Do You Know What KBIS Stands For?

Oh man, what a week! I am freshly returned from KBIS which was held in Orlando, Florida this year.




Apparently, it does.

Alright, Fine. It doesn’t.

But it should.

For most people KBIS stands for:

KITCHEN AND BATH INDUSTRY SHOW or as I fondly call it:


The In One End And Out The Other Show


I was at the show along with 23 other sponsored blogger/designers AKA: Design Hounds to attend and let me tell you… it is a tough, tough job!

In fact, I have never worked so hard in all of my life!

First day out, they force-fed us Champagne and Cupcakes.


I guess I picked the wrong week to give up sugar. And As you can see, I added a little Florida orange juice to my champagne.

After about an hour at Thermador, we were shuttled off to a fine restaurant where they shtooped us with a delicious five-course lunch.

Stuffed to the gills, we waddled back to the show and saw a few more places and then were off to do whatever we liked for the rest of the day.

For me, that meant going back to the Hilton for a reflexology session and hair-wash and blow dry.

See??? Really long, rough, days…


Laurel… uhmmm… We get it. You had a paid vacation.

What about Nate?


You mean this Nate? ;] and yeah… I got lucky here! With the great shot. ;]


Yes, Laurel, that Nate! What happened? Tell us, damn it!!!


Man, caaaaaalm the heck down!

He is cute, isn’t he? ;]


Alas, I have so much to share including some really good dirt I dug up.

Sorry, but first you have to eat your veggies before we get to the luscious dessert, okay???

It was the most enjoyable trip and at times did feel like a vacation.

The best part of the trip, (and it was all wonderful) I have to say were the other designers.


How did I get to be so lucky?


There is an innovative design company called Modenus, headed by the fabulous team of Veronika Miller and her daughter Florence who’ve been organizing these blog tours for about 5 years now. They’ve done about 20 of them, but this was my first time getting to go.



Last summer, I was nominated for the trip and then selected to go. Free trip! In exchange, I get to talk about what I saw, which I would anyway!

I arrived Monday afternoon and that evening was a five-year reunion and dinner for all of the bloggers, past and present. It’s so wonderful re-connecting with people I know and making new friends in the industry. Everyone is super-nice, warm and supportive!

The next morning we bussed it to the show even though we could’ve walked. No worries. I walked five miles every day!

Inside one of two humongous buildings at the Orlando Convention Center.

Indeed! And inside the show it is crammed with everything kitchen and bath and thousands of people.

After our 9:00 AM cupcake/champagne indulgence, and now a little shickered, we headed over to the iconic brand of Thermador who make every appliance for kitchens that God ever created.


I want (and need) all of them!


Just beautiful. Thermador recently celebrated their 100th year in business!

This one. Please?


Thermador is now manufacturing a beautiful 60″ range.


Hendel Homes

A sleek range-top.


Love the blue knobs!

Thermador makes a star-shaped burner for more even cooking.

And their cooktops have a technology that allows them to butt up against the wall.

Here we are getting a tour of a new line of refrigerators. The bins are meant to come out easily.

Why didn’t they think of that before?


This vignette (which you can’t see because my photo sucks) is clad in a grayish wood-like surface. And the fridge opens by giving it a firm touch. (Hope you like my manicure.)

It’s a contemporary rustic look; not my taste, but have to say this:

There is still lots and lots of this cerused gray wood and GRAY – period.

But there was a lot of color too.

And especially, lots and lots of every shade of blue!

How fabulous is this La Cornue range in a Suzanne Kasler colorway called Basilica.

It’s only $76,000. Not including shipping and installation!

This would be perfect for my dream unkitchen.


There are nine colorways altogether.

photo: Annie Schlechter

Back to Thermador. My preference is for a fridge to be clad behind a panel.

Design Grove


I’ve come to the realization that a big metal box is not really my thing a lot of the time.

But this industrial kitchen look is cool with a Thermador Fridge and wine section.

Reu Architects

What is better than a Thermador sapphire dishwasher?

Reu Architects

Two Thermador sapphire dishwashers!

At the show, the dishwasher with three layers for more efficient washing.

The sapphire light can be changed to a white light. But the cobalt blue is really cool.

Thermador manufactures an elaborate built in coffee maker that self cleans

and makes all kinds of coffee as well as hot cocoa.

After Thermador we headed over to Wellborn–

a manufacturer of fine custom cabinets for just about anywhere in your home.

Here’s a few of the bunch, Jeffrey Johnson, Jeanne Chung of Cozy Stylish Chic, the effervescent Pamela Copeman (love her chartreuse blouse) and Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of the English Room. Holly is the most adept person I have ever seen at doing social media while looking and photographing this stuff.

I came back the next day to try to get a pic without a crowd of people standing around and guess what?

Well, it was worse. Somehow though, I managed to sweet-talk a few people to kindly step aside for a minute while I quickly snapped a few.

Some detail shots at Wellborn. That green reminded me of something.

Image via Habitually chic – Kitchen by Bill Ingram for the Southern Living Idea House 2016

I had saved this photo of the same shade of green kitchen because I liked the counter lamps. And yeah… the cabinets are from Wellborn!


A beautiful classic off-white Wellborn kitchen.

And a wonderful Wellborn butler’s pantry by Bunny Williams for the Southern Living Idea House 2015 – photo: Laurey W Glenn

Well, that’s it for now…

Yes, yes… I know, I know… You’re dying to hear about Nate.

Well, sorry, but you’ll have to wait for Nate.

But, if you really want a preview, you can see us together on my facebook page.

Much more coming in the next couple of posts!


PS: All photos uncredited were taken by me at the show. It is absolutely fine to help yourself to one or two as long as you link back to this page with a photo credit. Thanks!



52 Responses

    1. Oh, absolutely! The people who don’t and don’t even try to find the source should be taken down IMO. In fact, there are one or two who if I see their pins on pinterest, I will not repin them!

  1. Hi Laurel –

    FYI, the Thermador column refrigerator with the custom french door (with antiqued mirror) is mine — made for an eat-in kitchen. 8′ tall and has pantry on right side (with IKEA PAX drawers for storage and hidden microwave).

    It was super easy to create my own panel and attach to the panel ready Thermador refrigerator. I get tons of compliments on it – most people have to ask where the refrigerator is in the kitchen. I think the key is to make it taller than you would expect.


    1. Hi Suzanne,

      I’m so glad that you found it and I just added a link back to your website.

      It drives me crazy when I can’t find the original source. If everyone or most everyone would link back, it would be far easier and also, it’s the right thing to do.

      It truly is a beauty! Very clever idea. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’m so proud of you! Adding orange juice to your champagne makes it a healthy drink and that cupcake looks sugar and gluten free (benefit of the doubt here). Eating right on vacation negates bad calories.

    PS Thanks for the great pictures and for all your hard work!

  3. I’m hyperventilating over the built in self cleaning coffee maker — I need one of those STAT!
    It is interesting seeing lots of built in cabinetry for all the snazzy new appliances, given the trend toward the unfitted look. It seems that modern appliances and the unfitted kitchen trend are slightly at odds with each other – I’m trying to figure out a way to have both.

    1. Hi Katy,
      That’s a good question. I think you could do it in a floor to ceiling cabinet. One thing about the coffee maker is its potential obsolescence. (ooooh, I spelled that correctly, right out of the gate. lol) And that word refers to the machine, not the need for coffee. ^_^ I guess that would be something to discuss with a Thermador rep. I imagine that the company has taken that into consideration.

      As for the unfitted look. I think the trend is amongst designers and doesn’t seem to have caught on as much with the manufacturers I saw. But I wasn’t able to see as much as I would have liked because I was too busy eating and getting felt up by the sound guy, etc. Oh wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

  4. Can’t wait for more! Great photos and manicure. So glad for you that you were selected and very well taken care of at the event.

  5. Oh Laurel, I don’t envy you all the drudge of having to attend KBIS in Orlando, Fl, of all places. Geesh, having to attend a “Meet & Greet” force served champagne and sweets, followed by a 5-course luncheon, with a little bit of swag thrown in, and finally the horror of a 5-year reunion dinner with former bloggers, past and present…the sheer boredom and monotony must have been challenging…hehe:) Congratulations on being a representative of Modenus…a lovely honor and well deserved. Like you, who wouldn’t love and swoon over the La Cornue range, a showstopper with tons of “WOW”. However, I’d be quite content to be forced to work with just the Thermador products. I guess I could learn to be content with a lovely sapphire interior in a dishwasher, much less a range with stunning blue knobs, a coffee maker that self-cleans, and lastly, the pain of a fridge with built-in wine cooler. Please, I’d need to be put out of my agony…how to cope! Well, maybe consuming a little wine from the aforementioned built-in fridge might help calm my put-upon feathers. So happy you had a miserable-hmmm, horrible time having to track down Nate, and possibly force yourself to have some interaction with him. It’s an agony I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy:) Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your exciting trip.

    1. Hi Rita,

      I would take that little Thermador in a nano-second! You should see my appliances. They are cheap crap and truly on their last legs, if they ever had legs to begin with! lol

  6. I know that gold cabinet hardware is all the rage right now, but I’m still a silver person, not a gold person. Look forward to the Packers beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl!!

  7. Hi, Laurel.Wellborn kitchen cabinetry: Are you able to share the specific off-white color? Thanks.–Barbara

      1. Hi Barbara and Laurel,
        I am a Wellborn dealer and can tell you the kitchen with the large hood is Glacier, which is very similar to Ben Moore’s Simply White OC-117 (and the color we sell the most here on Cape Cod). If you are speaking of the display with the copper knobs, that color is Wellborn’s Porcelain which has a gray tint to it and very similar to BM White Heron OC-57.
        Laurel, I was at the show a few years ago, but missed it this year so I am enjoying reading about it!
        Thank you, Deb

        1. Hi Deborah,

          Oh wow! Thank you so much for that! I checked on those colors. Glacier is actually verrrrry close to Swiss Coffee oc-45 which is one of my Laurel Home Paint Collection colors. It drives me a little nuts because there are many, many whites that are so close if not in fact, exactly the same.

          Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the information!

  8. Laurel, it was fabulous to meet you! I love your post (You are making me antsy that I’ve not gone one out myself yet! LOL) and how you’ve included photos from home magazines to show how many of the ideas from the displays at the show are used in a home setting. I can see why your blog posts can take a while to write, very thoughtfully done. Looking forward to seeing more! xox

    1. CLAIRE! Hi!!! So excited to see you here!

      Folks, Claire is one of the beautiful designers I was at the show with– so, so sweet and super-talented!

      This one did take a while, but that was partly because I wasn’t sure from the beginning which sources I was going to include, so I have a lot saved up for the next post.

      It was difficult to get good photos. Partly the lights are very harsh at this show and then all of the people! Next time, I’ll need to bring my electric cattle prod. LOL – please feel free to help yourself to some images if you need them! xoxox

  9. LOVE cobalt!! My grandmother used Fiesta dishes and I always unstacked until I could have an all cobalt set. Have you ever seen a country egg, fried over easy, on a cobalt plate? It’s art.

    All this is really gorgeous but I don’t trust built-ins. You know for a fact something will fail and then, you will be looking and looking and looking for a good carpenter.

    Thanks for suffering so much to go to this show and show us such cool stuff, more more………

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I love cobalt too! It’s such a healing color. I think that’s a fact, but it just feels so good! I hear you on the built-ins.

      Haha! on suffering. Actually, the first day, I did get the stabbing pain in my right foot which seriously sucks the big petunia. But… it was much better after my reflexology the next day. And I walked just as much if not more!

      Other than that, it really was like one big party. Amazing group. Every single one! Was sad to see it end.

  10. RE: The Reu Architects backsplash is just about the prettiest I have ever seen. Any idea where I can find the source?

    1. Hi Gerri,

      Good question. You might try contacting them. The link to their website is there. My guess is that’s some kind of slate or limestone and in a herringbone pattern. I’m not sure if it comes in sheets like that or the the tile mason did it, but I love that pattern too! It’s funny that I came up with two different views of the kitchen. That was a happy accident!

  11. Ooh la la! Look at all that gorgeousness! I especially love that La Cornue range in that colourway. Does it also cook for you? I also love the sconces and backsplash in the kitchen with the single Thermador dishwasher, as well as some of the other sconces and backsplashes. I can’t wait for all the “schmutz” you dug up on Nate…don’t keep us in suspense too long!

  12. What a great post! I’m thinking of going to KBIS next year… looking forward to hearing more about your experience at it! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Emily! This was my first time, and I hope not the last. I didn’t see but a fraction actually because of other commitments (like the foot massage and hair treatment – lol) + gorgeous meals!

      And of course, I needed to have my A-game going for the color talks!

  13. Wow it looks like you managed to have fun at a trade show! That’s an accomplishment ;-))
    I am loving the paneled fridges. I’ve been seeing these in some friends’ homes and always wondered if paneling could be added onto an existing metal box type fridge.
    My wife Judy is a cute little coffee monster so the built in espresso machine will likely grace our next kitchen. I just wonder who these companies (Thermador and Wolf) subbed out the inner workings too? Anyone know? I’d be totally surprised if they actually make the whole machine in house.
    Personally I prefer (for the same money or less actually) the fancy Italian machines – one can buy a professional model for the same money Wolf sells theirs for (~$3200)
    We have 12-24 months to plan our Seattle home remodel. Any suggestions where else to look (other blogs, books, etc)?
    Thanks and can’t wait for your next post!

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      The show was nothing BUT fun! And I have to thank Veronika Miller and her team for making that happen!

      Don’t know the answer to the inner workings, but it’s a good question.

      Whenever I have questions like these, I google it. 9 times out of 10, the answer is right there.

      As for your remodel. If you look on, you’ll find terrific sources. But most importantly, you need a brilliant designer who is aligned with your aesthetic.

    2. Hi Jonathan. I’m in the Seattle area too. Would love to know who you end up working with on your remodel.

  14. It appears you had a blast and thank you for giving us a peek at your trip. Re the first photo of the upper cabinets ‘without a crowd’; out of curiosity perhaps you can tell me does the end accommodate some type of storage or is it just paneled for aesthetics? -Brenda-
    P.S.: Re the La Cornue Range and Nate … IMO gorgeous on both accounts! ☺

    1. Hi Brenda,

      That’s a very good question about the end of the cabinet. It does look like an overlay door, not just a paneled end piece. I have seen side shallow storage for things like keys, etc. but not with a glass door.

  15. I’ve just gone through a kitchen Reno and put in all Thermador appliances including the panelled built-in fridge. There isn’t a time that my husband goes into the fridge and says “Love my fridge!” Lol! To all out there…they are worth every penny!
    Thanks for another great post Laurel!

  16. A coffee maker that self cleans … I’m in heaven (sigh) When I saw the green cabinets I immediately thought of English Pub. I’m sure we all understand about Nate, you aren’t one to kiss and tell are you ????? Fingers crossed you are and we’ll find out later. We promise not to breathe a word of the escapade.

    Thanks for the lovely pics.

    1. Hi Betty,

      I think the coffee maker makes beds too. haha. If only! That reminds me of those I robot vacuum cleaners. Do they really work?

      As for kissing and telling… well, you’ll have to wait and see… ;]

      1. Ha ha Laurel…yes the iRobot vacuum cleaners really work but he (mine was a he) was a little rough around the edges (furniture edges that is) so I had to get rid of him. (Just like the rest of the males in my household…I’d like to get rid of them too.)

        1. Hi Susan,

          I got rid of my males and do believe that I’m the better for it. (except Peaches. He’s still with me in spirit) Oh, I see them on occasion. And the young uns call when they need something. haha.

          Good to know about the Irobot. I do love my cordless upright though. It’s light as a feather and does a very good job, so I vacuum frequently now.

  17. You are one lucky lady! A free trip, all that gorgeousness, and Nate. Phew!
    But, let’s talk that striped shirt. Love the crisscross detail. Details, please?

    1. Hi Joanna,

      Thank you; I am lucky, but what is it that they say? “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

      The shirt is by J. McLaughlin. My friend and sickly talented artist and blogger, Patricia Van Essche turned me on to them.

      The clothes look great and are especially wonderful for traveling!

      1. I like that! ” Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I’m going to share that with my daughters. It’s a good motivator.
        I’ll be checking out J. McLaughlin
        My double oven has the cobalt interior. I know it’s silly but it’s a pleasure to open the oven. Gee! I better get a life.
        Have a wonderful Sunday!

        1. Hi Joanna,

          Actually, I think it’s the little things like a cobalt interior that make life a pleasure. But I know what you mean.

          And good luck with the daughters. I have sons, but they are in their 20’s now. I did my best. lol

    1. Hi Sheryl,

      Me too! It’s a very clever thing they’ve done. However, like anything, there have been complaints, so they made it so that the light can be boring white. Hey, I’d be happy for any light at all in my dishwasher!

  18. OMG!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that La Cornue range! I’m sure everything I cook would taste better if it were made on that stove LOL! (Never mind that it costs more than a lot of houses in my neck of the woods). Thank you for the KBIS round up! It’s great to see what’s going on in the kitchen & bath industry (Before I die, I will have one of those paneled refrigerators!). And I’m looking forward to more Nate pictures 🙂

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