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Important information before you attempt to contact me via the contact form below,

please read this message concerning the parameters for contact.


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At present, I am not able to take on new clients or consults, local or long-distance, nor can I refer you to another designer.

I am incredibly grateful for those who are reading the blog and enjoying it and your immensely kind comments. It means the world to me!

However, my email is swamped with people wanting advice.

If you have a suggestion for a blog post, that is fine.

I wish I could help everyone, individually, but it’s not possible.

If you are needing further help, please consider purchasing one of my rocking interior design products or hiring a designer in your area.


Emails or blog comments asking for advice or unsolicited requests, may go answered.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding!

please, no guest blogging requests.