How to Make your Bed {for the rest of us}


Sorry for the tease but this post isn’t really how to make your bed. I was just researching for my next blog post and in my cyber-travels, I came across this bedroom and I just had to post it, because well… my bed often looks just like this and I have to say that I kinda like it, but it certainly isn’t  the typical “ironed sheet” look one would expect to see. But, it’s real! and I love that! Here’s the rest of the post. It’s written by two busy moms and boy, can I relate!

Love the batten board wainscoting! And the dark blue walls That’s Sherwin Williams 6244 Naval. I also love the painted chandelier and lamp! Nicely done! Okay, there is one thing bothering me and that is the popcorn ceiling. Can I say that without sounding like a nasty, condescending, critical biatch?  (as my kids would say)

How to Make Your Bed

maybe, they’re trying to drown out the drum set. ;] (I can relate to that too.)

More coming soon! I’m working on posts for styling for all sorts of different places in the home.  Next up is coffee table styling!