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The impetus for tonight’s post came about because I’ve been in the process of taking some new photos for my portfolio, and what better place to practice my photography skills than in my own home? Our home, is the first and only home my husband and I bought 21 years ago, when we first moved out of Manhattan with our first baby, to the “ruburbs,” just north of New York City.

It’s a townhouse that is spacious, bright, and inherently pretty. However, despite my profession, I don’t consider my home to be anything like what I wish it could be. It’s a long story…  But, suffice it to say, we don’t have the means to make the changes I’d like to, at this point in time.

However, I do have some nice pieces purchased during our fatter years, which I’m planning on featuring in some vignettes. I have noticed that a lot of designers are photographing more and more of these types of more intimate groupings, instead of trying to get in as much of the room as possible. Depending on the space, sometimes, its impossible to get that vantage point, anyway. And I love the way it allows the viewer to really take in the subtle details.

Now, it just so happens that my lovely and immensely talented interior design blog friend Christina Fluegge of the beautiful Greige blog had a wonderful idea, which was to have her readers send in photos of their own homes.

So, I used that as the motivation to get off my butt and take some new pics, which I’ve been meaning to do, anyway. Some of the shots are already on my current website, Laurel Bern Interiors , but they were taken years ago, with a much lower res digital camera. The new digital cameras are really amazing!  I took these with a very small Nikon. It took me hours to style them. And folks, let me tell you that  its not as easy as it looks! But, I’m pretty pleased with the first two so far. I hope that you like them too!

home staging


home staging



A few notes. In the first photo, the vintage settee, came from a store in Greenwich CT, (that doesn’t exist anymore where everything they sold was some shade of the color green.) The garden stool is new, (but glazed to look old) from Emissary and the lamp is from Jamie Young. (sorry, if you’re not part of the design trade, these two companies won’t give you full access to their web sites without an account.)

In the second photo, the vintage prints were found at a charming antique shop in Newport Rhode Island. The iron cachepot was found at a charming antique shop in Tiverton, Rhode Island. That incredible patina is real!

I’m hoping to have more to show you very soon!

Best Wishes,


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  1. Laurel – Thanks for sharing photos of your home. I love your 6 prints…..and your arrangement, which by the way is very straight and precise. Nice 😉 Beautiful settee, too….is it French?

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