Hot Sales – Special Edition – Labor Day Weekend 2018

Some love this time of year and look forward to the cooler temperatures (if you live in my part of the country.)

You know…


  • Cozy Sweaters.
  • A fire in the fireplace (if you’re lucky enough to have one)
  • Kids back in school. (if you have kids that age)


And some feel a sadness as labor day weekend looms, knowing that shortly, it’s going to get very cold.


Yes, I know. Glass half full. Glass half empty.

I suppose it’s not that they dislike the fall, they’re just not living in the moment. I’m a little guilty of that one, admittedly.


But, here we are labor day weekend 2018 and one thing is for sure. The retail shopping industry is going to hammer you with sales galore!


And it’s my job to help make it hopefully a little less overwhelming. That’s a toughy, but I’ll do my best.


But, this is a great time to get some of your holiday shopping done.


In an ideal situation, I suppose we should be taking advantage of sales year-round for our holiday shopping. How good would it feel if all of your holiday shopping was all done by Halloween?


when pig-pumpkins fly over Norway you'll have your Christmas shopping done by Halloween - Labor Day Weekend 2018 Hot sales
Yes, I know. When pigkins fly over Norway during the polar winter


remember this beautiful post about northern Norway in the deep of winter?


Laurel, sweetie – Are you okay?


Well, yes, I think so. I’m trying to get this out to you, so feeling a bit stressed at the moment, but it’ll pass.


Can I ask you a question?


Yes, of course.


What the hell is a “pigkin” and do you really have time to sit there and put a pig’s nose on a flying pumpkin?


First things first. ;] It’s my fun-time.


Okay, we need to get serious now. I need to talk to you guys in hushed tones like last week. Please gather ’round.


Remember that online source that we love- One King’s Lane.


shhhhhhhhhhh… Stop giggling! They’re gonna hear you!



I need to explain what’s going on.

Well, they are having a labor day weekend 2018 “sale.” And “sale” is in quotes because the sale items are at 20% off. And your coupon code for EVERYTHING ON THE ENTIRE SITE is 25% off.

Please remember. shhhh… that our 25% sale off of EVERYTHING is probably a massive booboo. You can read about it here.


Much of the site is at 20% off because the Labor Day “Sale” over-rides your coupon code– until it’s over. (probably Tuesday)



The items that aren’t on “sale” (AKA: full price items) and there are a lot of them are still getting the 25% break in the shopping cart. You do need to put the promo code in, but only once.


And they still have the FREE SHIPPING thing going on.

But, here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking that once the labor day weekend sale is over in a few days. the “sale” items will then revert to normal and will once again be eligible for the promo code.

Shhhhhh…  – OKLPREFALL

Do you have all of that? lol


Okay, I see some blank stares. Here it is–Succinctly.

The entire site is still on sale, no matter what. And that’s pretty groovy.

Plus, I have a lot of new things to show you in all widgets.

The items that are in the regular hot sales widget are all part of the Labor Day Weekend Sale 2018


In the meantime, we took most of the items out of the widgets that are part of the Labor Day Sale. If they are left in, it says in the caption no code required which will let you know that they are now 20% off. That’s still a good deal.

And below is a widget where almost everything  is 25% off.

Please note: OKL is changing some of their offers. The item is either 25% off with the code OKLPREFALL, OR the price is marked 20% off and you will get another 10% off with code OKLXTRA10 (this offer ends tonight, 9/4/2018). Their site will have the most recent offer.


***For the rest of the wonderful sales, please visit the main hot sales page. There, you will find another great widget. (Eileen Lonergan shared an amazing deal on a kitchenaid food processor.) And there are links to all of the other hot sales pages as well as other wonderful Labor Day Weekend 2018 sales!



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