Obsessively Curated Sales On A Very Special Day

Hey Guys,

It’s my mommy’s birthday!

She’s 95 today!

I know. Crazy time!

And there’s a lot that she can no longer do but she’s happy, always says that she feels fine! That always gives my sister and me a chuckle since we’re both almost always exhausted. But our mom is also incredibly sweet and loving. So I guess that’s all one can hope for.


Special Day - My Mom's Birthday

Here we are, back in the summer of 1956.


Well, this week is in honor of my mom.  In the second half of her life, she was a massive clothes horse; it gave her a lot of pleasure. (why do they call people who have a lot of clothes a close horse?)

Therefore, I spent a lot of time on the clothes part of the sales this week. And at least 3/4 of what’s in the widget is new.


But since more of you are interested in what’s happening with home furnishing sales, I’ll discuss that first.


As usual there are some awesome sales.


Here are my favorite sales this week with their promo codes and other info, you need to know.


Wayfair – up to 70% off and at least half of the site is always on sale, anyway. I’ve linked to a few favorites in the widget.

Pottery Barn – 20% off sitewide, but it says that it excludes furniture except for in stock, in store items. Use code: CHEERS

Williams Sonoma –  20% off sitewide and fast, FREE shipping! Plus up to 65% off of cookware. Use code: FALL – Ends at 11:59pm on the 22nd.



Williams Sonoma Home – 20% off sitewide here, too and flat rate shipping. Also 20% off of items already on sale, so some handsome savings available here. I do love this brand! Use code: FALL – Ends at 11:59pm on the 22nd.

West Elm – Also has a lot of amazing offers. It’s best just to go and check it out if you’re a West Elm fan.

Wisteria – Save from 15% up to 25% – sitewide. The more you spend, the greater the discount. Sounds fair to me. To get 25%, all you need to do is spend $500 which is not difficult to do.

Anthropologie – Is having a 25% off 25th Anniversary Sale. Whoa! They’ve been around for 25 years? Well, no wonder, so many cool things, this brand has.


Here are a few favorites I found this week



The Best Sale this week in Clothing:


Ann Taylor – 50% off practically the entire line including new items too. If you like AT, I would head over there pronto. Use code: ALLTHEWAY – This one ends on the 23rd at 3:00AM EST

Ann Taylor LOFT is also excellent with 40% off of most of its line. They want you to sign up to get the promo code, but no worries, I have it for you, if you don’t want to give them your email address.  The code is: FRIENDS

Lord and Taylor – Also has big savings on a huge portion of their offerings. Their promo code is also FRIENDS

Nordstrom – Nordie’s always has great stuff on sale. No code required.


You’ll find all of these brands in the clothes widget on the Hot Clothes Page which you can see by clicking here.


Also, the bed and bath page and the rugs page are up-to-date. They haven’t changed much, but everything to my knowledge is current.






21 Responses

  1. Happy 95th to you mother!!

    The link to the white slipper chair goes to ALL the accent chairs on Wayfair. Where is the white slipper chair. Also, I see that the seat height is 21″. That’s a bit high, don’t you think. I was going to order another slipper chair from them but with a seat ht. at 22″ I passed. A dining chair is 18″. I can’t imagine sitting on something 4″ higher than that.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Unfortunately, if there’s a sale’s post, that’s over a week old, it’s like looking at expired grocery coupons. I like to keep things fresh, so removed the slipper chair for this week. You’ll see that if you look at the hot sales in the menu.

      I’m not sure why you’re even seeing last week’s. Mine is not showing up, but that might be a browser issue.

      It is difficult to measure upholstered furniture. But if you get down so that the top of the cushion is at eye level, to the very top of the crown, 21″ is not abnormal. Or it might be a sloppy measurement. I’m sorry that I can’t help you further.

  2. Laurel, that’s such a sweet photo, and you both look lovely. Happy Birthday to your dear Mom. How nice that she’s happy and still says she’s fine despite the limitations of being 95. My mother is 94 and I still sometimes call her Mum or Mummy ! ( The UK equivalent to Mom or Mommy as you know). Although she can’t do half of what she used to do, like your Mom, she is always cheerful and happy, and always says she’s fine. Aren’t we lucky to still have our dear mothers shining light in our lives? Here’s to another good year for her ( and you too for that matter.)

    1. Hi Maggie,

      Actually, my mom was a lot more vivacious until just a few years ago than she looks there. It was probably a hot day.

      I’m glad that your mom is still a light in your life. It’s hard to admit this, but my mom is no longer able to shine any appreciable amount of light for me.

      I do miss our talks. That has become impossible now. Oh well. I’m grateful that at least she’s not in pain and seems happy. I always try to latch onto the positive; at least that’s the goal. xo

      1. I’m sorry Laurel. I can understand that you must miss your talks. My Mum does have pain and disability from terrible arthritis but doesn’t complain. She can barely walk any distance so she doesn’t get out that much, but her spirit is very much alive. She isn’t as mentally sharp as she used to be, but just as sweet and sociable. So, it seems it’s either the mind or the body that goes first. I think you inherited your vivaciousness from your mother, so that’s a treasure to remember. 🙂

  3. You and your Momma are stunners! So gorgeous! Love the pic!!

    PS. a big hello to you Laurel.. we haven’t chatted in ages… my bad.. I barely have time to brush my hair some days. LOL!

    I am so stinking in love with that brass fireplace cover too. Oh la la!

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful collection, girly!

    Lynne xx

  4. Thanks for the post. It’s so much easier to read this one email than to sign up to several different sites and have to deal with lots of emails. I would have missed the Anthro sale without you!

  5. Hi Laurel and Happy birthday to your beautiful mama. May she continue a healthy life!
    I depend on your sales picks so thank you for that. And I depend on your eye. And my your trip! I loved your own photos he best. I’m glad you gave yourself the gift of a fantasy trip. You will feast on the memories the rest of your days. I see it’s hot in Bville today so get outside for some autumn sunshine! Karen

  6. First – your acknowledgment of your Mother – made me smile:). I, too, call my Mother “Mommy” at times and it’s the sweetest endearment! I’m near your age (59) and my sweet “Mother Dearest” is still kicking, too. Many BLESSINGS to your Mother.

  7. Hello Laurel, Let me start by wishing your mother a Happy Birthday! Great photo of you two! I enjoyed your English series (although my version of “friendly clutter” always seems to turn into the next issue of “Hoarders”.) Your discussion on the aspects of charm was spot-on, and I wished it had gone on longer. Finally, congratulations on winning the contest–I voted for you a few times, and even re-found a blog I had lost touch with.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I was reading a blog recently I had never read before and you had left a comment. And no, I don’t remember which one. But thank you.

      And no worries, I’m mostly done with the specifics of the trip, but no way done with the general subject matter.

  8. Happy Birthday to your mother! And thank you so much for the Anthropologie tip! I nabbed the 3ft version of the gorgeous gold antique-looking mirror and saved a $100! I love these emails, Laurel. You are a star. Best wishes.

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