The Virtual Alexa Hampton @ The Design Bloggers Conference

Greetings from Atlanta and the Design Bloggers Conference!

I arrived here yesterday and already met a lot of  terrific people. Some I know from online and others I met last year; some I’m meeting for the first time.

I was so looking forward to getting away from the ice and snow and guess what? It sleeted and snowed here today and it’s almost March! Still, 34 degrees is a lot better than 4 degrees.

The conference really begins tomorrow, but was supposed to begin with the totally AWESOME Alexa Hampton {one of the 20+ designers I would definitely hire}


I was so excited, but something happened and I didn’t hear exactly what, and she couldn’t make it in person.


So, she came to us via Skype. I so wanted to meet her. But nevertheless she lived up to her rep as a completely charming, self-effacing, verrry funny woman. And so freaking talented I could just throw up!

They had these monitors, but they were really far away, so difficult to see.  After hearing some mutterings around me, I scrambled to find the photos on the internet of the rooms. A couple I already had like this oft-posted favorite living room.


As you may already know, Alexa Hampton is the daughter of the legendary Mark Hampton

mark hampton

who met an untimely death some 17 years ago due to cancer when Alexa was barely out of college.


Alexa took over the company, Mark Hampton, Inc. and it has flourished since.

Her early work felt pretty much like she was just finishing off her Dad’s projects which is most likely true… And then, I didn’t hear too much about her again until just a few years ago. And what I’ve seen is dazzling.


One of the things I like about Alexa’s work is that I don’t always go…”oh, there’s an Alexa Hampton room.” Her range is from slightly Bohemian-neo-exotic-eclectic to exceedingly formal traditional. Her formal rooms are reminiscent of her Dad. They are rich. Some of her interiors have intensely saturated colors and some are quite pale. She often pushes the envelope with color and pattern juxtapositions.

One commonality is a design sensibility routed in the classical. But she’s not above putting a priceless antique next to something imported from India. Her work is often wildly inventive but never to the point of being weird. As I said, she’s awesome!

Even though we didn’t get Alexa in person, what we did get was an exceedingly entertaining, down-to-earth very intelligent designer–just virtually.

The following are some of the interiors she shared with us and some other interiors as well.


Her New York office

alex hampton hickory chair vignette

A lovely vignette from one of her licensees, Hickory Chair

Alexa said that cool palettes feel youthful, while warmer palettes are more mature. I think that’s basically true.


Eclectic mix of furnishings in this stunning living room

kips bay style beat alexa hampton vignette

Above and below from Kips Bay 2014.

style beat alexa hampton kips bay

extraordinary colors! via Style Beat



Alexa was telling us about this client who enlisted her to help select the apartment. The choices were the Plaza Hotel and the Pierre Hotel. The Pierre won out because the layout was far better. This of course, above is the before shot.

And, the amazing after was removed due to copyright trolls.



A stately Federal era home in New Orleans is elegantly restored after being ravaged by Hurricane Katrina

alexa hampton grown up room

Alexa described this as what she would like her home to look like when she “grows up.” I really do like this girl!

alexa-hampton via mark sikes living room

alexa hampton pale dining room

One of my favorite dining rooms ever



Alexa’s favorite brown is Benjamin Moore HC-68 Middlebury Brown

alexa hampton bedroomAlexa’s master bedroom. It has since been redone and the color is a rich green. There was a question and answer period and I found out that the color is Benjamin Moore 692 Jack Pine

benjamin moore jack pine 692

From the Benjamin Moore website – Jack Pine 692 This color looked so wonderful with the rich cherry-wood door. [see below]

alexa hampton via mark d sikes

Another shot of the bedroom with a fabulous built-in.


A shot from her Kips Bay 2012 Bedroom found on the blog Habitually Chic. Alexa volunteered that this color is Benjamin Moore’s 1547 Dragon’s Breath. It’s a deep very, very dark warm gray. Interesting color and in this case in a rich, lacquer finish.

Tomorrow, Nate Berkus is speaking, and then on Thursday, Bunny Williams!



7 Responses

  1. Laurel,
    Thank you for the post regarding design conference…you were very kind to this and provide images. I left the virtual presentation because of the TV. monitors distance…wish they were more thoughtful…but what did the male coordinators of the event know about our love for interiors and especially our love for Alexa’s interiors?

  2. I was very happy to learn about Alexa yesterday for a personal reason. My husband had just finished wallpapering our bedroom. Despite his compliments on my choice of paper, despite his superb work and despite the fact that it looked breathtakingly beautiful, serene and yet dramatic – I was still full of self doubt over my decision to use wallpaper. Then I read this blog and saw that this talented designer used wallpaper and I felt so relieved and vindicated. My neighbors, my family and even the salesperson of the paper filled me with doubt before even making a choice. “Wallpaper is sophisticated – but no one uses it any more” said a salesperson. I almost closed the books and walked out almost right then and there. “My Realtor made me take off the wallpaper” said a friend. But luckily the wiser (or stubborn) part of me kept searching everywhere for the right paper and found something lovely. Thus, I did not have to decorate with more prints or photographs from some “posters r us” web site. But my constant second guessing was preventing me from fully enjoying this beautiful bedroom – until you showed us Alexa’s designs. Wallpaper works and wallpaper is still “in.” Thank you for letting me get a good night’s sleep last night Laurel!

    1. OMG! Well… there’s tacky wallpaper which IS gross and then there’s the good stuff. And THAT is awesome! I have a client who wanted wallpaper in nearly every room! That was a challenge but it looks wonderful!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say I discovered your blog a few days ago and am in love! I love your style and taste. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I typically end up pinning some of your post images Laurel! I especially love her use of books, woven blinds, comfy furniture, big statement lamps, lots of interesting art (gold frames – yes!). That dining room is classic and timeless – the best kind I think! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  5. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person, took photos and was a part of a small setting with her leading a discussion, and she is just as charming, beautiful and funny as you can imagine. She is one of my all time favorites too. I just love her work.

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