Bahama Drama On The Enchantment Of The Seas Vacation

Hey Guys,

Well, I was going to write a different post, but thought I should say a few words about the trip I just took. Then 1000 words later, realized that the post IS about my Bahama island vacation.

Just got home the evening of the 13th. And well… most of us are still rocking.

If you’ve taken a cruise before, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about.


Winslow Homer –  Hurricane Bahamas 1898


However as the title states, there was some Bahama Drama and it wasn’t the good kind.


A few days ago, I debated saying anything, but maybe we can all learn something as I imagine that some have experienced something similar?

The reason that I’m debating is because Laurel, of the weak stomach got horrifically ill at the beginning of the cruise. And since I’ve had a couple of other health things in the last 7 months, I don’t want people to think that I’m a sickly person or that I’m looking for sympathy.

Most of the time, I feel absolutely fine and I very much do not want sympathy!

However, since it’s also Valentine’s Day; this post seems appropriate as I can’t think of anything more romantic than upchucking lunch, port side on an enchanting cruise.

Sorry for the sarcasm if VD is a favorite of yours. Somehow, that one has eluded me.


But here’s what happened at the beginning of our fun interior design girlfriends trip to the Bahama Islands.


On Board the Enchantment of the Seas Bahama Vacation View of Miami Florida skyline

We boarded the ship mid-afternoon on February 9th and I immediately went up as high as I could go to snap this pic of the Miami Skyline.


Here’s our beautiful ship. Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment Of The Seas.


And just so you know. I felt absolutely fine. In fact, you have to fill out a card stating that you, in fact do feel fine.

I really did.

But before the trip, I thought that I would pamper myself and so had booked a salt-scrub/massage for 4:30– just before we left the port of Miami.


Winslow Homer via Sotheby’s


If you’ve never had this treatment, let me tell you; it’s the most divine thing ever.

First the aesthetician rubs this salt-shit all over your body. Granted, there’s a little searing, stinging pain, but believe me, it’s worth it. The pickling salt mixture sits on your skin for a couple of minutes and then you shower it off which takes a few as it’s rather sticky. As I was showering in a lovely treatment room with wrap around windows, the ship was leaving port. How fabulous!

After the shower, you lay back down for a divine 30 minute massage with oil. And that’s it. I’ve had this a few times locally and you leave with the silkiest skin, feeling revived and energized.

What a perfect way to start a Bahama island vacay on a luxurious cruise ship!



And it was absolutely wonderful, until I sat up and realized that instead of feeling fabulous and rejuvenated, I felt phenomenally ill with incapacitating nausea.

Ship At Stormy Sea


I mean, massively seasick-like and we weren’t even going full-throttle yet! And, it wasn’t like we had a stormy sea or anything like that. No, as you can see, the weather was delightful and it was the entire five days!

Make no mistake, I tried desperately to talk myself down from that one!

Not in my right mind, I got suckered into purchasing a bunch of over-priced products. (okay, they ARE very nice products.) There was something about a coupon. Whatever. Couldn’t deal with anything except getting out of there.




First though; where’s the freaking Bonine? (like Dramamine but with less drowsy side effects) Popped one. They are chewable and the so-called raspberry flavor is one of the most gag awful things you can put in your mouth. But, I drank a full glass of water. I had already had a glass of water before the massage as well.

I started back to my room and passed a place where they had something to eat, which I thought might be part of the problem as I had not eaten lunch; unless you count one piece of candy as lunch. But the line was very long. Well, that wasn’t happening.

Yes, Mom. Please spare me the lecture! I know that’s not wise.  But now, I felt so sick, that eating anything substantial was not a viable option.

However, my “inner-Mom” always carries some food with me when I travel. In this case, I had a little bag of granola. Somehow, I got back to my room and found the cereal. I had a few bites of it and then I lay down in a fetal position waiting for the Bonine to kick in. That stuff as awful as it tastes does kick in quite quickly and works like a charm every time.

Except this time.

No, if there was any kicking going on, it was my stomach trying desperately to jump out of my body which was now in heavy-duty freak-out mode.


Photo taken by Jana Donohoe first night at sea Bahama Vacation Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas

photo taken by Jana Donohoe of the sun setting over the Atlantic ocean shortly after we left the Port of Miami. (More about Jana in a sec.)


But by now, we were really moving and I could feel the steady sway of a hell there is no escape from.



Then, I heard a knock at the door.



I got up verrrrry slowly not sure how I was to manage the entire distance of six feet; now, feeling worse, than ever because any movement at all told my brain to ramp up the nausea.

God sent to me in my hour of need, the Angel Isabel who announced herself as my cabin attendant should I need anything. As my head hugged the door frame there was only one thing that I needed.

Quite an experienced Angel, she knew what was going on immediately and was very sympathetic.

“You need green apple,” she said without skipping a beat.

Green apple what? Is that some sort of medicine? In my altered state, I was picturing some bright green potion that tasted like green apple. I would do anything to make this all go away.

And then I realized that she meant an actual Granny Smith Green Apple.


She came inside my stateroom which by the way, I loved and said, “I can call room service for you, but you have to speak to them.”

Speaking is manageable; moving, no.

On Board the Enchantment of the Seas Bahama Vacation - large interior state room

This is a room very similar to mine, only my TV was on the opposite wall. The door is out of view, but behind the mirror on the right.

As an aside, Isabel learned all eight of our names; the names of people on a three-day cruise that she was unlikely to ever see again. Most impressive, to say the least.

After Isabel handed me the phone, I ordered a green apple and some ginger-ale and it appeared about 40 minutes later.

Very slowly, I ate tiny pieces of the green apple and drank a few sips of the ginger-ale.

No change, whatsoever.

Well, actually no, that’s not true. My mouth was now very dry and I was feeling quite cold despite being told later that the room was very hot.

Winslow Homer


I started crying.

Really? This can’t be happening, damn it! I’ve been looking forward to this break for MONTHS!

Not exactly what I would call a respite!


But after nearly 3 hours of suffering, I figured I better let my Bahama Island traveling buddies in on what was going on.


Before I go on… just have to say, and this really makes me want to cry… but these seven women, all interior designers are some of the most delightful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Each and every one. Kind. Warm. Funny. Supportive. And for that one reason alone, this was the most fabulous vacation ever!

They all came into the room and looked so beautiful because they were about to go to dinner, but darling Claire Jefford stayed behind to look after me.


Fabulous kitchen designed by Claire.

Just have to interrupt myself because if you don’t know Claire, she’s both an extremely talented interior designer.


a rocking interior design business coach with a rapidly growing following of designers who want to learn more about the business of interior design. She loves doing both!

If you’re an interior designer or decorator and are not already in Claire’s Facebook interior design business group, I recommend it highly. Please note, that the group is ONLY for people in the design trade.

It is called Interior Design Business Strategies – Tagline: “IDBS, Where there is no BS.” And it’s absolutely true!

And, as if all of that is not enough, this young design dynamo is also a video expert and has a fabulous online course called Video For Profits, that walks one through the entire process.

Please also check out Claire’s phenomenal Youtube Channels and videos. Frankly, she needs her own TV show.

And a medal for taking such good care of me!


Of course, I felt horribly guilty because Claire was missing her dinner. This did not faze her one iota.


But, as things weren’t improving on their own, we came up with a simple, relatively easy-to-follow plan-of-action.


If the crackers didn’t help, we needed to get the ship doctor involved.

She found me some saltines which I struggled to eat because the inside of my mouth had gone from dry to lined with cotton. Plus, they tasted like they were made two days before the Titanic went out to sea.


Okay. Let’s just sail along here because you already know what happened.


The crackers did absolutely nothing.

Claire contacted guest services about getting me to the doctor.

It’s a minimum of $200, they said.

Fine. #itsonlymoney.

In a few, a wheelchair arrived and the very nice porter installed me into it.

Here’s what’s funny, if anything can possibly be funny at this point.

Some 8 hours earlier after our hotel transfer to the ship, the bus attendant said to me as I was stumbling down the aisle to get off of the bus. (with my heavy purse and even heavier tote bag)


“M’am, do you need a wheelchair?”


Good God! He was NOT joking! I damned near slapped that impudent young man!!! lol

But, too freaky; how did he know?

Talk about your foreshadowing!

The attendant and Claire rolled me down the loooooong hall and down the elevator to the bowels of the ship, where lives what looks like a mini hospital one might expect to see on a naval destroyer, not a luxury cruise ship on the way to a glamorous island vacation.

Once there, they shove some papers in your face and make you sign your life away into the care of a doctor you’ve never met before.

Whatevs. No choice.

They took my blood-pressure. 196/90. WTF???

Geeezzz, normally, if anything, I have exceedingly low blood pressure. That was the issue last summer.

And I was freezing, but temp was normal. So weird.

Like I said, the body was going through an extreme freak-out for sure.

After an exam and finding nothing else amiss, they gave me some IV fluids and Benadryl

and then…

Guess what happened?

Finally! I started to feel better. Woozy, for sure, but the intense nausea gave up its dogged quest to make me as miserable as possible.

Thank God!


I was told by the nurse that the Benedryl would make me drowsy AND sleepy.


Yes, that’s what she said. Obviously, she doesn’t know me.

I’ve taken Benedryl for bonafide allergies before and for some reason it does not make drowsy OR sleepy and it didn’t that night either.

After about two hours in the infirmary, they wheeled me back to my room where Claire ordered me some chicken soup and more crackers. These crackers tasted entirely different from the ones three hours earlier.

In the morning, I was still a little off, but not sick and I never got sick again, the entire trip.

Thank God, again!

I did get those anti-nausea wrist bands which I wore most of the time when the ship was moving, for the rest of the trip.

Do you know about those? They work by pressing on an acupressure point that supposedly relieves nausea and/or prevents it from occurring.

But, of course, there isn’t a “control laurel” that’s not wearing the wristbands.

And then after that, everything was fine, however, I took it easy on Saturday.

They said “no coffee.”

haha! Surely, they have no idea what they are talking about; NOT having coffee makes me nauseous!

But I did stay out of the sun.

My photo Enchantment Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Bahama Vacation - docked in Nassau

On Sunday, we got off the ship at Nassau and went straight to Paradise island. That is my pic taken while docked.

For some reason, I took NO photos of the beach/water. But fortunately, my friends did and are generously sharing.


The gorgeous waters off of Paradise island taken by Jana Donohoe a wonderful Interior designer who was also on the KBIS blog tour.


Another fabulous kitchen via Jana Donohoe’s portfolio.


photo by Sheri Bruneau Atlantis - Paradise Island Bahama vacation

And check out this incredibly lovely shot with the Atlantis resort in the background of the crystal-clear-blue-green water that the Bahama Islands are famous for.

Sheri Bruneau another KBIS blogtour member and native of one of the coldest but most beautiful places on earth, Calgary, Alberta, took this amazing image! Sheri’s specialty is renovations and she also has a wonderful blog.

Yesterday, we landed back in Miami and some of us spent the day there and in Miami Beach where I  did take a bunch of pics.

We went on two open top bus tours. First was a tour of the city of Miami and it’s many colorful neighborhoods. Here, we’re laughing because some of the tree branches came a little too close for comfort. In front of Claire Jefford, is  Karen Dunn, another talented designer from the Toronto area. Karen has a very interesting business sourcing and expediting orders for other interior designers.

Karen Dunn Interiors - bookcase styling in a pretty living room

So, for any designers in Canada, Karen’s one to know.

The rest of the pics are ones I took.


An interesting architectural element in Miami, Florida.

Then, we took another tour to Miami Beach which is separated by water from the city of Miami.


I love the elegant Spanish classical elements of this building.

The Art Deco-style hotels of South Beach are legendary and still fantastic. Believe it or not. This photo was not edited or put through a filter of any kind; only cropped. That’s how bright and clear the afternoon was on the 12th of February.

The Carlyle via Susan Gordon - Her Story Home
Oh wait, one last image taken by Susan Gordon, another fabulous designer, but her website is just getting off the ground. This is the well-known Carlyle hotel which has appeared in many movies including The Birdcage.

Hope that you enjoyed my vacation story and images. By the way, if you have not taken a cruise before, not everyone gets sick. It’s something like 30% of the population, I’ve read. And I really do feel absolutely fine now.

Plus, I highly recommend Royal Caribbean.

My best advice however, is to avoid the scallop appetizer at dinner. Get the Caesar salad or shrimp cocktail instead.

Please trust me on that one.





me in paradise taken by Liza Jones of Liza Jane Interiors- Bahama vacation
PS: Just received this lovely photo of me on the beach at Paradise island, Bahamas from darling Liza Jones, another designhound and talented interior designer!


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  1. Oh Laurel.. I really feel for you!! My BF now husband and I flew to Catalina island on those float planes to visit his aunt & uncle and we took the big white steamer back to Long Beach, I thought i was going to die, sick as a dog, couldn’t go below deck. As a kid I’d get carsick, seasick it was no fun. But the good thing was I never threw up, I would eat dry cereal that seemed to help. Finally, many years later I got over it and glad as our 2nd daughter got married on a caribbean cruise and I didn’t have any problems with it. As usual you can write with humor even about something that felt so bad..loved the pictures too. Thank you !! I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Hi Carol,

      I had horrible car-sickness as a child. In fact, we drove all the way from Evansville, IN to Miami Beach when I was 6 and I threw up the entire way down there!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! Your post made me laugh so hard that I actually cried! (Not that I don’t feel for you. I hate being nauseated. But your writing just cracked me up!) So glad you got to enjoy the majority of the trip. I ate Granny Smith apples while I was pregnant (craved them) and never got morning sickness. And I did read before my cruise around Italy that you should never look at the wake of the boat. Well, since I had never been seasick before, and since I was in the beautiful bar at the back of the boat, I decided to look. Follow the advice! I did get urpy and sleeping that night I felt every little ripple. I finally put two of the extra pillows under me buffer the movement. That worked! Here’s to fun cruises!

  3. I soo feel for you, Laurel! Your experience reminds me of my first and only ocean crossing which took place when we came to the USA from Germany when I was just twelve years old.
    I still remember being puzzled as to why there were ‘paper bag’ stations mounted every few feet on the walls in those very long corridors, and my Mother being rather evasive as she didn’t want to spoil the excitement of the trip..Ugh.I found out rather quickly what the purpose of those bags were..:-(

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry Dolores. That reminds me of my first plane ride at 11. (not counting the one when I was a baby). Everyone said how “smooth” the plane ride would be from Evansville, IN to Chicago. It’s 300 miles.

      Well, it was anything but smooth most of the way and I do recall tossing my cookies.

  4. Sounds to me as if you got food poisoning ! The whole shivering and nausea , think about what you had the night before , since it can kick in after 24-48 hrs! Best thing to have with you is pepto I believe !
    By the way I love your posts and interior design ideas ! No BS !
    Thanks for sharing !

    1. Hi Itrat,

      We were at the hotel and ordered something that was melted cheese on flat bread. Nobody else got sick, so that one is doubtful. And I had a salad for lunch. Food poisoning usually makes one have the runs too, and that didn’t happen.

  5. Poor Laurel! So glad that you recovered and were able to enjoy the rest of your cruise.
    BTW: I love the photo that you captioned: “The gorgeous waters off of Paradise island taken by Jana Donohoe a wonderful Interior designer who was also on the KBIS blog tour.”
    It looks like a painting; a beautiful painting that I would love to have hanging in my home!

  6. Hi Laurel! I’m so glad you were able to enjoy most of your cruise! I just went on my first cruise. I am not one to get motion sickness and was fine for the first 3 days. Then I got a massage (hot stone – fabulous!). After that, everything went crazy. At least it only lasted for an hour or two. But I really think it was the massage that caused it. Maybe that happened to you too. I’m glad it ended up being a nice vacation for you!

  7. Agree with the avoid scallops in general….for some reason if I ingest scallops then six hours later all hell breaks loose. Glad you survived. I very rarely leave site of shore, on occasions when I have (taking a ferry from point A to point B) the seas were flat thank heavens.

    1. Hi Susie,

      Someone else said that but I wrote her privately. Maybe you’re psychic? However, the scallop appetizer was the next night and they were very tiny, but swimming in a pool of butter. The night I was sick, I hadn’t eaten anything until the apple arrived. I don’t have any food allergies, thank goodness

  8. Laurel, it was a pleasure to hang out with you and the other 7 incredible gals on this fabulous trip. We had lots of laughs, plenty of sunshine and a bit of swaying…was that the boat or all the wine I was drinking?! HAHA!

    I’m so glad you felt better after Friday night. You were a trooper. After eating those crackers that tasted like glue, it was smooth sailing. 😉 Ok, maybe it wasn’t the crackers, but you did make me laugh. Love you lady! Cheers for all the shout outs!

    1. Hi Claire,

      Oh, it was definitely the boat rocking. I loved it when somebody said that my room seemed to be rocking more than theirs. Who knows. I did notice that the bathroom was bumpier than the room. When you think about how many steps there are between floors and how low the ceilings are, it means that there’s basically a floor of pipes for water and air in between the actual floors.

      Love you too! And happy birthday!!! xoxo

  9. Oh, Dear Lord! I was just reliving my honeymoon cruise reading this. We went to Europe for a month, most of it on a Cunard ship, and thank God for the scopolamine patches. I, being the stubborn tough bitch I though I was, did not put mine on right away. My new husband did, and HE got to enjoy the fancy formal lobster dinner while I was throwing up my guts with a sweet cabin steward(-ess?) named Gaby. She very kindly got me through it all, and insisted that I put on my patch. Next day and for the rest of the trip I was fine, except for slightly swimmy vision. But that was better than the uncontrollable barfing. … That North Sea was vicious.

  10. Oh Laurel,

    I can totally relate. This is the very reason I chose NOT to go on this fabulous designer vacay. The idea of boarding a cruise ship seems like walking a plank towards, like you so aptly stated: “the steady sway of a hell there is no escape from.” I’m the kid that couldn’t swing or ride the fair rides – always had to sit in the front seat of the car. Anyway, those Seabands are lifesavers – I won’t fly or doing anything in motion without wearing them. Sometimes I still have to add Dramamine if a flight is bumpy, but they do work great. Although, it looks like I’m wearing sweat bands, which is not particularly fashionable!

    I’m glad that you got better and that Claire took good care of you! xo

    1. Oh Kristie,

      It would’ve been so much fun having you with us. But I totally understand. And two or three of the others had a little bout of seasickness too. And yes, I have trouble with swings and fair rides. And car sick? oh my. And my father smoked in the car. It was a nightmare and I vowed at the age of eight that I would never smoke!

    2. Oh…this is so me! The reason I haven’t gone on a cruise! I took a bus to the gift show in NY one year and forgot the ‘Drama’mine. Good to hear the bands work so well! Haven’t tried those yet.

  11. Oh Laurel – how I empathize! You poor thing. We took a cruise from Miami a few years ago and the waves were so rough that we were delayed docking at one of our ports. It was hard to stand up straight at some points while walking the hall. Bonine saved me, but it was still not pleasant. I have had severe seasickness before and it can really mess up a vacation. Glad you felt better. Looked like a beautiful trip!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Yes, there’s a reason they have those bars along the walls. I worked on a ship as a dancer 39 years ago and we had some rocky rides. But funny, it’s the more even rocking that bothers me the most. And you do get your “sea legs.” But even seasoned sailors can get seasick.

  12. Oh my goodness Laurel, I’m very glad you were able to enjoy the rest of your trip once you got yourself sorted out. That must have been awful. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post after it ! I really love how you punctuate your posts with great art as well as photographs. And art that fits your topic too 🙂

  13. Hi Laurel, sorry to hear about the mal de mar. We had a sailboat many years ago and discovered it’s an inner ear problem, either you have it or you don’t.

    That said, scopolamine is the only thing that works. It’s now sold over the counter in patch form.

    Love your posts and your sense of humor. Hope all is well.

    Many thanks.

  14. Hi Laurel, Love your blog–I’ve just recently discovered you but have combed through so many articles–and already used photos from a window treatment post to help explain how to hang the rod to a spanish speaking handyman–a big hazard here in Miami! Glad you also enjoyed my town! I was wondering as I read this if you had a weird allergic reaction to something in the salt scrub–it might also explain why Benadryl seemed to help. Glad you were able to recover and enjoy the trip anyway! And thanks for writing such a beautiful, fun and informative blog!!

    1. Hi Jenn,

      I understand that we really lucked out with the weather because it’s been pretty rainy recently.

      We have a lot of Spanish speaking handymen here, as well. Unfortunately, I took French in high school.

      We were all quite surprised to see how BIG a city Miami is. Certainly, it has grown a lot in recent years and with the immense amount of building still happening, it looks like it’s still going strong!

      The last night, there were three of us left and we hung out on one of the balconies with a gorgeous skyline view of the city from the Biscayne Bay Marriott.

  15. Dear Laurel,

    I got nauseous just READING your blog! You poor baby! Reminds me of how I felt on my cruise but i wasn’t nearly THAT bad. Ugh.

    Glad you have wonderful friends!


    1. Hi Diane,

      Sorry about that. I was getting a little queasy reliving it, but it’s actually pretty common. What I didn’t say is that it’s more common in women. So maybe half of us get it.

  16. I love, love, love reading your blog because, in addition to your good taste and sane advice, you crack me up! You have a great writing “voice”. So glad I found you! (Glad your trip wasn’t a total disaster.)


    1. Hi Tara,

      Thanks so much! I do enjoy writing and every once in a while, like to throw in a post that I guess goes under the category of living as it relates to me. But what’s really cool is that it opens up a whole new conversation. And others can share their experiences on the topic.

      And it also keeps things from being too predictable. I’m not too fond of blogs where after a while, I feel like I’m reading the same post over and over again.

  17. As someone who also suffers from motion sickness, you have my unending sympathy. The most accurate description I’ve ever heard of seasickness is this: Stage 1: afraid you’ll die. Stage 2: afraid you might. never. die.

    So glad you were able to enjoy a couple of days.

  18. Laurel you were an absolute trouper – never lost your sense of humour – and thankfully bounced back and along with the other 6 fabulous designers, women, and now friends, made this a most remarkable and unforgettable trip. I am delighted to have had the chance to meet you and get to know you in person! Rock on, sista!

  19. Glad you’re feeling better…I wore those wrist bands during 4 months of my first pregnancy…they DID help. Please report this incident to your PCP…especially the BP reading! We need you, Laurel!!

    1. Hi Tea,

      They took my BP the following morning and it was 130/60. Normal. If it was still elevated, I’d be concerned; I’m due to see my dr in about 3 months and of course, I’ll mention it.

  20. Oh hon, I feel your pain…or should I say sickness. I’m like you, I get sea sick quite easily. One of my worst memories to this day was a rocky and rolling 2 hour ferry ride. Even though the outside temperature was about 20 degrees and snowing, I spent the full time laying on the outside deck holding on to the railing. It took all my determination to not jump overboard and end my suffering. The killer was when my “concerned” husband ventured out on deck with a Bloody Mary in one hand and a hot dog in the other. I almost threw him overboard!

  21. Hi Laurel,
    So glad your whole trip wasn’t ruined. The first time I went on a cruise, early 80’s, I was fine until I sat down for dinner. When I first felt my stomach grumbling, I thought perhaps it was the thought of having to sit with the assigned dining companions that the ship gods had bestowed upon us for. every. single. meal. Embarrassed much, I grabbed my napkin and covered my mouth desperately trying to hold back the puke while running to the nearest restroom. Finally made my way back to the cabin, where, like you, I laid in a fetal position wondering if they charged extra for burial at sea. I should have applied the damn Scopolamine patches, that I thought I wouldn’t need, before I got on board. Got a big kick out of seeing so many people with those things stuck behind their ears, looked like aliens had taken samples or injected something. The next cruise I put the patches on before boarding, as prescribed. However as soon as I sat down for dinner the same thing happened, except the nausea didn’t last very long. I love cruising and guess the patches still work, I’m not willing to take a chance to see otherwise. I must say the most fabulous cruise (in every way) was on the Delta Queen on the Mississippi River, didn’t need to take anything for motion sickness since there aren’t any waves. If you haven’t already cruised the river and toured the gorgeous plantations along it’s banks, add it to your bucket list. It’s fabulous dah’lin.
    Take care of you!

    1. Hi Patty,

      “I laid in a fetal position wondering if they charged extra for burial at sea.”


      One woman on the trip came armed to the gills and was completely fine the entire time!

      The Mississippi River cruise sounds fabulous!

  22. Hi Laurel,
    Beautiful pictures. Do you know what color paint the walls are in the fabulous living room in the picture after you on the bus at the end of the post? Love the wall color. Thanks!

  23. Glad the infirmary was able to get you back on your feet so you could enjoy your much anticipated vacation. I worked for RCC for a short time and Carnival for 8 years. Wasn’t sick too often but when it hits it hits hard! I LOVE South Beach. I could spend days just wondering through lobbys looking at light fixtures and all those fabulous deco details. Tonight though my heart goes out to Floridians in the wake of the terrible shooting there today. No words just the deepest sorrow… Take care.

    1. Hi Gail,

      Yes, I know… It’s heartbreaking and I don’t know how many more people are going to have to get murdered before something will change, so that these massacres will cease!

  24. Laurel, I sympathize with you! I never got seasick in my life until a cruise from Mexico to LA. Tried valliantly to overcome it by walking on the outside deck, working out in the fitness center (alone I might add as the ship was rolling so badly I had to hold onto the treadmill for dear life) then finally creeping back to the state room (ugh, nearly crawing in there by then). Eight hours later unabale to lift my head off the pillow, i could finally stand up. I did not take any drugs though
    I should have looking back…..just talking about it makes me nauseous!

  25. Laurel, I’m a bona fide cruiser. Have been loving cruising since I was 15 years old when my grandmother used to take me with her because my grandfather hated travel. I’ve been cruising my whole life and I’m under 50! I love to travel to many ports and unpack once. That said, I have my limits because the sickest (is that a word?) I’ve ever been has been on cruise ships over 600 passengers. Disney Cruise felt like my life was over! So today I stick to Seabourn or Silversea cruises. Regent is a stretch, but I’ll do it. Cunard, Princess, Norwegian, and Disney were nightmare cruises. Too many people. It is what it is. A “who let the dogs out” approach to travel and it’s dangerous in my humble opinion. I’m sorry you had to go through a sickening and traumatic time at sea. I feel ya.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Oh my. There were some 2,000 passengers on this baby and YES! It’s like a never-ending bar mitzvah! LOL Seriously. Very noisy and too many people.

      It wasn’t like that when I worked as a dancer on a ship in 1979. But a very different crowd. Much older.

      I’m sure that the cruises you take are amazing!

  26. Have you heard of a “healing crisis” aka Herxheimer reaction? I wonder if this happened to you after your salt scrub and massage. I was flattened after one Reiki session! I’m glad you recovered enough to enjoy the rest of your getaway.

    1. Hi Oceanic and Laurel!
      I’ve never been on a cruise but I had a similar experience after a Reiki session, absolutely awful! I assumed the reiki person had something to do with it but never knew it was a “thing!”
      Glad you recovered, Laurel, and got to enjoy a bit. What an ordeal!

  27. Aw, Laurel I’m so sorry! I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum and soooooooo much sympathy for how miserable nausea and vomiting is!! I’m glad you were able to get some relief and that you were surrounded by sweet people.

      1. Yes I rarely need to see a doctor- unless I’m pregnant! Then I’m hooked up to IVs and just surviving – vomiting dozens of times a day right through delivery. 🤢 Just goes to show how worth it it really is! 😄 I got a break with my last one – it resolved around 22w. Puking is the worst, life is a breeze without nausea and vomiting haha! A cruise without the cruise

        1. Oh Cathlin,

          That would be more than enough to deter me from having more children. I had the usual which ended precisely at week 13 both times. It’s a strange kind of sickness, which was helped by eating. But what I ate is another story. no, not pickles and icecream. That’s disgusting!

  28. Oh Laurel! Even through not feeling well your humor still shone through. I was so glad that you were able to enjoy the rest of the cruise! It’s always a pleasure spending time with you.

    1. Hi Sheri,

      Yes, for some reason, I can crack jokes even when feeling horrible. That’s a gift for sure. But when I look at all of the beautiful photos you guys took, I feel like I missed half the trip! It’s okay. It was just good to get away and spend time with everyone! And the weather couldn’t have been better!

      And at least I got the extra time in Miami. I was glad I got to do that.

  29. So glad to hear the rest of your vacation went well! 🙂 My husband and I were on a cruise ship that had to sail around a hurricane. I normally don’t get sea sick but that was tough…until
    I discovered those magic wrist bands! They have even worked for our son who gets airsickness. I won’t go on another cruise without those handy just in case!

    It sounds like the rest of your trip was very lovely! Love the paintings you included!

    1. Hi Ann,

      It’s funny because I worked on a ship as a dancer for eight weeks 39 years ago! And yes, the first week, one day, I got horribly sick and then after that, it was never that bad. But that day we were rehearsing and the swells in the Atlantic were huge. We left from New York down to the Bahamas. And sometimes we went to Bermuda. Lovely!

  30. This sounds awful! I’m so sorry, Laurel! I told my husband I would never, EVER go on a cruise because I’m terrified of all the norovirus outbreaks. Now I can add sea sickness to my list of reasons. Glad you’re better and safely home.

    1. The fun was with the great group of women. We laughed ourselves silly! I think the fact that we’re all in the same profession and have so many similar experiences creates a special kind of camaraderie. But, they’re all just kind, wonderful people too!

  31. That’s so bizarre. So was it just motion sickness that got you? I’m glad it passed quickly and you were able to enjoy your trip.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Not sure, but not enough sleep, traveling, maybe a hot room, plus the motion triggered something nasty. And I do have a tendency to get nauseous no matter what, but that has subsided since taking a beta blocker.

  32. I also suffer from motion sickness, I get sick on a swing and would never try a cruise. Seasickness is the worst of all! The next time you see your doctor, ask about prescription medicine. I carry Promethazine in my purse, prescription fromdoctor. If going on a plane or long car ride, I take it the night before, the morning of or an hour before. It should be in your system when you start your trip, not after you get sick. Better luck next time..hope this helps. Several good drugs out there for this condition. . Ask for what the astronauts take!!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Normally, the bonine works for me. I don’t know why this one was so different, but it seems like there was something going on in addition to motion sickness. My guess is that it has something to do with the salt rub. But thanks for that info. I’ll certainly refer back to this post if I take another cruise.

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