El Crappo Weather Coming – Stay In And Shop Hot Sales

Hi Everyone,

Yes, we’re getting one of our legendary Northeastern “Nor’Easters.” What that means for those that don’t know is usually a rain event, but if it’s cold enough which it isn’t yet, this far south, thank God, it will be snow. And then there’s a lot of strong wind, like a tropical storm, only it’s anything but tropical as it’s coming from the uhhhh… North East.

One famous comedian whose name will go unmentioned once said that it’s a storm so strong that it knocked out all of the Ts and Hs. haha. Alas, it’s not funny when the power goes out and it’s in the 30s (Fahrenheit) Brrrrrrr…


So, might as well stay in and Shop Hot Sales


What I’m going to do is hi-light the top sales/info here and then send you over to the main hot sales page for more links and products I’ve added to this week’s widgets.


Let’s begin with “Laurel’s One King’s Lane Private Sale.”


If you’re just tuning in, it’s referring to an unpublicized promo code– online, that is. I received two of them in the mail. One on a catalog which is: OKLPREFALL.

And one on a card: OKL20CARD.

I don’t know what happens if you’ve used them. There’s usually a work-around if you use a different device or a spouses device.


But, here’s what else is going on with that.


OKL20CARD was supposed to end on the 15th. At least, that’s what I read. They may have extended it or forgot that it is going on. Well, who cares; it is still going on. That one will give you 20% off on almost everything, but there are some exclusions.

The code to try first, however, is OKLPREFALL which gives 25% off on the entire site. Yes, the ENTIRE SITE. This has been going on for two months. Isn’t it great? It is supposed to end on the 30th of this month and that’s coming up. But who knows? Still, let’s not tempt the fates. 25% is no joke and especially for some of the brands that NEVER go on sale. Plus, all of the vintage/antiques are on sale, as well. It’s a great deal and it might be ending soon. We’ll find out in a few days.


In addition, all of their beautiful rugs are on sale with code: OKL20STYLISH


Do you have all of that? There’s going to be a quiz later on. haha


They have also opened up their holiday shop.


Shop Hot Sales One Kings Lane Holiday collection mantel



Next Up: Serena and Lily has put all of their gorgeous linens on sale

use code: SLEEPWELL


Shop Hot Sales - Serena and Lily linen event

that one is ending on 10.29.2018 at 11:59 PT


Shop Hot Sales Pottery Barn - Williams Sonoma Home



It’s always good to take a look at the Williams-Sonoma Family of Brands


They always have great sales. Pottery Barn has opened their holiday shop and is offering substantial discounts.

Yes, it’s the end of October and that means that it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. I can think of worse things to think about. We will start to get serious about this soon with updated holiday shopping pages. But in the meantime, here are links: Or you can also find them on the main Hot Sales Page


Pottery Barn

Williams Sonoma Home


West Elm


Please read the various companies specific deals and promo codes.


BTW, have you ever looked at the bathroom shop at PB?


I’ll tell you, they have some awfully spiffy looking things.


covington-lever-handle-widespread-bathroom-faucet - I'm a little obsessed - from Pottery Barn and it comes in Brass and other finishes too.

I’m actually a little extremely obsessed with this faucet. It’s not on sale, but the price isn’t bad. Oh, and if you fork over your email address, they’ll give you 15% off. Of course, they are going to hound you with promotions. Just unsubscribe and get your discount.


vanity - towels - faucet - love - from Pottery Barn
Here the same faucet is again in this incredibly lovely powder room in antique brass. I can’t decide. I love them both! And I love all of their other faucets too. This vanity is awfully sweet as well.



And still going on but not for long, is another brand, THE WELL APPOINTED HOUSE


well appointed house - sale - bungalow5_blue - exciting shop hot sales
This week, they are having a big sale of 20% off with a few conditions that you can read about.

I was linking to some of their beautiful products, but for some reason, they were all cutting out of my widgets. And someone complained that they couldn’t see one of them either. But head over there anyway. This sale is ending at the end of the month which is soon.

I love this site quite a bit. One reason is that they do have some fabulous pieces that NOBODY else carries online. (that I know of) And 20%, is a good deal. Melissa Hawks, the owner, has fabulous taste. And she also carries a lot of “little things” like bathroom accessories. I would definitely check that one out.


WAYFAIR is still having a MASSIVE SALE on their bathroom vanities.


shop hot sales - BIRCH LANE on Wayfair+Single+Bathroom+Vanity+Set - exciting hot sales

And, instead of doing a custom cabinet which could cost thousands, you can save quite a bit by doing one of these. Some come with tops and sinks and some don’t. Even if it does come with a top/sink and you don’t like it, you could always customize that part. The one above is one of my favorites. It comes in other sizes. And there are hundreds more in different styles and finishes.

However, you can also paint them. I would have a pro do it, however, unless you’re a very good painter and will take the time to sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, paint and put a finish coat on. That is, unless you want a more antique look and then you could do a milk-paint finish.

OR, you can leave them as is.

Here’s the link to the main Hot Sales Page.

Please head over there, because there are new things in all of the widget pages.




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