Have You Seen This Trendy Color Palette With A Twist?

You might have recalled from my last post that I found two fabrics to build a whole house color palette from. Today, I’m focusing on the second fabric which I think is particularly beautiful.

However, it is lending itself to a gray, trendy color palette.


174453Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock Print in Grisaille

I’m going to show you how I used The Laurel Home Essential Paint Color Collection, combined with several other fabrics to come up with a unique whole-home color scheme that just happens to be a super trendy color palette.

But with a twist.

The trend is gray and the twist is gold.


First, I went “shopping”– online. Since I’m “in the trade” as they say, I went to e-designtrade.com. They carry several lines including Kravet, Brunschwig and Fils, Lee Jofa and a bunch of other great designer fabric companies. If you’re not in the trade, there are several sources online that carry these fabrics, or you can look individually on their consumer websites.

I also went to F. Schumacher where the luscious beauty above came from. This company may have been around for well over a 100 years, but there isn’t anything remotely tired, stodgy or dated in this unbelievably gorgeous collection.


I put some of my faves on a board.


This doesn’t mean that all of these or any of them will go in this home, but it’s a great start when wants a beautiful, classic whole-home-color-palette.

You don’t have to put your fabrics on a board; you can just keep them in a folder. But I put them on a board so that you can see them more easily. Believe me when I tell you that this is only about a third of what I saved!

Also, this is an exercise, not necessarily fabrics I would put together in one room, but many, I definitely would.


gray gold fabrics F. Schumacher trendy paint color palette

And from here, I was able to select colors from the Laurel Home Essential Paint Collection to create a wall color palette for the entire home.

Note: I put the lead fabric in place of the garage. :]

gray and gold trendy color palette Benjamin Moore Paint ColorsAll paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

And no, there is no sponsorship, because I was told, “we don’t do that.” Maybe one day!

To be clear– while the colors are on the floor, these colors go on the walls.

american-foursquare-revival-donald-lococo-hardwood-flooringDonald Lococo Architects

I think a hardwood floor, something like this would be gorgeous. To replicate this color, you might try Minwax English Chestnut. But if I stress testing your paint colors, I triple that with hardwood floor stain. And then, it’s still a bit of a crap-shoot; just because of the nature of hardwood floors.

Benjamin Moore SILVER HALF DOLLAR 2121-40


07-Julia-Reed-house-ELLE-DECOR-09-12-xln trendy-color-paletteJulia Reed House via Elle Decor September 2012

Benjamin Moore ELEPHANT TUSK oc-8

bunny-williams-office-cleveland-green-1525Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams’ office painted Benjamin Moore CLEVELAND GREEN 1525

chelsea gray - trendy-color-palette Normandy RemodelingNormandy Remodeling

Benjamin Moore CHELSEA GRAY HC-168

For the trim color, I selected Benjamin Moore WHITE DOVE oc-17.

And there it is!

Must get outside. It’s a gorgeous spring day!



17 Responses

  1. Amazing! We just updated daughter’s room with gray and,used gold to high light!😊😊

    Used bbb sheers with white curtains; sheers nearly match your fabric. Smart minds.etc..,☺

    I have been reading your,blog for a year or so, and have been reassured by your ben Moore paint choices.
    However, my local supplier had hired a few rude sales people so I decided to pursue other options.

    I found a site online that lets you create your own paint color. Great! I wanted a gray with more pink/brown. I created the perfect gray, but color scan doesn’t work digitally.

    BUT Sherwin Williams was amazing!! Not only did they help me figure out a color very close to the one that I “created” BUT I needed much less that Ben!!

    I covered flat paint wall that bright pink and lime green with one coast and it wad no voc paint.

    Giving up ben for Sherwin!

  2. Lovely fabrics! Are they all Schumacher? Aside from the one with the deer, which you have already said is Schumacher, I am particularly interested in the one with the Greek Key edging. (Like you, I can’t get enough of this classic!)

    Actually, if the fabrics are not all from Schumacher, would you mind terribly listing the manufacturers of all of these beauties?

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Most of the fabrics are from Schumacher and a few are from Brunschwig or Lee Jofa. Unfortunately, I can’t help you further with the specifics since I did not save that info.

  3. So pretty! I immediately recognized Elephant Tusk as this is color of my entry and living space. And bathroom…..such an easy soft color. Love the fabrics even though not a touch of blue to be had;)

    1. Hi Kate,

      Were you the one asking for some dark blue colors? I did do a post recently which does have a few deep blue colors with the names. If it wasn’t you, as you were. :]

  4. Wow! I love this post. Funny but I don’t like the color palette or patterns, but the
    rooms! Oh my word, as my Swedish grandmother used to say. The kitchen in those two colors I use – smashing. And Jenny’s post of the gray, beige, cream, gold is so very true.
    Bedroom of J Reed – is perfection in my opinion – the bed, and all the furniture oh my wouldn’t I give a pretty penny. That black bedside table is so terrific. And then A Whittker room ditto. Love the mantle styling.
    Thanks Laurel – we can always count on you to show us the very best of the best.

    Best to you, wishing you a wonderful summer!

    1. Yes, but it’s fabric. That’s F. Schumacher’s Les Gazelles Au Bois Ecru. If you wanted to use it as wallpaper, it’s possible to have fabric backed with paper so it can be hung.

  5. I love it when parents of pups match room colors to their pup, as in this bedroom! Or, maybe it was the other way around. In either case, the dog is a good match.

  6. Thank you so much for this post and the last demonstrating how to build a color palatte for a house or even a room. A great demonstration of the utility and artistry of your “Essentials Paint Palatte”, Laurel.

  7. Love gray and gold..or gray and beige..or gray and cream..
    I didn’t know I love it so much by the way. but several years ago I saw a woman, passing by, on the street..she was dressed in gray and beige and cream. with maybe a hint of gold..it was impeccable, and so stylish and unpretentious at the same time. Of course her being beautiful woman didn’t hurt..but I saw her for literally several seconds, and I still remember these colors. The potential of inspiration in a fabric is huge..

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