Kitchen and Bath Design Update

Hi Everyone, I have a few updates on the Bronxville, NY kitchen! Here is how the kitchen looked about 4 weeks ago

And now, among a lot of other things, the crown mouldings are in! These are only primed and don’t have their lustrous finish coat, (which will be hand-painted!) but look at that detailing on the crown moulding! Holy crap, is that gorgeous or what!!! My contractor, Stuart Newsome is really the best there is and he’s super nice too! Very accommodating and knowledgeable. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see my vision and design ideas come to life!

kitchen and Bath Design

On the right we can see one of our brand new custom windows. Wasn’t that always there? Nope!

kitchen and Bath Design

We are still missing our pilaster moulding where one of the five sconces will be. Please note the beautifully crafted furniture base. All of the hardware, knobs handles etc. are in and we really love it all— except for the French handles for the glass cabinet. Even though there are two on each drawer, they still looked really dinky, so we’re in the process of choosing something else. While I was writing this, we made our decision. The option was a ring pull, but this one we feel is better.

 kitchen and Bath Design

This is the bin pull from House of Antique Hardware and no, it is not already white. (I manipulated the photo so that it looks white!) The guys will paint them white for that Tone on Tone not shabby, but very chic look! Egg and Dart heaven! And they look amazing with our painted escutcheons!  (not to scale, of course!)

Kitchen and Bath Design

The sconces arrived from Canopy Designs and they are like precious jewels. Absolutely gorgeous! The electrician is going to have to have to do some creative (but always safe) wiring for the ones that are flanking our nickel hood. All of the trades’ people that Stuart brought on board have been absolutely sensational. We also have most of the hardware and the sinks and appliances are in. The templates were made for the counters, so things are moving along very nicely.

In other news, the cabinets for the bathroom were delivered and man oh man, they are unbelievably  gorgeous. I can’t wait to show them to you! The French legs will actually be capped in polished nickel. High five if that gave you goosebumps too! We have changed our plans for the floor tiles, however and I’m really happy about it. My client really wanted the little hexagons and I like the little hexagons, but, it wasn’t my first preference. The floor is really too large and we couldn’t do our Greek Key design. It was all too much. We still aren’t doing our Greek Key design, but we are doing a border something like this. What we are planning is a 6″ border on the edges of the room of the plain Carrera Bianco and then a one inch solid border of a grey stone. (I forgot what it’s called) and then the border with the Greek key design will be in the middle and function like a rug. We’re doing radiant heating in the floor, so no cold tile floors in the winter! The shower is going to have radiant heating too, AND steam. How luxurious!

ktichen and Bath Design


 The main tile will be 12″ (I think, not this brick pattern) in Carrera Bianco which we are also using for the counter top in a slab of course, and subway tile in the shower. I told her that we could still do the little hexes for the shower floor.

In other news, I still do not have my computer back. Feel free to sign off if you don’t want to hear me bitching and moaning. There are just some things I cannot do on this ancient ‘puter. I was told that they are “working on it” for the last three days. grrrrrrr…  But, hopefully, it will be back in my carpal tunneled hands by tomorrow.

I’m not even going to mention the armoire from France that’s stuck in customs in Newark.

That actually sounds like a cliché, now doesn’t it?  Oh well… As my dear friend Lucy whose husband always says:

No business = no problems. Good business = problems.



Custom Cabinetry by JEM Woodworking



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