Happy New Year 2023 + Big Changes Could Be Coming!


Happy New Year 2023!


happy new year 2023


Yes, I just took this as the hub of Boston’s new year’s eve celebration is in my backyard. Crazy! And even crazier, it’s RAINING, and practically balmy out. A week ago, it was 20 degrees below freezing!


Every year, most of us say goodbye to the old one and welcome the new year with renewed hope.


It’s the wish that this next year will be better. It’s the time of year that we take stock of our lives. We strive to be a better version of ourselves. You know, eat healthfully, sleep and exercise more, etc.


128 CommAve Christmas 2022


Maybe we’ll start learning something new or try to be a better parent, spouse, neighbor, or friend.

I’m no different. I do the same. Sometimes I’m successful. Usually, I tend to fall back into my inertia zone; not always, but often.


Recently, I asked for some feedback on subjects you would like to see more coverage about.


One thing I need to mention frequently is that if you’d like to know more about a particular topic, there’s a good chance it’s already here, but you missed that post or subscribed after it was posted. To find topics, the easiest way is to use the search box in the sidebar underneath my brief bio.


On your mobile device, there is a magnifying glass icon in the header.


If you click that, a search box will appear. It is easier to find the posts on a desktop computer (or tablet) because you’ll see many posts on one page. On a phone, they appear in a line. Sometimes the one you’re looking for is at the top, but sometimes, not.

Last April 2022, this blog celebrated ten years. In those ten years, I’ve written over 900 blog posts.

For many months, I’ve been thinking about improving things. However, I don’t want to make changes without getting some feedback. So, to facilitate that, I’ve created a 100% anonymous 8-question survey. I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill it out.


You can access the survey here. (I believe the viewing problem is now fixed!)


Thank you so much!


Below are a few more photos I took two days ago, close to my house in Back Bay, Boston.


131 Comm Ave 2023 - Happy New Year

If this stunning home looks familiar it’s because I took pics of it last year. However, these were taken on December 29, 2022.

CommAve jewel Christmas 2022

This one is the same angle as last year.


Back Bay Christmas 2022

And, one last image.


Back Bay Boston Christmas 2022

Looking west on Commonwealth Ave with the mall lights on the far right, and the moon. I believe that the white dot is Jupiter.

Please have a blessed, peaceful, and happy, New Year 2023, and thank you all for enriching my life in so many ways!



PS: Here’s the link to the survey

Please also visit the recently updated HOT SALES!

23 Responses

    1. Oh, that is so sweet, Mimi. My problem is I am already working all of the time! When I take a break, I end up paying for it. I’ve been working all weekend (except when I went out for 40 minutes to ring in the new year) and all day today, (Sunday, and it’s now Monday) and I’m not done. But, it’ll have to wait. My guides are still on sale! shhhh! LOL What I’d love to do one day is create a course.

      However, the subject matter is incredibly vast. After 34 years, I’m still learning. I’m also going to be going through a renovation– alone. I have to be realistic about what is possible and what isn’t.

  1. On the house in Back Bay, is that a split wreath on the entry doors? It doesn’t look like one, but how else could they even use the front doors? I think split wreaths are available, but they don’t look very convincing.

  2. Was doing survey and screen changed; going back it said survey completed. If you care to resend to me, I would be happy to finish it.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I would try clearing your cache and cookies just for today. My resending what’s already on this site won’t make a difference. You would have to start over. It’s fine if you’d rather not. I appreciate whatever you did answer.

  3. Thanks for the link Laurel but it took me back to the same “Thank you” page. I use Chrome and I tried Edge but no luck. Oh well. Basically I’m happy with everything you write. I find your writing engaging and your talent unsurpassed. I’m a big fan and can’t wait to see what you offer us in 2023. Happy New Year!

  4. I also cannot see the survey, same message as the others. I’ll check back later in the day. Happy New Year, dear Laurel!

  5. I have also tried a couple of times and the survey is not available. I get the same message as the others.

    1. Hi Barbara, I just responded to Cynthia, below. I’m thinking this is a setting issue on your device. (which I’m guessing is a cell phone?) It sounds like something, maybe an ad blocker or pop-up blocker is blocking the survey. That might not be the case, but that is the case when people can’t see the items in my widgets. If you go to the HOT SALES page and can’t see the items in the widgets, then you’ll know for sure. You can change that in your settings.

  6. So the survey link worked for some people? I tried it twice and both times I got a message “Happy new year and thank you so much for taking the survey”. But I never saw the survey! Is there a way to access it?

    1. Ugh. I feel your pain, Cynthia, and am sorry you’re having an issue; I also appreciate your wanting to participate. So far, 691 have taken it, so I’m going to be a bizzy gurl. This link takes you to a page on my website that has the survey embedded in it. So, you’re not leaving my website to take it. I did just check both my MacBook and eye-phone and the survey is showing up as expected.

      My suggestion, if using a desktop computer, is to use a different browser to access this post and link to the survey page. If using a mobile device, please check your settings.

  7. Happy New Year Laurel.
    I look forward to the next 900 posts from you. They’re always filled with beautiful pictures, decorating lessons that can be learned and your humor. I may not get to read them as soon as they’re published. But I make sure I do before to much time has passed.
    Hopefully the new year brings kindness & good health to everyone.

  8. Happy New Year Laurel! I filled your survey. I hope this year will be a good, prosperous year for you, and you’ll have lots of love, kindness, peace and many accomplishments in your life!

  9. Happy new year Laurel – and happy new year, everyone! I hope 2023 is an easy but fulfilling year for one and all.

  10. Happy New Year to you Laurel and all your readers! I have learned so much reading this blog and look forward to it in my mailbox every week. I have just read an interesting blog from Dr Sharon Blackie where she poses the question to the universe -What do you need of me this year? Interesting thought especially after all everybody has been through these past couple of years. We have been living in transit for one year after selling our place and are hoping to be in our new spot soon. Anyhow I really appreciate this blog and I’m glad it found my way to my inbox!

  11. Happy New Year Laurel ! I love that you live in Boston, a city so full of beauty and history, and that you generously share it with us. All the best in 2023.

  12. Happy New Year! Thanks for being my first read of 2023! I hope you have a wonderful, productive and delightful year, Laurel!

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