheet. Parachute sells sets without the top sheet. It’s a nice quality and they have worn very well.

      I purchased a set of linen sheets from rough linen. They are great once you break them in (which was about six washings for me). I’m loving linen so I got a set in Rose from Pottery Barn and they have washed into such a fabulous set of sheets. Linen isn’t for everyone, but if you like it like I do, you are hard pressed to put other sheets on your bed!

      I also own some Peacock Alley and Sferra sheets. Totally different feel, lovely and silky.

      For the reader that hasn’t spent money on sheets. It makes a huge difference. It’s such an amazing gift to give yourself. Im excited to make my bed every morning so I can slide into my perfectly welcoming bed every night. Good sheets are amazing.

  20. Hi! Love your blog, it has been incredibly helpful. We have an old 1900 house that someone desecrated with 80’s oak. Poor house. Anyway,we just started on the kitchen remodel (not planned, someone gave us some 70K white cabinets) which I am doing with white hex floors and marble. Anyway, since you are working on bedrooms…I am quite curious what you would do with this bed as far as bedroom styling. We have it in mahogany,not white as we have an 8 foot mahogany wardrobe from England. The old listing had the bed with a gorgeous red wall behind it.

  21. My favorite place for linens is absolutely Horchows!! They have the best leopard sheets in the whole world! Quality is unsurpassable on anything you buy! Expensive? Yes, but worth every penny! Look up those leopard sheets…my absolute fav….

    1. Oh, I will! I didn’t realize this until recently, but Horchow and Neiman Marcus have the same exact offerings because N-M owns Horchow. I don’t know if it was always like that. In fact, I just googled Norchow leopard sheets and it spat back N-M.

      Those look wonderful.

      I think that if I had these sheets my life might’ve turned out differently. haha

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