Laurel’s Survey for 2023


Happy New Year, and thank you so much for taking the survey.


128 CommAve Christmas 2022-New Year 2023


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Thank you so much! I’ve begun to read some of the comments. I want to assure you that what you see and have been enjoying all of these years and months is NOT going to change. It will all still be accessible and 100% FREE. If I should move to eliminate writing maybe 2-4 posts per month, it is from a standpoint of self-preservation.

I’ve been writing two posts+ a week (except for about six months in 2015-2016 when I still had client-work) since the end of 2013. Yes, nine years! Cale said recently, “It’s like writing two college term papers twice a week.”


And, then, I also need to hire more help, eventually. I need two more of Melissa, (my incredible part-time virtual assistant who I would be dead without.) Some of you write me for help, and I can’t, and I feel horrible saying I can’t. But, I really can’t.

It also costs a LOT of money to run this website. My server and email list alone, are currently well over $1,000.00 a month.

While I do make a good living from the blog, there is much that’s out of my control. The Internet is like the volatile wild west.

I’ve been thinking about making some optional changes for over a year, for a lot of reasons. However, I am exceedingly sensitive to creating as good a user experience as I possibly can. I fully understand that the majority do not want anything to change and can’t afford or won’t for whatever the reason, to pay one nickel. And that is understandable and totally fine with me.

Conversely, I’ve had some readers contact me, that they will give me their firstborn if only I will take down the ads for them.

Thanks for the offer; however, I don’t want any of your children (unless they happen to be a darling, loveable, available man between 55-70).


In closing, I love so many of your suggestions.


It’s amazing how similar some of them are. This is incredibly helpful because then I know what you guys are thinking.

This is to assure you that there will be no drastic changes to the blog as it stands now. Any change will be 100% optional, and will not impact what you’re currently receiving.

I appreciate you being here and your beautiful support more than words can say. Without you, I would be nothing; I am, and will always be, immensely grateful.

Your Laurel.

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