60 + High-Low Chinoiserie Lamps (Some are Rare)

Hi Guys!

Oh my! I’m up to my eyeballs in boxes. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but this place isn’t that large, so it doesn’t take much.

Tomorrow my darling son is coming to give me a hand for one day. I’ll take it!


Then, just finishing things up and another blog post on Tuesday, and moving day is Wednesday!


One of my new neighbors so kindly offered to open the place up to be cleaned the day before.

The only thing I’m a little nervous about is the weather. Dang. Last week, they were saying in the 40s. Then, yesterday came a forecast of SNOW! Oh paaaleeeeease. However, the Angels must’ve intervened because now it just says “cloudy.” Cloudy I can handle.


So, the topic for today’s post did not start as high-low Chinoiserie lamps. It was high-low, however. Oh, this is so typical for me. I get an idea in my head like “high-low lighting.”

I think, Oh, I’ll just do a handful or so in each category. Then I start working on it and realize that it would take me a week to do every lighting category.


But, in the end, the one that I love the most is the high-low Chinoiserie lamps. Table lamps that is.


Before we get into the high-low Chinoiserie lamps, there is an excellent post you should check out about 30 cheap table lamps and what size to get. That’s an important post. Plus, there are some tips included about how to make a cheap lamp look not-as-cheap.


For this post, we will look at high AND low, as well as MEDIUM-priced Chinoiserie lamps.

Of course, there’s dirt cheap and insanely expensive.


So, for this post, I’m going to divide the high-low Chinoiserie lamps as follows:


One King's Lane at Bed Bath & Beyond - high-low Chinoiserie Lamps


These lamps are part of a new collection on Bed, Bath, and Beyond called the One Kings Lane Open House™ Collection.


  • Dirt Cheap – Low End, but that doesn’t look cheap. These lamps might need a bit of rehabilitation, a different harp, or even a different lampshade. But, over-all, they have nice proportions, colors, and finishes. These prices range from about $60.00 per lamp to no more than $200.00 each.


inexpensive table lamp bedroom - high-low Chinoiserie Lamps


  • Most prices go up to about $350.00 (per lamp) or maybe a little higher if it’s a super-nice piece in the medium grouping.


Here’s something I’ve gleaned over the years. Table lamps are like the jewelry of the room. So, if you have one pair of drop-dead gorgeous table lamps, it is worth it to spend a little extra, if you can swing it. Lamps generally last a long time. However, trends and tastes change to some extent.


By the way, do you have a lamp you love, but the shade is pretty grungy?


Well, I probably wouldn’t do this with silk, but I have a small crystal base lamp in my kitchen. I got it at a vintage store about 20 years ago. It used to have crystals hanging from it, but most of them have fallen off. Anyway, the lampshade was incredibly grungy, and I couldn’t take it any longer, so I took it over to the sink and scrubbed it with a little detergent, and rinsed it.

Well, it looks brand-new! It’s a small round hard-back linen shade. Having that plastic interior, I’m sure, helps.


Okay, so of course, I haven’t said anything about the high-end and super high-end Chinoiserie lamps.



Ralph-Lauren_Foo Dog Lamp via Capitol Lighting - high-low Chinoiserie lamps

An elegant and classic Ralph Lauren Home Chinoiserie table lamp.


These are all gorgeous with beautiful finishes, proportions, colors, etc. They range in price from about $500 for the lower end to the high-end. However, some beauties are well over $1,000.00 for one lamp. Yes, like the one above.

This is reminding me of the high-low Ralph Lauren post.


Ralph Lauren Chinoiserie table lamp-high-low Chinoiserie Lamps


But, here’s my discovery.


Remember this post about Lamps Plus that I wrote because they were a sponsor for the KBIS 2019? Well, I genuinely like that brand. And especially for their vast lighting collection and terrific pricing.

Their line includes their own brand as well as dozens of others in all price ranges. But, most of their line is in the low to medium range.

And, if I were looking for a beautiful Chinoiserie lamp, I’d definitely head over to Lamps Plus.


But, Laurel, what IS a Chinoiserie lamp? Is that a lamp from China?


Well, it probably is, but if you recall from other posts about “Chinoiserie,” it is a style that is largely based on a stylistic idea of Asian life back in the 1700s. That is, except for the porcelains.

The porcelains are actually Chinese. But, we just lump it all together these days. And, the porcelains haven’t changed much, if at all, for centuries. In fact, I saw a gorgeous exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and wrote a post about it back in May 2015.


Go ahead and look at it. Nobody read it, lol, even though I thought it had a compelling headline about a 7.6 million dollar vase that is indistinguishable from something coming from Legend of Asia.




Well, I can’t tell the difference. You can see more gorgeous Legend of Asia porcelains here.

So, Chinoiserie lamps are really a base that’s a vase or a ginger jar. I remember it used to be a cliche to make a lamp out of a ginger jar. And, so they fell out of favor. But, now they are back and better than ever.


Therefore, let’s dig in and look at some of the beautiful but high-end of the high-low Chinoiserie lamps.


I created a widget because it’s the easiest way to put together a grouping of lamps with information and a way to click easily to the source it’s from. The prices range from just over $500 to over $1,400. But, most of these are under $1,000.



And, now I am going to do the low-end of the high-low Chinoiserie lamps. After that, I’ll finish with the middle of the range.


There are so many new items on the market. And some of these look a lot more expensive than they are.



And, finally, the last grouping of high-low Chinoiserie lamps are in the mid-range.


These are over $200 and under $500. However, most of these are under $300.



If you’re into high-low, please check out this post about high-low furnishings, sources, and secrets.


Well, I sure had fun here. I hope you enjoyed these lamps. And maybe got some ideas for some cool new table lamps. Over the years, I’ve always noticed that most of my clients had insufficient or the wrong kind of lighting in their rooms when we started.

Lighting is the most important element. For what good is a beautiful room if it’s full of gloomy or glaring, harsh head-ache inducing light?

JAS on Etsy vintage high-low Chinoiserie table lamps

Oh, speaking of lamps, I just ordered these vintage lamps from a new source on Etsy, Ja’s Vintage Corner! You’ll find some other lamps I linked to in the last widget. I think these will look beautiful in my new den when I figure out what else is going in there. Haha.



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31 Responses

  1. I have been wanting to buy nightstand lamps for the past few years, and took the opportunity to buy two of the Bradburn bamboo style lamps in blue. I probably would not have bought those without your experienced advice, and would have remained lost in lamp-searching world. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for providing such wonderful information, guidance with a dose of humor! I will be watching the Weather Channel and sending positive thoughts your way as you move tomorrow!

  3. After becoming obsessed with these lamps last year, I found a pair of apple green antiques with these glorious eagles on them on Ebay, $200 for the pair. One was damaged in shipping, but I have all the stuff I need to repair it if I can ever get around to it. I love them, but I’m afraid to put them in the living room because of my cats even with the museum putty. They knock over my whole bedside table on the regular. Alas.

    For cleaning silk lamp shades, you should be able to use a dry cleaning pad. It’s basically powder laundry detergent in a sock. Works for all kinds of things.

  4. Laurel: This is just an AMAZINGLY detailed post. Thank you so much for this as you saved me hours of scouring the internet. You turned up lamps that I didn’t find on previous searches. I have a pair picked out now. Your posts are so informative, funny and warm. I’m sending good vibes and prayers for a smooth move into your new place. So happy for you! Look out Boston, Laurel and her fan club are moving in!!

  5. Congrats Laurel!!! So excited to read about your new place decorating adventures!
    My husband says I’m a lamp addict !! My only issue is I have a sofa in the middle of a room with a sofa table behind it and no way to add an outlet near it bc of the area rug (lamp cord would be bent under rug if that makes sense). Ugh! I feel like you have a post about converting from plug in to battery… am I making that up?

    1. Sorry, there’s just one of me which is something I wish I could change. Please use the search box in the sidebar on a computer and put in “cordless lamps.” Or, if you’re on a phone, put in cordless lamps, laurel home. That should work.

  6. I am looking to buy two blue and white porcelain lamps for my living room. Should they be identical or should they be similar? Is there a rule of thumb for height of a lamp? I had my eye on a pair on the OKL website and was surprised to see it on the Bed, Bath and Beyond website also. I love reading your blog and learning from you. Thank you!

  7. Hi Laurel!
    I just wanted to share that I bought the Jonathan Y 29″ Chinoiserie navy lamp that you had recommended previously(only $77.50!) and paired them with the Ballard Design Anais Pleated fabric Lamp shades.

  8. I am so happy for you and your move! Many congratulations! Thanks for letting us follow along for the adventure. I can’t wait to hear all about every design detail! Happy holidays!

  9. Oh gosh. I typically love Ralph Lauren, but that piano pic staging cracked me up. Obviously that stager knows nothing about pianos. Beautiful lamp, though, if poorly placed. I agree with some previous posters – could you help with some affordable lamp shades? I have some GORGEOUS lamps purchased at estate sales or the like, but don’t want to spend a fortune on shades. I also don’t want to special order as I like to see them on the lamp and be able to return if I need to. Too much to ask? Maybe.

    Good luck on your move! I’m so happy for you, and can’t wait to see what you choose for your new place. Hoping the weather holds for you!

    1. Hi Amanda,

      There is a post about lampshades here.

      But, lamp shades are a lot like buying a dress. Sometimes you know a brand so well that you know your size and can feel confident ordering something online. Well, it’s the same with lamp shades. However, if this is a one-of-a-kind lamp and there’s nothing to go on, I think it’s difficult to know precisely what size shade you need unless you try some on. There are three components.

      Shade shape, size and the size of the harp. You can probably gage your lamp shade shape and size if you read that post. However, it might be difficult to figure out the size of the harp without trying it on to see how it sits on the lamp.

  10. This post is such a treat! I did not know that Chinoiserie lamps could be solid colored. I have loved these solid colored or slightly transparent lamps (gourd shape/double gourd) for so long but I never knew what they were and only happened upon them occasionally. I love that you have put so many lovely lamps in one post! Thank you!!!

  11. With regard to this post, I always remember what designer Timothy Corrigan once advised. Go with interesting but cheap lamps and spend the bucks on the lampshades, which can make an inexpensive lamp look incredibly stylish. good luck with your move!

  12. Great post. While there is no shortage in gorgeous lamps at all price levels, I think the lampshades used even by high end lamp manufacturer do not match the style and quality of the lamps, most of them use the same standard, plain, straight, white shade. I have the Lilou lamp in white, it’s a magnificent big lamp, but the shade it came with looks very cheap. I’d love something nicer to go with it. Bunny Williams sells nice, stylish lampshades, but who wants to pay another $300 for a shade when you already paid $500 for the lamp? The lamp industry should look at the English who make gorgeous, classic lampshades, gathered, pleated, etc. in great colors and patterns to complement the lamps, you rarely see the plain, white ones we use in their classic interiors. I also have the Chapman Fang Gourd and the Visual Comfort ice-blue and I got those because they came with a slightly peachy cream shade finished with a nice thin border, a bit better match & quality, so they don’t have to be replaced. But they would all look better and more finished with a nice box pleat lampshade.

  13. Hello Laurel. I love your blog and your humorous comments. As a lifetime pianist, I have to say that the placement of that Ralph Lauren Home Chinoiserie lamp is ridiculously wrong! It’s too large, too distracting, not adjustable, could cause serious damage to the piano if knocked over, and will vibrate and buzz while the pianist is playing. And don’t get me started about the chair – it would be banished to the guest seating area in favor of a decent and adjustable piano bench. But the piano looks great 🙂

  14. Good morning, Laurel.

    I love lamps too, though I am not a fan of Chinoiserie. I found several of them at Lamps Plus, including a lovely modern floor one from Possini. But my favorite is a pair of lamps that are tall candlestick table lamps that have a green marble (apparently PVC) wrap around the center, the stick part, with lovely antique gold above and below it. They are extraordinarily heavy. I got them on CraigsList for $25 about five or seven years ago, and then about a month or two later was astonished to see two pairs on One King’s Lane going for, respectively, $1699 and $1899. I am still cackling.

  15. A number of years ago I bought two of Ralph’s crystal Daniela table lamps, which I loved from the moment I saw them. They sit in my living room, and are so gorgeous, they spark joy every time I look at them!

  16. Oh Laurel, thank you for doing all the leg work for me! I just bought two of the safaveigh Harlan gourd lamps. Hoping they look as good in person as they do in the picture.

  17. Oh Laurel,
    I’m so excited! I bought a Quan Yin lamp at a consignment shop, exactly like the one pictured, simply because she was so pretty. I got her for $22.00
    WooHoo Love when that happens.
    Congratulations, I’m excited for you to move in already
    Happy Holidays
    Love Susan

  18. Hi Laurel,
    I love those lamps you just scored on etsy! As I was scrolling and started to show up I loved them. So glad you got them. Good Luck on Wednesday! Kisses…

  19. Laurel, you always have the BEST items for shopping!! I just ordered the Vienna 25.5″ Ceramic LED Table Lamp, White/Gold by JONATHAN Y for my bedroom!! And I got the last 2! I have been looking for stylish inexpensive lamps for a while and these fit the bill!! Good luck with your move!!

  20. Great post. So excited for your new adventure! And looking forward to watching you work your magic on your new home. Safe travels.

  21. Best of luck on your move Wednesday. Start as early as you can as the brunt of the forecasted storm looks to be arriving on Thursday. Although, as we all know forecasts can change! So excited for you… a new chapter!

  22. Hello Laurel, I too remember when ginger jar lamps were derided as passé, but you have turned up some beauties. The Ralph Lauren one is good-looking but way out of proportion for that piano–I thought they were supposed to be staging experts.

    Another category of Chinoiserie lamps is Chinese pillow lamps, made from new or old “opium pillows,” usually in a square shape. A quick look on Ebay will show you what I mean. Oddly, the lamps made from vintage ceramics seem to be cheaper than the new ones.
    p.s. Those yellow lamps are very “you.” Good luck with moving in and getting acclimated to your new home and city.

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