Is It Too Late To Spiffy Up the Bedroom Decor For Xmas?

Dear Laurel,

Denial should be my middle name. My youngest of two kids graduated college in 2013.

Sure, they come back for the odd visit. Oh, why is it that now that they are actually fun to be around, lol I hardly ever see them anymore?  Not fair!

But here’s my issue. As I mope through my home, I frequently pass by their bedrooms that sit forlornly as museums of their youth. And maybe twice a week or so, a fleeting thought comes into my mind, that I really should do something about them.

Like, rent a backhoe and clear them out? haha

However, those thoughts suddenly became sheer panic as I just found out that we have been elected to host my husband’s family for Christmas. Eegads! The last time we did it, was at least 18 years ago and it was mighty tight in our 2,100 sq feet 3-bedroom home. But, we were all young and it sure was fun. But, it’s time to move on…

I mean, if I don’t do something about the two bedrooms now, when am I? The family is descending upon us on December 23rd. I just checked the calendar and that is just over 11 weeks away!

Please, please say that it’s not too late; I’m hoping that you’ll say it’s okay and will have some ideas to spiffy up the soon-to-be guest bedroom decor. My living room could use some help too. I am NOT expecting free advice, but imagine that lots of people feel overwhelmed about decorating, especially at this time of year. So, maybe a blog post on the subject? Pretty please?

Many thanks,



Hi Holly! That Is a great idea for a post. BTW, I have a sister named Holly and she loves Christmas too!

It’s difficult to think about Christmas when the leaves are still on the trees and green. (at least in southern Westchester County, NY).

But alas with 11 weeks until the family descends, there is no time to waste! You still have time, but not a lot of time. If you are only ordering sheets, duvets, shams, etc. and they are in stock, then you should get them within a couple of weeks or so. For custom orders, the lead time is usually 8-10 weeks.


If I were in this sitch, I’d open up my ‘puter and head straight over to Serena and Lily.



New Customers can join S & L’s email list and get 15% off their first purchase!


That is, unless you happen to live within proximity to one of their gorgeous stores. (Most are in Cali)



Sacramento Street Blog

Their flagship San Francisco store– just reeking with stylish sophistication.


If you don’t already know Serena and Lily are two women (Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter) started a company because they couldn’t find any stylish linens for their nurseries.

I first heard of the company about 10 years ago when I had a client who I was helping her with her home and then her nursery. She clued me in and I was very impressed with their collection of coordinated, stylish, fresh linens that didn’t shout BABY all over them.



A charming Serena and Lily Nursery

Pretty soon, I was receiving their catalog but what interested me the most is that they had started to branch out into other areas of home furnishings.



Wonderful upholstery available in many, many fabrics.


The adult furnishings, had a fresh, breezy appeal as well. Serena and Lily caught my attention because they managed to fill a rare void in the home furnishings market that was sorely needed.

Since then, the line has grown and grown and now encompasses thousands of different pieces for all rooms of the home and an ever-changing fresh line of fabrics to put on the many upholstered items.


I LOVE this company!


As a matter of fact, when I created my website back in 2012, much of the inspiration for colors and style was derived from their website. Since then, their branding has changed a little. What hasn’t changed is their philosophy of fresh, high-quality furnishings at a reasonable price-point.


When I purchased my home in 2012, the first thing I bought was


this ottoman


this shower curtain.


and the wonderful Harbour Cane Bed that I pretty much live on! (shhh… don’t tell anyone) ;]

I also got a laundry basket, some gifts.(please note that the ottoman and shower curtain were recently discontinued) Oh, and later on, I got that mirror too which is in my  gray bathroom.

The bed is available in several sizes and  they have added a white version which you’ll see in a sec.

One of the things I love about Serena and Lily’s product-line is that it neither screams out female or male. But, it is possible to make a room very girly OR very masculine.


 Studio McGee

The perfect girl’s room, featuring Serena and Lily Harbour Cane bed in white

Serena and Lily Harbour Can Bed

The same Harbour Cane bed as mine which looks fabulous in this more masculine room. But, I could see a lot of girl’s liking this too.


Fulton Tufted bed by Serena and Lily Bedroom Decor

Above is Serena and Lily’s new Fulton Tufted bed which I absolutely adore. I love the tailored headboard and the pretty legs and upholstered rails.

And here’s the really cool thing.

They have over 150 fabrics that all of their upholstered pieces come in.

Serena and Lily Tufted Bed - bedroom decor

Here is the Fulton bed in a different fabric (well, duh) and gorgeously dressed in their classic linens. This bed is so beautiful and reasonably priced starting at only $1,495.00!


But they don’t just have beds. In addition there are some gorgeous pieces of upholstered furniture– sofas, chairs, ottomans…



Take any upholstered piece like this fabulous Kent Chair


Here are just a few of the fabrics. I picked the big buffalo check in turquoise. And their app allows us to see each upholstered piece in that exact fabric.


How cool is that? There is also a choice of leg color, but I love the white option for many of the pieces.


But here’s the HOT NEWS, just off the press!


I do know that Serena and Lily accept Customer’s Own Material (COM)for their upholstered pieces, if you’re a designer and a member of their designer program.


But what I just, just, just found out, is that anyone can send in their own fabric.


That makes the options practically endless!


Getting Back to Bedroom Decor




A very small sample of bedding options.


Here are more S & L sheets and Sheet Sets.



Sample of some Pillow Shams


A few of their many pretty pillows


They also sell fabric by the yard, if you’d like to make your own pillows, window treatments,


or a bed for your cute doggie!


Here, Summer Thornton created a fresh den with Serena and Lily pillows and on the vintage ottomans, a Serena and Lily fabric.

But there’s much more for your home and bedroom decor.


They also have some great bedroom design ideas.


Bedroom furniture - Bedroom Decor from Serena and Lily

Case pieces and tables and more beds both upholstered and not.


Some of their fabulous lighting.


Beautiful rugs

Studio McGee living room with a Serena and Lily rugHere in situ, in one of Studio McGee’s gorgeous rooms is the Mirabelle rug which also comes in charcoal now.


Suzanne Kasler used a S & L wallpaper in this cool bedroom


If anyone is interested, I have been given a promo code (below) and you’ll get 15% off if you are in the market for sheets and stuff.

Click here and use code GETAWAY15 – Valid – 10/6-10/14

Hope that helps!



PS: This is not a sponsored post even though it sounds like it is. :] However, some of the links are affiliate links meaning I might make a few cents if you click on them. As always, I only affiliate myself with brands and products that I adore, use myself and specify for my clients.




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