A Fabulous and Rare Upholstery Sale by One Of my Favorite Vendors

Hi Guys,

Well, I may begin to do Friday’s hot sales as a blog post after all. But there are still the hot sales pages which I can then link to.

(that’s the main one)

The post will feature the hottest– best home furnishings sale for that week.

And this week, the award goes to


Serena and Lily is having a wonderufl upholstery sale




Well, it’s because they are running a fabulous and rare UPHOLSTERY SALE!!! – 20% off of their entire insanely gorgeous collection!


Gorgeous Serena and Lily Miramar Sofa - on sale until September 25 2017

Miramar sofa from Serena and Lily


And when we’re talking about  $2,800.00 on up for a sofa, that’s a chunk o’ change.


Now, I rarely do this, but in this case feel confident in vouching for this furniture.


It’s all made by Lee Industries, one of my favorite vendors, for them. (shhhhh… that’s an inside secret. They do not publicize it.)

But at 20% off and with one of their 150 beautiful fabrics (and leathers), you really can’t go wrong.

However, always, always, always measure and do a little layout first.

Their fabrics are top-quality. I have a little ottoman that I bought five years ago (!) and it still looks brand-new.

The fabrics themselves are not on sale– only when they are on the pieces. And I don’t believe their throw pillows are, at this time either.

Here is your widget and believe me that I could’ve kept going on and on and on because everything is so beautiful, but these are just a few of my favorites in no particular order. And yes, they are color-coordinated with lots of blue and white. However, Serena and Lily has fabrics in all colors including two beautiful yellow linens!


Grady sofa by Serena and Lily in lemon linen

The beautiful new Grady Sofa in lemon linen


Sorry, here’s the widget. :]




Here are some things you need to know about the Serena and Lily 20% off Furniture sale.


One) They will give you up to 10 free fabric samples. I have found that they go to great lengths to ensure that the colors are accurate online. But, some computer monitors may not read the colors 100% accurately, so if it’s super important, please double-check. But also know, that their colors are very nice.

If only every vendor presented themselves as well. My job would be a lot easier. And it makes so much sense to me too.


It’s a lot like a restaurant.


All they DO is serve food. So why is the food so terrible in some restaurants? And WHY does the bread suck? They only need to come up with one kind of wonderful bread. How difficult can that be?

It’s a lot like that. Serena and Lily has the best food and bread ever! (metaphorically speaking)

Two) The sale is on until September 25th (at 11:59PM – pacific time) That means, if you don’t want to think too hard, that you have 3 weekends to get your order in.

Three) You still have time to get your order in for Christmas, fa-la-la-la-laaaaa-la-laa-laa-laaa. But… But… But… And you might be able to get it in time for Turkey-day, but there’s an 8-10 week lead time from the time of order to inside your home; that’s very tight. But not impossible.

Four) The promo code for 20% off is: GETCOMFY

Five) Yes, if you click on my link or images and place an order, I will probably make a commission at no extra charge to you. This is what keeps me afloat. (no pun intended in light of #6)

Six) I am donating 20% of any earnings from now through the 25th to God help us, our beautiful Floridians who are about to receive a hammering, the likes which most likely has never been seen on our shores. I guess most of you already know that as of Friday evening, they are predicting Cat 5 upon landfall in south Florida.

Please, please, please follow official’s orders and leave, if you are told to do so. I am praying for your safety and those of your loved ones.


And any money earned from a Serena and Lily purchase whether it’s on sale or not– from now through September 25th will be counted for the donation.

(I can’t see what you’re ordering, in any case; just the commission amount.)

I’m not sure which charity, but it will be probably be the American Red Cross, so that they can design who needs it the most.

Well, there’s still a lot more to see than this, if you have time.

I’ve updated the main hot sales page here. Over half of the items are new this week.

In addition, there are several new items in the bed and bath sales page. Williams Sonoma Home is having a huge bed and bath sale (and dining room furniture too!) and Williams Sonoma is a must visit as well.

I have edited out all of the hot clothes that are sold out. Nordstrom is still having a sale through the 10th.

The rugs I have not gone over yet, but will soon. Most of them are still available.

See you Sunday morning! With the 2nd part of Wednesday’s post.



8 Responses

  1. You really can’t beat Lee’s quality. I have a set from Crate and Barrel that is Lee and it has held up exceptionally well. Serena and Lily have such beautiful pieces…..sigh

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Yes, Lee makes some of Crate and Barrel’s furniture as well. And Williams Sonoma Home and others, I’m sure.

      I’ve been utterly impressed with Serena and Lily since I first discovered them 12 years ago. (when they were only making baby linens)

      They quickly grew into this fabulous brand. They were a sponsor of the Design Blogger’s Conference last March in LA and they invited us over to their shop. Well, fortunately only about 100 of us came, but we were totally crammed into the space. However, they put out the most gorgeous spread of food I’ve ever seen and had two bartenders whipping up exotic drinks.

      Class act, all the way!

  2. Love you, love your work, love the blog, and love the sentiment behind your generosity– but please for the love of god do not give a penny of your money to the Red Cross. They are one of the LEAST effective charitable organizations on earth. Very little transparency, lots of scandals involving funds squandered. Donate to local charities. I saw this as someone who just evacuated their home in Florida (and who would also love to see some of the money go to the USVI, which were just completely demolished and which are part of the US, their citizens also hardworking Americans, though without the helpful infrastructure and connectivity of Florida.)

  3. Hi Laurel,
    As always, thank you for your terrific posts! I would also like to applaud your spirit of generosity and hope it serves as an inspiration to many. I would kindly ask you to consider other agencies besides the Red Cross, there are many well vetted local agencies and charities that would be better able to serve the direct and local needs.
    Thank you for your inspired generosity!

    Here’s one link, but there are many others:

    1. Hi Gigi,

      I very much appreciate that information. Instinctively, for Harvey, I donated to the Mayor’s fund in Houston, not the Red Cross. Of course, I want to deliver to the one organization that can do the most good.

  4. Purchased from Lee Industries in 1983 – a sofa, love seat, club chair and ottoman. Recovered the chair and ottoman three times and slipcovered the sofa twice. Moved around the country to five states and it is in great shape. Great investment pieces, classic styling.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for sharing that testimonial. The thing that sets Lee apart is that they understand proportion and attention to detail. I find too much of today’s furniture to be too boxy and clunky. And their quality is excellent too. I own a Lee sleep sofa which is very comfy too.

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