Designers 12 Favorite Shades of Red Paint {and a gift!}


Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is a continuation of this post about the color red. In this post, I’ll be presenting 12 fabulous shades of red paint, more rooms and other cool ways to incorporate red in your interiors.

Most of the colors are from Benjamin Moore, with a few from Sherwin Williams and a couple of others that I like as well. I will intersperse the color names with the images. They are not necessarily painted that color but will look close to it. [on my macbook, that is].

Then, at the bottom, you will find a helpful info graphic that you can pin on your pinterest board to serve as a handy reference.

villanova-archer-buchanan-architectsArcher Buchanan Architects

Sherwin Williams 6868 REAL RED

red-sally-perrin-house-beautifulSally Perrin House Beautiful 2004

Benjamin Moore 1322 LADY BUG RED


Benjamin Moore 1309 MOROCCAN RED – This is one of my favorite go-to reds. It’s not bright, nor is it too blue or brown.

cath-kidston-lonnyCath Kidston for Lonny

Benjamin Moore 1308 RED PARROT – sitting just above Moroccan Red, Red Parrot is a tad brighter and would be better for a darker room

red-living-room-ashley-whittakerAshley Whittaker

Benjamin Moore 2004-20 CHILI PEPPER

traditional-entrance-hall-timothy-whealon-new-york-200501_1000-watermarkedTimothy Whealon

Benjamin Moore 2007-20 SHY CHERRY 

{I cannot tell a lie – in honor of George Washington, of course. It’s not really all that shy}


Red on Redd— Sorry couldn’t resist. Miles Redd of course.

Ralph Lauren IB57 LATTICE RED {this one is not on the info graphic}

furniture-paint-1491x1600-our-fifth-house-design-idea-painting-furniture-the-same-color-as--urumix.comOur Fifth House

Benjamin Moore 1337 MEDITERRANEAN SPICE. This is an amazing color and you are not going to find it on anybody else’s list. That might be because it looks a tad magenta on the chip. However, on the wall it is a really pretty shade. I did it once for a young teen-aged girl in a mostly north facing room and it was glorious. My painting contractor liked it so much he painted his daughter’s room the same color. You could definitely also do it in a living room.

miles-redd--red-moroccan-spice-ohrstrom-4-xlMiles Redd


Custom Chinoiserie lambrequin with  red trim in two different shades. The effect is that of Trompe L’oeil. I’ve never seen anyone do anything like this before! I believe that Miles single-handedly has brought back the lambrequin.

ART-05224_1_002Original art at Serena and Lily.

red-libraryDiane Bergeron

Benjamin Moore 2000-10 RED

Sorry that this photo is so pixellated. I love the black and white elements and the bamboo desk.


I think that this bedspread looks so fresh in this otherwise white room


Above and below by Inson Dubois Wood for the Holiday Showhouse. Here’s a link for the before shots. It’s always fun to see where the designer started and where he ended up!

Benjamin Moore 2003-10 MILLION DOLLAR RED is a warm red with life but not too bright.


Inson is a very talented designer! His work reminds me a lot of Miles Redd. I mean, a pale rose aubsusson over a black and white geometric floor? It’s the contemporary touches like that and the bright abstract art which keep this room from looking staid; it’s anything but!


I love the juxtaposition of elements in this vignette from Lonny.

katie-brown-traditional-home-red-wallKatie Brown

Benjamin Moore 2006-20 SANGRIA I love painted brick and think it’s an interesting idea to put two cabinets side by side in this fashion.

farrow-and-ball-blazer-212-secretsdatelier.comSecrets D’atelier

Farrow and Ball 212 BLAZER


Old-world charm in Architectural Digest by Sylvain Levy Alban

AD 2012 Miles Redd BR 2

Miles Redd– again. I’m not sure I could live with this but I sure like looking at it!

4e32d185e487676b6dab89c06f80391fOur Fifth House


A classic vignette by John Stefanidis

Sherwin Williams 6866 HEARTTHROB

Well, that was absolutely not intentional. Happy VD! ;] Hope you enjoyed these fabulous shades of red.

Oh, here’s the info graphic for the 12 favorite shades of red paint. Don’t forget to pin it to pinterest. Just click on the P in the middle of the image.


Have you ever painted any of your rooms red?


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  • Mary Jane Macaluso - June 4, 2016 - 8:08 PM

    Laurel, these rooms are amazing! I’m finally painting my 60’s brick fireplace. Nice to hear you love painted brick, ‘ cause I’m a little scared and excited at the same time! Not doing red, but it’s good to see an example of painted brick that isn’t cream or white!ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - June 5, 2016 - 12:41 AM

      Hi Mary Jane,

      I love the look where everything is painted one color. It’s a great way to unify a lot of diverse elements and it always looks rich and sophisticated.ReplyCancel

  • Judyne Quimby - October 14, 2015 - 9:07 PM

    Hello Laurel,

    Oh all these reds are stunning! I have been playing around (and spent a lot of $’s) with paint colors for my north facing bedroom for like one and a half years..I confess! I won’t even go into all the colors I have tried..all Benjamin Moore Aura paints..I just love BM.
    Though all great colors, none of them have been quiet right.
    Though I have tried samples of pink and really wanted it to work, I hadn’t considered red before.
    So here I am excitedly diving into the rich world of red paint. I’ve decided on BM Meditterranean Spice 🙂
    I do have a question though, what would you recommend painting the trim? My home is very untraditional looking. My house is round in appearance but is actually 15 eight foot panels so though interesting it also creates a lot of angles. I have large windows but also extended eaves. So I do not get any direct sunlight. Any advise on trim or in general would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you so much,

  • Laurel Bern - February 27, 2015 - 7:38 PM

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for this incredible comment! I’m sitting in a hotel room in Atlanta after a 3-day conference for interior design bloggers. Your story truly warmed my heart although I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

    And yes, it wasn’t until about ten years ago, that Benjamin Moore started giving their colors names along with the numbers. I think I still have a very old fan deck with only numbers on it. xo, LaurelReplyCancel

  • Lynn Baldwin - February 27, 2015 - 7:25 PM

    25 yrs ago, a friend of mine, who has was a brilliant interior designer, convinced me to paint my first grown up apartment; RED!!! The apartment had been an early gentrification project in the city’s red light district! We were pounding back the Wild Turkey early one morning, and we thought red rooms were a great way to pay homage to the area’s founding citizens! As soon as we sobered up, we zoomed out of the parking garage and off to the paint store! Only to return with gallons of red paint!!! The colour, while Benjamin Moore, had a number and not a name; but it was stunning! The room was a north facing room in a small city famous for never ending stretches of cold damp foggy weather!! While there was plenty of colour; the room read as “soft and dreamy”. Even though the colour choice had been inspired by the seedier side of life; there was nothing remotely bordello about the finished product!! The whole look was serene and clean!! Not too clean however, still had plenty of fun! It was the perfect red backdrop for an ever revolving collection of boyfriends… Hahaha!! The apartment is long gone and the friend has sadly passed away… Will always remember the friend who helped me paint my first home red! Long live Wild Turkey!!ReplyCancel

  • Jaybird - February 25, 2015 - 5:42 PM

    I have a red dining room and love it!! It is combined with antique white woodwork (lots), a hutch full of red and white transferware, and red with gold dot window treatments. It looks lovely by candlelight or west sunlight in the late afternoon. I get lots of compliments!
    I’m enjoying your blog!!

  • Jo Galbraith - February 15, 2015 - 10:54 AM

    As usual beautiful luscious examples of red interiors. Thanks for the handy info graphic. Will definitely pin!ReplyCancel

  • marisa - February 15, 2015 - 10:33 AM

    Damn auto correct.….shade of red*ReplyCancel

  • marisa - February 15, 2015 - 10:31 AM

    I think I have a shade of research in every room of my house. A chair, a pillow, banding on drapery….I love it! Great post laurel!ReplyCancel

  • carolanne - February 15, 2015 - 12:08 AM

    the only red I spec’d was on a fireplace surround… funny I was just looking at the after picture of that room last Thursday… with the same red in the area rug & pillows the rooms was amazing…ReplyCancel