A Genius Paint Tip You Need To Know About

In the past year or so, I’ve gotten dozens of requests to do sponsored posts.

I always say, “no.” (Except for Metrie Mouldings)

Why do I say no?

I say no because

  • the product is not one that you guys would be interested in
  • it’s tacky or weird
  • I wouldn’t use or endorse it.


If I endorse a product, it’s because it’s really great, not a piece of dreck.


A few days ago, yet another offer for a sponsored post arrived in my in-box.

Something called MY PAINT SAINT.

Uh huh… Yawn… I started looking at it and yawn… quickly turned into HOLY CRAP THAT’S FANTASTIC!!!

So, in a rare move, I said, Yes, I would do the sponsored post! Because this is a wonderful product and something you need to know about.

It’s the paint tip of all paint tips!!!

If you’ve ever had to touch up your paint, you know how it goes…

Your mother (or M-I-L) is coming in an hour. The house is presentable (well, at least you think so)— but she is going to notice those scuff marks in the entry.

She is.

Quick! Go search for the old paint can which hopefully hubs didn’t throw out and try to find a clean, useable brush…

Shite! You find the old paint which has been sitting on the shelf for three years. It’s now beyond gross and ewww… the brushes are unusable. Damn… I thought I cleaned them!?!

The brushes never get clean.

They don’t. I don’t know why they don’t, but they don’t.

Need to touch up your wall paint and dig up your old rusty paint can to find this gloppy mess? Here is a paint tip that will save you a lot of time, aggravation and mess.


yucky paint brushes and can

[please click the white P to pin this graphic to your pinterest boards.]

Yes, folks. This is my very own three-year-old-gallon-can of Benjamin Moore Regal Select Matte formulation, Pale Avocado and some brushes. Geeezzz. How embarrassing! They are especially grody! Probably, I thought I was going to come back to something, but in the cabinet they went and didn’t come back out, after-all.

There has to be a better way!

And now, there is!

Entrepreneur and house painter Mark Lacy worked as the head of maintenance for a prestigious hotel when he was in college. He was immensely frustrated every time he had to do paint touch-ups.

After spending considerable time developing and perfecting his product, he introduced My Paint Saint last year. Since then, the word is getting out fast and furious what a fantastic product this is!




can-vs-can my paint saint paint tip



My Paint Saint is a unique jar that contains a high-quality paint brush that stays in the jar.

Uh huh… it STAYS in the jar!

The jar holds a couple of cups of your left-over paint.

Now, here’s where it gets really good.


Since the brush stays in the jar, you never have to clean the brush!


brush-and-can-with ledge paint tip

Oh man! They made this for me!

group-set-open my paint saint paint tipThe two lips inside the jar allow one to take the excess paint off the brush.

my paint saint brush with screw on topThe ring screws on over the paint brush to make an air-tight seal when you are finished.

cap-screw-on my paint saint paint tip

But, while in use, the ring screws onto the bottom of the jar.

How clever is that?

This and the permanent brush is what sets it apart from simply pouring some left-over paint into a jar. You could do that but you still won’t have the air-tight seal that won’t get gunky. And then there’s the brush issue.


my paint saint is easy to use paint tip

Touch-ups are a breeze with My Paint Saint.

  • It is ready to go every time you need to touch up
  • The paint stays fresh for years and the brush stays soft as well.
  • AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO CLEAN IT! (I can’t say that enough, because they had me right there!)
  • you don’t have to kill yourself prying open a gloppy can of paint.

OR go to the store to get another quart of the paint, only to find out that it doesn’t match. aaarrggghhh!

painting a chair my paint saint paint tip

You can even do a small paint project with My Paint Saint.

front paint saint paint tipMy Paint Saint is compact and easy to store.

back label paint tip my paint saint

The back has a place to label your color with a Sharpie.

A short video about My Paint Saint


Where can I get this Laurel?

I recommend purchasing it on Amazon because then you can read all of the amazing reviews!

And if you buy in large bulk, the price goes down, but they aren’t expensive to begin with.

My Paint Saint would make a wonderful Father’s day gift!

You’re in good time for June 19th.

And if you’d like to really make it a sweet gift, include The Laurel Home Essential Paint Collection. You can send the paint collection as a gift and time it to arrive whenever you would like.

See you Sunday! (I have a wicked post planned!)






26 Responses

  1. Thanks for passing along a great new product! And like you mentioned above, quick touch ups are only successful if you use flat or matt paint. Which is why I always suggest using a matt paint in main areas. They can easily be touched up and not show that flashing effect typical with other finishes that have a sheen.

  2. This is fabulous, great invention, just wonder about stirring the paint to mix it, that seems to be more problematic. But it is still great. Thanks for sharing. YOU ROCK!

    1. Hi Karen,

      I’m Mark the inventor of My Paint Saint and I just noticed your mixing comment.

      6-8 Medium sized marbles work great(nickel sized-they need some weight to them).

      You can hold the top of the cup and swirl the bottom in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Then, as my favorite interior designer in the universe suggested, mix for 30 seconds with the tip of the brush. Its not a huge volume so 1 minute should be plenty to get it well mixed.

      I should also mention that the paint in a paint saint will not separate fast like it will in metal cans. Re-Hammering metal on metal does not make a good seal and Oxygen speeds up the rate at which paint separates.

      I did not include marbles in the cups because I am a first time Inventor/Business owner and I was scared to death of launching a product with a choking hazard.

      My 3 year old daughter (first child) was a baby when I was making that decision and I believe this played a part.

      My 3 year old daughter is also the real inventor of my paint saint. I had the idea for 13 years and I never acted on it, until I found out she was coming into this world 😉

      Hope this helps,


      1. Thank you, Mark, that sounds like it will work much better, congratulations on your “invention” I will try it and suggest to my clients.
        Best to you.

  3. Another handy-dandy little trick for those dirt brushes is to soak them in fabric softener mixed with water (I never measure but probs about 1/3 fabric softener to 2/3 water). Soak them at least overnight and then get a flea comb from the pet store to use to comb the paint out and keep the bristles straight.

  4. Can I just say how amazing is your blog and are you stalking me? We start trying to figure out how to hide the TV and you do a blog on that, then we get round to the bathroom, and you do a blog on that, then I have my daughter’s birthday party, all the brushes glued together with left over paint and a new resolve to stop wasting brushes and you publish this – brilliant stuff.

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      lol – Thank you so much! I just checked and no, you’re not on the stalking list. haha! I guess a lot of us have the same issues with decorating. And those are what I try to write about.

  5. Laurel, I just love receiving your newsletter on Sundays and randomly during the week! You make me laugh and I so enjoy your humor. But what I really enjoy is your expertise, suggestions and most especially your style.

    I just wanted to send this along and thank you – from one designer to another 🙂

    Enjoy your evening,

    Pat Haley
    May Interiors

  6. Nifty! But please please PLEASE don’t “touch up” a wall by brushing paint over all the spots. It leaves ugly ripples of texture which have to be sanded off or they show through every layer of paint afterward. The previous owners of my home did this everywhere. I had to take a palm sander to the walls and they *still* show brush marks even though I thought I sanded them down enough.

    Brushing on paint will cover over the marks, but your touch up will be obvious. The only way to fix marks on a wall (that won’t come off with a magic eraser) is to re-roll the entire wall. You *might* be able to roll and feather a small section, but it’s not guaranteed to blend with the old paint even when you use the exact same can of paint. It all depends on how picky you are – or your MIL. 😉

    1. Hi Cindy,

      It’s true. It won’t work as well with eggshell or shinier, but should be fine with matte or flat. Also, of course, the tiniest amount of paint should be used and the edges feathered into the existing paint. It sounds like the previous owners didn’t do any of that.

    2. I had a similar problem. Owners left all the paint and list of ‘matching colors’ but did not remove picture hooks. After spot painting, I have spotted walls. Ugh!

      1. Hi Cindy,

        Yes, another issue is the fact that colors can oxidize and change over time and that might be the problem or at least part of it. I had this problem where the previous owners had taken down photos. There comes a point where touch-ups won’t work. This is obviously before we get to that point. :]

  7. Interesting idea. But I’ve found that a magic eraser fixes scuffs all by itself. I only discovered them recently so I’m still awestruck. They really are magical if you have marks rather than paint loss and your paint isn’t so fresh it comes off, too.

    1. Hi Elle,

      Yes, for light scuffs that would be fine, but this isn’t just for scuffs; it’s when the sheet rock needs a minor repair due to a crack or something that an eraser can’t remove. And that’s a lot of things, I’ve found.

    2. My go to product. I Magic Erased the walls in a rental where I swear it looked like people had walked on the walls. ME took off 99% and I didn’t have to repaint since I had two coats of Benjamin Moore on the walls and doors. Chips were another matter that required the paint brush to repair.

  8. Well I am not going to go on about how I sorta discovered MPS. I will just say I wish I invented it. MPS is all Laurel says it is – we both have high standards and it passes with flying paint colors!

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