25 Inspiring and Colorful Home Decor vignettes

Before we get into the inspiring and mostly colorful home decor vignettes… I am actually here in Las Vegas where I am attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).  For the last two years, the KBIS show was in Orlando, but this year it is here.


It is great to get away and spend some q-time with my friends.


Tonight is an opening party and tomorrow and Wednesday is the show. Although, it is mostly just one big party with some refrigerators and a steam shower or two thrown in.

However, it is surprisingly cool, if actually not downright COLD today here in Sin City, (land of legalized marijuana.)

Granted, it is still very much winter in the northern hemisphere, but Las Vegas is a place I associate with sizzling temps. Well, not right now.

As a matter of fact, it actually SNOWED here last night. Too funny, I asked my cabbie on the way to my hotel if it ever snows and his response was, “NEVER.” hahaha


Although, great to get away for a few, it is still winter and I think that this is an excellent time of year to talk about more colorful home decor.


When I say more colorful, I mean more than what we frequently see in the marketplace. However, these days, there is a lot of variety. And, while I love pale monochromatic rooms, I also love rooms with more color.

But, sometimes the color might only be coming from some beautiful flowers or other accents.


As always, many interior designers do embrace color in their interiors. And not just color, but they show us through their example how to incorporate color into our rooms.


I love looking at vignettes for inspiration. While I also like looking at larger areas of a room, a vignette often tells us everything we need to know about a space.

We can see the color scheme and style of furnishings.

Our mind fills in the rest.

But, looking at a vignette also allows us to look more closely at the details of a room.


Bronxville Living room pink sofa - colorful home decor vignettes

Let’s begin with a colorful home decor vignette from the Bronxville living room we did that is nearly six years old now!

The client had the carpeting and stuff in the built-in bookcase. Everything else, we did. People frequently ask me about the beautiful pillow fabric. Alas, it is discontinued. We grabbed the last stock available. But it was from Pierre Frey.


Miles Redd - New York apartment - colorful home decor vignettes

via Ballard Designs


The above is from the very colorful home of can you guess? Yes, Miles Redd, the designer synonymous with the word “color.”

And, this image could’ve also gone on the fireplace mantel decorating post.


Do you like what he did on his mantel, Laurel?


I was afraid that you were going to ask me that.

You might be surprised to hear me say, “yes, I do like it.”

The reason I like it is because I DO believe that this is how Miles Redd’s fireplace mantel looks when it’s not being photographed for Ballard Designs. And the fact that some stylist didn’t come in and “sanitize” it into something banal is to be commended. Besides, I am quite positive that every photo and object there, has a special significance.

Miles-Redd_beautiful door - New York Townhouse

Holy gorgeous! This is the front door to Miles Redd’s amazing townhouse in New York City. That lantern is too awesome for words!


Miles Redd -colorful home vignettes - kitchen details

One more colorful vignette from Miles Redd’s kitchen. For more of this kitchen, and some other stunning kitchens, click here.

twelvechairsboston.comTwelve Chairs

The fabric on the settee is by the wonderful and always vibrantly colorful Katie Ridder.


ralph-lauren-homeRalph Lauren Home

Couldn’t resist those roses!


Laurel Bern Interiors Portfolio - colorful home decor vignettes

I always forget about my own projects. This is from my living room. But, most of you have probably seen it before.




pierre-le-tan-home-studio-artist-illustrator-paris-colorful home decor vignettes

original source unknown, but found on Katie Considers (Formerly, The Neotrad)

The Maximalist home of Pierre Le Tan in Paris. I admire people who can pull off this look!


Kristin-Perers-easy-living-28jan14_pr_b_426x639Kristin Perers


Paule Marrot Pink Birds by Natural CuriositiesPaule Marrot Pink Birds by Natural Curiosities

Love this beautiful Paule Marrot print which happens to be on sale at The Well Appointed House.


Black walls make a stunning backdropfor art and antiques

You can also see the Paule Marrot print on this post that has many beautiful vignettes as well.


abigail-ahernAbigail Ahern

Abigail is known for her dark, enigmatic interiors punctuated with pops of bright color. You can see more of her work, here.



decordemon.blogspot.comDecor Demon

Less color, but I love the antiques, flowers and styling.


Gustavian home decor vignette Loi Thai

Gustavian home decor vignette Loi Thai

I adore everything Loi touches!


Alexa Hampton kips bay show house

Alexa Hampton kips bay show house – Inspired bedroom decor vignette


interior designer,Tammy Connor

Are those gold tole lamps to die for or what? I will have some other tole lamps similar to this that I’m doing for a project. For more ideas decorating with gold and antique brass look here.


Meryl-Santopietro-Interior-Design-Meryl Santopietro

Ahhh… another wall with plates. Remember this recent post that had many beautiful examples of decorating with plates.


caitlin-wilson-textiles-living3Above and below by one of my favorite young designers, Caitlin Wilson

I find it odd, but I read somewhere recently that damask patterns are OUT. Well, I certainly hope not! But, like a lot of things, it depends how the pattern is used. Caitlin manages to make a damask look fresh and modern. So there!





Above and below, lovely vignettes by the exceedingly talented Lauren Weisbarth found in One King’s Lane

Please don’t forget that the promo code: OKL20CARD at this time, will get you 20% off of most items on One King’s Lane. And it also gives you an ADDITIONAL 20% on items that are sale. Not all, but many.




Nelson hancock interiors_Analagous color scheme colorful home decor vignettes

Above, classic with a small twist with the lamp and below – both images by Nelson Hancock interiors_Analogous color scheme


Nelson hancock interiors_Analagous color scheme colorful home decor vignettes

Timeless and elegant and very French– photo by Nelson Hancock.


Jane Ormsby Gore - via New York Times Magazine - colorful home decor vignettes

Jane Ormsby Gore – via New York Times Magazine

How gorgeous is that mirror!


Drapes - Lynn Chalk - fabric - GPJ Baker Nympheus

Drapes – Lynn Chalk – fabric – GPJ Baker Nympheus

Lynn Chalk makes the most gorgeous window treatments and pillows in designer fabrics.

GPJ Baker Nympheus – available retail through Decorator’s Best.


Amber Interiors - fireplace mantel styling - decor

I had saved this new-trad lovely living room by Amber Lewis for the fireplace mantel post, but it’s going here instead. Love the way she layered the art on the mantel shelf.


design - Lynn Morgan - photo - Christopher Baker - colorful home decor vignettes-hydrangeas

design – Lynn Morgan – photo – Christopher Baker – House Beautiful

Remove the flowers and cherries and it makes such a difference!


James T Farmer - living room vignette

Another classic and timeless beauty by James T. Farmer.

We saw some of his work here recently.


Hope you enjoyed these mostly colorful home decor vignettes.


Claire -me- Chandra Design Hounds NKB Awards party

More reporting from KBIS on Sunday. But in the meantime, here I am with darling Claire Jefford and new friend, Chanda Seymour at the NKBA opening party and awards ceremony last night.

Claire was so kind to make a video of us last year, shortly before my blogging guide was released.


PS: Please don’t forget to check out the newly updated Hot Sales – and don’t forget that if you want to take advantage of the Serena and Lily 20% off catalog sale, the deadline is February 22nd at 11:59PM PT. You can find the promo code on the main Hot Sales page.


23 Responses

  1. Laurel,
    What a wonderful surprise that you took the time to answer my question! You’re a doll as well as a captivating blogger!

  2. Laurel,

    How cruel to post a photo of that gorgeous front door and not share the color. I’m dying here…can you give a guess?

  3. Laurel, I am definitely drawn to decor with color! Thank you for this feast of color. I can’t stop looking at these vignettes! And that photo of you at KBIS – you’re gorgeous!

  4. Rhonda, thank you for that link to Alison Kandler’s website. I looked at her photos, and I LOVE her style and use of color!

  5. Neutral rooms have a place and they can be beautiful, but there are too many of them. I refuse to believe there are really that many people who just love to live without color. I think it’s mostly fear . . . of what, I don’t know.

  6. What a beautiful feast for the eyes! Thanks for brightening up a dreary day! I think the source for Pierre Le Tan photo is Apartamento Magazine issue #21 Spring/Summer 2018.

  7. What a wonderful post, Laurel! I am going through a color thing myself right now. How in the world did Miles Redd make all of those photos on his mantel work? Of course, he can do anything and I would love it.
    How a wonderful time!

  8. I love these so much. I’ve worked hard to eliminate my collecting gene, so I decorate with things I use instead of fiddly decorative-only items. It helps keep -stuff- manageable if the things you need are as pretty as they can be. I love the rooms that use combinations of patterns, textures, and colors instead of -stuff- to give a saturated look.

    A tip for those who aren’t familiar, there’s this magical stuff called museum putty and it’s used for temporarily sticking down small, generally breakable items. It’s very helpful for living with pets, kids, and clumsy friends.

    Now if I could explain how important just a few pretty things are to my partner who likes collecting free pint glasses… And yet he picks on my mixing/serving bowl collection. 😀

  9. Well Laurel you’ve managed to do it again…
    In the past couple of weeks you’ve shown some of my Favorite images of cluttered rooms, ones I have saved on my iPad. I’m bohemian at heart and simply must have color and adore cluttered rooms. I’ve been collecting for over 50 years and love to see all my memories before me.
    BUT since the remodel all my stuff is still in the basement. My husband hates clutter, But I’m dying to slowly move it all back.
    Trouble is, I got confused somewhere along the way.
    It seems this style by some is awful and by others is fabulous, but I’m not seeing much difference except the designer. Unless it looks like one went nuts in Home Goods, I get that. It just seems that a lot of these rooms break a lot of the ‘rules’ and not only survive critique, they survive the ages.
    Please do explain
    Also, if it please you, a post about dark painted sexy cavernous looking rooms.
    You look great in that photo by the way! Have fun!

  10. I’m envious that you’re at the KBIS looking at all that state of the art, gorgeous stuff. Seeing what’s out there must make it a challenge to make choices when the time comes, and you’re right about the desert. Most people think of it as being nature’s natural oven, but it can get pretty cold in winter, and quite cold at night time. I’ve seen these images of Miles Redd’s house before, and I absolutely love his kitchen. The glossy black painted walls and all those reflective surfaces. He’s made it look positively glamorous.

  11. I’m so happy you’re having a good time in Vegas. In spite of the cold weather.
    Amber Lewis is one of my favorite designers. She can do no wrong in my opinion. But the size of the rug she used in the picture you showed kinda surprised me.

  12. Laurel – First of all, I am so happy to see you are out and about and having fun.
    In my mind, I slept in each of these rooms or just walked through them. They are all sensational.
    So many wonderful ideas to steal.
    Wishing you the very best.
    P.S. I love cold weather.

  13. Hi Laurel,
    I am new to your blog and I
    thank you so much for your good advice regarding paint colours.
    Could you do a post on decorating bookshelves?

  14. beautiful. These make me think I can do a small vignette easily, but I fall down when harmonizing the whole living space. I can do bedrooms for some reason.

    Have fun.

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