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Please note: that many of these photos were lost from the original post. I know… like I have better things to do than to go back and recreated what I did months ago. But, if there is no credit for the photo and its yours, I apologize, but just wanted to get the photos back on. Also, I can’t seem to put writing in where I want to. Thank you WordPress! The photos of the white sun room with the cool turquoise print pillows is a room I did!

Allison Palladino Sun Room

Allison Palladino Sun Room

Alright. Its August 19th and for at least two weeks already, I am seeing ads about “back to school,” and ideas all over the place for FALL decorating and the like. Really? Sorry for the sass, but this really has me steamed as we are only two months into summer and we have another 33 DAYS until the official beginning of autumn and for God’s sake, can we PLEASE, at the very least not talk about fall until after labor day? (I know, after labor day, the Christmas season begins)

I so love the warm weather, long days and even the occasional thunderstorm when the sky turns black and then sunny again. While others revel in that first crispness of the fall season, for me it hearkens to the months ahead of being cold–ALL THE TIME. (except for last winter’s blessed respite) I am a spring and summer person. Yes, I know… I’m living in the wrong part of the country. (hey, maybe world!). And since that’s not likely to change, (but, hey, you never know!), I am going to savor every last second of the sunshine, warmth and light.

On that note. Last week, I got a new job! hooray! A very lovely woman who hired me on the spot and folks, let me tell you, this home is gorgeeeeeeeous. A turn of the century,  Beaux Arts Italian Renaissance beauty with as we say in the biz, “bones to die for;” the architectural equivalent of Sophia Loren. One of the projects is an exquisite sun room which except for lattice on the walls, and the most exquisite windows and French doors I’ve ever seen, a fireplace and some light fixtures, the room is empty. Aside from the incredible, classic architecture, my other jumping off point  is that my client, (I’ll call her Sue) LOVES color! wonderful! And just outside the room, is an amazing (I am running out of superlative adjectives!) antique Aubusson rug which looks brand new. The colors are glorious. So, what better way to preserve the sun than a sun/living room. Of course, being a summer person, I love sun rooms and what I especially love to see is a room not filled with the hackneyed white wicker. I don’t even think its necessary to do rattan, although I do love a touch of it, and even a touch of wicker, but prefer that its painted a cool color.  I also think that there’s no reason why a sun room cannot be just  as comfortable and interesting as any other “living room.” And since this is going to double as a “family living room,” (if you recall, any room with a TV);] I think it should be all the moreso.

Please enjoy these rooms that I am using for inspiration that will do this magnificent architecture, its due justice!




Note: because of the loss of some of many of these images, the photo may not be credited and I apologize for that.


Chappaqua Sunroom

Chappaqua Sunroom

Chappaqua Sunroom

Chappaqua Sunroom


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  • Laurel - August 19, 2012 - 4:36 PM

    I know. It always makes me laugh, but Christmas decorations going up in October really makes me nuts! I guess its about the almighty dollar. That’s how it is. xo ~ LaurelReplyCancel

  • Loi Thai - August 19, 2012 - 3:15 PM

    Hey Laurel – I know exactly what you mean! Christmas will start soon….haha! This is kinda random, but have you noticed they show movie trailers one year in advance? Congrats on your new job. I hope you will able to share more.