A Little Known and the Most Beautiful Boston Interior

Hi Everyone,

Well, I pretty much decided earlier today that I would take an exceedingly rare day off. As you can see, I did not.

And, I’m sure, at some point, I will. There’s so much going on; I just need to pace myself. The constant rain we’ve been having probably isn’t helping either.

But first, thank you for your kind comments the other day about the gray RH place.


Someone wrote me on Sunday that she had one of those huge beige sectionals and doesn’t know what to do with it.


I haven’t seen the room. Assuming the room is large enough, it’s the same as always.

I believe it’s about balance. If there’s a huge sofa, there needs to be a lot of other drama in this room. Tall drapes up to the ceiling, a hunky rug, art with presence, big lamps, and large case pieces.

Maybe not all of that, but definitely play up the architecture.


Okay, time for the main topic, which is this incredible Boston interior.


Now, please forgive me, because I screwed up–royally. I found out just now at 7:00 PM on Wednesday evening that I’m not allowed to show the photos, even anonymously. I’m so sorry! Consequently, I had no choice but to remove all of the images, immediately.

So, for now, please enjoy this beautiful springtime post from two years ago.

And, also, I very much recommend visiting the Instagram account of the designer of the rooms you can’t see, Marshall Watson. 

Laura Tutun Dining Room - Gracie wallpaper
The room I wanted you to see had about 15 Gracie wallpaper panels, similar to the beautiful one by Laura Tutun, above.

Below, is some beautiful Mozart to listen to.


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Again my apologies for having to remove the images.


PS: I’ve received more than a dozen emails from some of you stating that you haven’t been receiving the blog post notifications. Ugh. Sorry about that!

As many of you know, I just switched email providers. I have a fantastic rep at ConvertKit who’s looking into why this is happening. If you’re one of them, please feel free to let me know. You can also resubscribe using the form at the top of the page or the annoying one that pops up.

PPS: I’m trying very hard to not be annoying but most things are out of my control.


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20 Responses

  1. Such a gorgeous space! I love the color of the darker butterscotch walls. And the dining room is just WOW! Everything works together so beautifully. The Gracie wallpaper is always stunning, and I love all the lighting fixtures, but especially the sconces. And like Tracy, I adore the dining chairs. Thank you, Laurel, for taking time to put this post together for us. I hope you’ll take care of yourself and rest once in awhile, even though I’ll miss you :]

  2. Really beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I’m weirdly in love with the dining room chairs in the banquet hall.

  3. Thank as always for going the extra mile (or two or three) to bring your readers (FANS!) along into the enchanting world you inhabit, and I guarantee we are grateful for your bold approach to seizing the day! Wonderful pictures, esp. considering stealth conditions; you da bomb, girl!

  4. Laurel,

    Any chance you would be able to guess the blue color of the paint on the walls/in between trim?

  5. A very very lovely place. Wonderful photos. That banquet hall looks huge! I guess the large size is what allows that two-tone crown to work; otherwise it would be too busy. I am surprised by the amount of furniture in the panel-looking room. There seem to be many seemingly randomly placed chairs, tables and plant stands — is this because they are providing seating for large numbers of people, like at a cocktail party? As beautiful as the banquet hall wallpaper is, what caught my eye the most are the gorgeous rugs.

  6. This is the most beautiful banquet room I’ve ever seen. I can’t even imagine getting to eat in this elegance. The trim detail on the drapes alone is astounding. They could be serving canned spam and it would taste delicious in these surroundings! Thank you for this post, Laurel, now get some rest – you deserve it!

  7. I have my iPhone settings to monitor walking steadiness, walking asymmetry, and walking something else. It’s all in the Heart icon Health app. I guess it’s accurate, I’m not sure.

    Why so secret? It’s obviously a public place. I am imagining a secret women’s book club or something. They have a staircase like yours!

  8. You’re right! The dining room is stunning. Thanks for posting it today. On a related note, how on earth do you ever get anything done? Boston is so beautiful, I think I’d be out walking every day looking at all the beautiful homes & buildings.

  9. So enjoyed seeing the beautiful rooms! Just Lovely! Gilda reminded me of the recent VERANDA issue with the incredible ceramicist from London that hand builds beautiful floral displays of sculpted stoneware. (pg. 56) I thought of your Furlow Gatewood’s palm fronds and wondered if she could craft them for you?

  10. Ironically, your new server works better for me, as it now accepts my original email address, which the old one bounced. Consequently, I now receive two copies of your blog post notifications. You’re welcome to delete one of them. Thanks!

  11. I’m so glad you decided not to take a day off & instead share this beautiful home. It’s a stunner!
    Homes like this will never look dated.

  12. Absolutely stunning!

    I adore antiques and always love when they are incorporated into an interior. Gives so much depth and complexity, even to rooms that don’t have such exquisite architectural “bones.”

    Thank you!

  13. That was a nasty fall. Our bodies age, our gait changes, but our brains take awhile to figure it out. Too many of my friends have had missteps and falls with results like yours and worse. I try to be more aware, especially on step stools and stairs. Doesn’t even matter how athletic we are.. it happens. I am sure by now you are as lovely as ever, but I am so sorry that happened to you.

    1. Hi Jayne,

      In this case, it was a freak thing. My shoe with sticky souls which are normally a good thing, got caught in a rut in the bricks where it met up with the curb. It was night, so, I missed it.

  14. Beautiful rooms! So much to learn from them. Will definitely check out Mr.Watson’s insta. Thank you for another lovely and inspiring post.

  15. on a side note: I was perusing back issues of VERANDA this morning, happened upon a luscious feature in the May/June 2011 issue and—-Furlow Gatewood’s house with the palm fronds!!! You have and continue to educate us daily, Laurel!

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