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Just a fairly quick post to give an update on the Bronxville job. The kitchen is still finishing up. The back splash tile came in too dark and goldish, so needs to be re-ordered and so now, we are working more on the master bed and bathroom, but here are some updated photos.


The backsplash behind the range is in and so are the gorgeous Perrin and Rowe faucets. BTW, that little black dot is not a piece of schmootz on your screen. lol  It’s the hole where the pot filler faucet will be going.


Oye, I’m having computer problems again! It’s driving me nuts, so I’ve resorted to writing in another program so that it won’t take me five minutes to type one sentence!

This week, the new wallpaper has started to go up and it is absolutely gorgeous.

decorating a home

It’s one of my all-time faves, the Ringwold pattern from Farrow and Ball. This is one of their archived colorways. I was a bit nervous, because it comes from England, but they had it over in a jiffy. Oh, remember when I said no  DYI when it comes to hanging wallpaper? If you don’t remember, you can read the explanation here. Okay then; who do you call when you need an expert job done?

The best.

I’ve been working in this business since 1992 and the only hanger I’ve ever worked with is Jack Grumet of Ultimate Enterprises. Call him. He doesn’t need a website. He doesn’t need to blog or write drivel on fakebook. Why he doesn’t even need to tweet. He’s waaaaay too busy for all that. He’s the best there is.(and fortunately, he doesn’t age.)


In addition, we are working on the master bathroom floor tile. The tile mason laid down the pattern on top of the 12″ sq Carrara Bella  tiles. The client came in and said that she needed to see more pattern, so we came up with the idea of using the hexagon tiles that we were going to use only in the shower, as a “field” of sorts with another thin border of the contrasting tile. Here is what we came up with. I like it both ways, but the client LOVES it the new way and so that’s not a big deal. BTW, I hate to call her “the client” because she is so NOT “the client” but she  prefers to be anonymous. I respect that a lot.


Here is the new  layout

In the master bedroom, we needed to come up with a stopping point for our wallpaper. So the contractor, Stuart Newsome added this very attractive trim. We love it! Even if we weren’t doing the wallpaper, it should’ve been there. Stuart is also the best and so are his team of helpers. I am very grateful because it’s a very long-term project  and it just makes life so much more pleasant.

So, it’s back on the phone with Microsoft! yuck.



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